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Swabhimaan 28th March 2017 Written Episode Update

Swabhimaan 28th March 2017 Written Episode Update on Lollyupdates. Swabhimaan 28th March 2017 Written Episode Update. Swabhimaan 28th March 2017 Written Episode Updates.


The episode starts offevolved with naina asking sandhya why karan’s all drugs, ointments, lotions are all after expiry date and which shall now not be used. sandhya shouts calling nand kishore and nirmala. nirmala comes and asks what happened? sandhya says i thought that i’m member of the family of this residence, but your bahu showed my area. i can be baharwali usually. nirmala asks what befell? sandhya tells that naina requested her why she is giving expired drugs to karan. naina says i didn’t say that. sandhya says i’ve been doing work to attend to circle of relatives for the reason that 24 years and no one instructed me something. she tells that i’ve spend all lifestyles to take care of these children, when they used to get sick, i used to cry, i have tied mannat thread on my hand for karan’s health and you watched that i’m able to provide wrong drug treatments to that karan. she says may be i forgot that i am a naukrani. nirmala asks her to prevent it and says you’re my sister. nand kishore asks what’s occurring on this house. sandhya says she realized these days that this house isn’t always hers. dada ji, khyati, kunal and others appearance on shocked. sandhya says this girl have ruined my honesty nowadays. nirmala tries to mention. sandhya says i can’t bear now.
Khyati accuses naina. nirmala says you became talking horrific things, but what about the storm which you brought in my residence. i requested you to live away. sandhya brings her suitcase. nirmala asks wherein you are going? nand kishore says why you’re leaving your family due to a person. sandhya says i were given a good deal admire from you bhai saheb, however whatever happened nowadays, i’m able to’t live here anymore. nirmala says you will go away your sister here. khyati says you will now not move. sandhya says i saw future nowadays, if i’m insulted today then there is no assure for day after today. it is better for me to depart. nand kishore and nirmala try to forestall her. sandhya is on foot out. karan comes and calls her. sandhya stops and says your wife is standing between us and says i need to recognize one solution from you. she asks do you think that i gave you incorrect medicine and in case you assume that i am incorrect. karan is silent.

  • Sandhya says your silence have given me solution. karan says you may understand my silence and says you’re assist of my silence. he says you are love ointment for me, and says it was prasad that you brings for me and not medicine, and your advantages. he says there’s no expiry date for prasad and advantages. he says i don’t want to understand its names and expiry date, and says i hate to look at them. he says while you changed into accused, i was compelled to check. he says those drugs are first-rate and inside expiry date. he tells that sandhya become telling reality. he shows his drugs and asks naina to check again. naina seems on with tears in her eyes. karan says sandhya isn’t always liar, but you are….naina thinks how did the drugs changed. nirmala scolds naina for accusing sandhya and says she loves karan plenty, extra than me.

Nand kishore scolds nirmala for giving liberty to naina. he says don’t recognise what she will be able to do. he asks when you have crowned in studies or simply have your mum’s values. dada ji tells that he requested sharda to offer their daughter’s hand in marriage for his grand son. nand kishore says she has accused sandhya and asks her to examine aloud expiry date of medication. naina says feb 2019. nand kishore says these drugs can be taken for two years. he says what do you think that you can blame sandhya. she is not their caretaker. sandhya says naina is bahu of this house and says i will depart for now. nand kishore says you will not go and says although your coronary heart is huge, however you could’t see small people’s intentions. he says there are jealous and many others. dada ji says i used to be silent until now and says we will not react listening to half of count. he says if you humans are involved for karan, then why naina will now not be worried being his spouse. did all of us requested why she wondered sandhya. he tells sandhya that she is important part of lifestyles and information too. he asks while naina come to you, did she ask you question or directly accused you. sandhya looks on stunned.


Precap: meghna asks naina to inform what the problem is and asks why did she apologized to sandhya. sandhya looks on the expired and inside expiry drug treatments and thinks naina is a kid to understand her recreation plan. nirmala hears her and springs there. sandhya is bowled over.



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