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Swabhimaan 27th March 2017 Written Episode Update

Swabhimaan 27th March 2017 Written Episode Update on Lollyupdates. Swabhimaan 27th March 2017 Written Episode Update. Swabhimaan 27th March 2017 Written Episode Updates.

The episode begins with nand kishore asking khyati why she is disenchanted and asks if she is disappointed with him. khyati says no person cares for me. nand kishore asks her to take a seat. he asks sandhya to get her favorite chocolate. khyati says i’m no longer a child anymore and says she wants to go to pleasant university of this metropolis. nand kishore asks sandhya to get best college list and says khyati will select the university. khyati says she will be able to harassed. sandhya asks her to get admission in cbcm college. meghna comes and says you will not visit that university. sandhya asks her no longer to intrude and says we are able to take choices for khyati. meghna says ofcourse and says our mamma taught us, when it’s far a depend of member of the family, we shall not hesitate to say. she tells approximately a scandal which occurred 2 years returned. sandhya asks did absolutely everyone ask you to tell this and says we didn’t listen such matters. meghna tells that she should have overlooked the news. she asks khyati to test on her cellular. khyati checks on net and sees the scandal news. she says bhabhi is saying right and asks her to select university for her. meghna says she will choose after coming home. nand kishore says bahu is very wise and asks sandhya to be upto date. he tells that we can’t be careless approximately khyati. sandhya thinks meghna is making me lose and understands what she is making an attempt to do.

  • Dada ji asks servants to deliver puja substances. naina tells that they shall do the puja with complete faith and they shall carry puja matters. dada ji smiles and says she reminds him of his spouse and tells that they used to bring puja substances together. he says i’m able to feel absolutely excellent if my bahu will take this dadi’s parampara ahead. naina says i will deliver, however need a person with me. dada ji says i will’t…naina says no..and says if karan comes. dada ji says much like your dadi used to accompany me, you will be observed by using karan. he calls him and asks him to go along with naina and purchase pooja matters. karan says i… dada ji says considering your mum got married, she went everywhere alone and did her duty, alteast don’t permit this take place with naina. naina says ok, 2 mins. karan says i have cash.

Meghna applies mortgage in her business enterprise. in the marketplace, karan receives interested in naina as she touches her hairs to set it proper. he says we got here here to get puja stuff and also you are getting ready as though we got here to wait marriage. he stucks his toes in some thing. naina asks him to appearance down additionally whilst on foot. she deals while they’re shopping for stuff. karan says you are chauhan’s bahu. he says lets buy puja stuff. naina involves the store and asks keep keeper to take out the stuff. karan is fearful of cow and asks it to head. naina asks him not to get afraid and continues her hand on it. karan tells about his formative years enjoy. naina asks him to the touch cow with love and then she will be able to now not scare him. he touches it and feels suitable. he smiles. he says there are so many matters which you don’t recognize. naina thinks to help him and know the whole lot. she asks him who requested him to live faraway from cow after that incident. karan says sandhya.

Naina remembers sandhya ordering his medicines, and scaring him of cow. she thinks all proofs are pointing at sandhya. she comes domestic and maintains puja plant life. she thinks how to ask sandhya, if i ask her then hurricane will come in the residence. meghna calls her and tells that their loan is handed. naina says truely. meghna says now they may get land lower back for sharda and says she told the whole thing simply to get loan. naina is grateful to meghna for displaying the way and thinks she will be able to communicate to sandhya hesitantly now.

Sandhya asks servant to attend to karan’s food menu. naina comes to her and says i need to speak to you. she says you takes care of karan and gets his drugs. sandhya asks what do you want to say? naina asks why karan’s drugs are expired. sandhya is taken aback and calls nand kishore angrily.

Precap: sandhya tells nand kishore that she can now not live within the residence anymore as naina insulted her and walks out of residence.



Update Credit To: Aditiya

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