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Swabhimaan 28th February 2017 Written Episode Update

Swabhimaan 28th February 2017 Written Episode Update on Lollyupdates. Swabhimaan 28th February 2017 Written Episode Update. Swabhimaan 28th February 2017 Written Episode Update Latest.

The episode starts offevolved with meghna recalling what visitor ladies stated that how can a college teacher afford high-priced watches. she gets angry. kunal comes and says khyati misbehaved with you or even dad insulted you. he says i know you are disenchanted, and says they may be family and we can’t make them go away. he apologizes to her on their behalf. he makes her sit down and says the next day is a huge day for you.

You may sit on vice president chair and asks how she is feeling to get her first activity. meghna says it is a large day for her as it’s far like enjoyable her mum’s goals. kunal says i know it’s far a huge moment for you and sharda mother. he reminds her of his promise and says he will have fun her achievement as he trusts her a lot. he suggests her journeying card and says he got it printed. meghna gets touched through his gesture. kunal takes their %.

Naina wakes up and thinks in which is karan? she thinks even blanket is missing and goes out. she thinks wherein is he? she reveals him dozing in the storeroom and is going inside the room. he wakes up and asks what you are doing here? naina says can we preserve our variations aside and talk like two mature people. karan says you mean you are mature and no longer me.

Naina asks him to come back and sleep in their room. karan asks her to go away from storeroom if she desires his happiness. naina says wherein i will cross? i haven’t any area to head as after our marriage, this is my home. i simply don’t recognize where do people cross leaving their domestic. she is going out of storeroom….tu pyaar hai music plays……………naina thinks he didn’t come to room even when I informed him. she hears nirmala’s voice and thinks karan may additionally visit office.

Karan involves room. naina says i wanted you to sleep peacefully on mattress in order that your paintings don’t suffer at office. karan asks what do you want to evidence that you are a topper and i am a fool. naina says what you’re saying? karan says that i don’t visit workplace. naina says i didn’t recognise. karan says kunal is right son of this residence and i’m now not. he says i don’t care if you make amusing of me. naina thinks it is her responsibility to deliver him back to room and guarantees herself.

Vishal and sharda distribute prasad to absolutely everyone as meghna could be joining paintings. sharda calls naina. meghna says she is in lavatory. she comes out of lavatory and attends sharda’s call. sharda congratulates her and says she is very satisfied. meghna says this dream is all yours as you have got given us energy that we will do anything. sharda says i have taught you, but you have got learnt to stroll by your self. kunal comes and falls down.

Meghna offers call to naina. she asks why did he bring so many shampoos. kunal says he didn’t recognize which shampoo she uses and that’s why introduced all range. she asks how did you collapse. kunal says because of your moist hairs. meghna looks on as he opens her hairs.

Sharda asks her to stability paintings and home properly. meghna says i can be bundi woman at coronary heart nevertheless whom you used to give 5 rs. to devour something. naina asks meghna no longer to tell every body about her dating with karan. meghna says okay and asks her to return toher every time she needs to talk. naina hugs her. sandhya thinks the day prior to this i did that to expose your price, and nowadays additionally it will be fun.

Precap: Dada ji asks if Meghna is ready. Sandhya says I have ordered outfit for you. Meghna says my mum tells that our clothes and behavior should be same and shall resemble with the people we are working with. Sandhya makes juice fall on her dress and says sorry.

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