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Swabhimaan 30th March 2017 Written Episode Update

Swabhimaan 30th March 2017 Written Episode Update On lollyupdates. Swabhimaan 30th March 2017 Written Episode Updates. Swabhimaan 30th March 2017 Written Episode Update.


The episode starts with karan asking naina to understand who is maasi maa. naina asks him to inform who’s she? karan tells that maasi maa is the whole thing to them and tells that she saved him from his dad’s scolding. he tells that she used to make kunal have a look at forcibly, but never compelled him to study and asks him no longer to have a look at if he don’t need to. a facebook is shown. karan says if i am interested by song is due to her. he says she has encouraged me and gave me this mouth organ. naina thinks why did she pressured kunal to examine, and kept karan away from studies. she thinks karan thinks that she saved him, however she made him some distance from anybody.


Meghna involves tau ji solanki’s house. his wife looks on. naina comes and attempts to touch nirmala’s ft, however she ignores her. naina tries to speak to her and asks her to have remedy for her head ache. she tells her that she made karan’s breakfast and apologizes. she says karan can’t take a few drug treatments in empty belly. she asks her to feed karan food and medicines. nirmala says you deal with karan, his food and medicines. she says i am satisfied that his spouse is here to take care of him. sandhya hears her and thinks karan will now not have this breakfast. she can keep karan in her manage similar to she used to control him due to the fact that years. tayi ji asks meghna to name sharda as she saved the land papers mortgaged with them. she says we can’t consider you and your intentions, and says even brothers can exchange their intentions seeing cash. meghna comes inner her residence and says you said right. she says i didn’t come here to get the papers without money and says she will be able to pay the cash. tai ji gets tensed seeing the visitors and takes meghna inner. meghna says i realize that you may take papers and provide the papers. she shows her cheque and says quantity is with interest. tai ji receives grasping seeing the cash.
Naina comes to room while karan is workout. she hides her face. karan wears his shirt and tells her that he is not suitable for her. he tells her that they are able to’t have any relation, and that he can’t touch her or can provide her husband love, he asks her to recognize. naina tells him that she was a topper in her university, however desires to be correct in every relation. she says this infection isn’t always your identification. she says i’m learning you. karan says you are genuinely great and i don’t you to break your lifestyles for me. naina says when we got here here, our relation got linked whilst dada ji called us grah lakshmi. she tells that there’s a reason for anybody coming in our life. she says this relation is probably nothing for you, however that is the whole lot for you. she says you don’t have any problem in place of this illness.


She says there’s not anything with which we are able to’t combat. she says you didn’t tell mamma approximately our marriage reality. karan says but we can’t stay beneath the same roof with none relation. naina says we are able to have one relation and this is of friendship. she forwards her hand for hand shake whilst overlaying her hand along with her dupatta. karan doesn’t accept her friendship and goes.


Dada ji asks kunal where is badi bahu? kunal says meghna left early these days. nirmala comes. karan comes and touches their feet from a long way. nirmala says i used to be approximately to send your breakfast on your room. karan says i can consume it here. nirmala is happy. kunal says this change is ideal. tai ji gives land papers to meghna. meghna recollects promising them that she will return their cash with hobby. she thanks them. she asks the visitor sitting there that the human beings dwelling inside the house don’t appreciate girls and asks why do they want charity from them. she offers them money and takes returned the cheque which tai ji gave them. tai ji is indignant. swabhimaan track performs….


Precap: meghna comes to sharda and suggests her land papers. sharda asks from wherein did she get the cash? meghna says she were given loan from her company. sharda angrily refuses to go back the land papers and the loan and says it is incorrect. she says she wouldn’t have taken this from her if she became her son too. later vishal tells naina about karan’s illness. naina says she has understood what to do.



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