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Thapki Pyaar Ki 27th February 2017 Written Episode Update

Thapki Pyaar Ki 27th February 2017 Written Episode Update on Lollyupdates. Thapki Pyaar Ki 27th February 2017 Written Episode Update. Thapki Pyaar Ki 27th February 2017 Written Episode Update Latest.

This episode starts offevolved with sankara coming to thapki and asks if she desires to kill her bihaan ji. she says i’ve completed jaap, vrat and the whole thing and feature risked my lifestyles and stored bihaan(a large lie) and you desires to kill him and get him hanged. she asks what shall i do? shall i keep your legs…and falls on her ft. she angrily asks her to go away. shraddha likes her acting. sankara reminds thapki of the letter/bond paper. thapki is bowled over. bihaan tells tina that bani and her mum will go away in sometime. bani and tina get unhappy. bani says we will not pass, mamma said that we are able to stay right here. she cries.

Tina additionally cries. bani asks why you’re crying and asks her not to cry. tina says in case you cross then i can not experience accurate, don’t go. bihaan hugs them and says some thing which is muted. tina and bani smiles. bani says ghajab….says it is a great idea. tina says you’re excellent papa of this world. bihaan smiles and hugs them once more.

Thapki remembers what dhruv said to her and is unhappy. bihaan involves her. he tells her that he didn’t thank her until now. he says thapki that you obtain this factor again to me and says he thinks that he has an sturdy relation with this element. he indicates the tajmahal miniature/display piece.

A fb is shown, thapki comes to bihaan calling him. bihaan asks her for a kiss. thapki kisses on his cheek. bihaan says handiest this a whole lot love. thapki says she loves him immensely and that’s why brought the monument of affection. she indicates the tajmahal and asks him to preserve it with him in order that on every occasion she is not with him, he will feel her presence.

Bihaan guarantees her that he will hold tajmahal with him and will never overlook it even he forgets the whole thing. facebook ends. thapki gets sad and is going. tina and bani say that she left without pronouncing some thing. bihaan says i’ve examine her eyes and she will come. thapki thinks despite the fact that bihaan forgot the whole thing, however haven’t forget our love reminiscence. she thinks a way to live again.

Shraddha comes and asks thapki if she is leaving. she asks her to take circle of relatives p.c in which she isn’t always there and asks her to maintain till her closing breathe. she accuses thapki for aditi’s loss of life, bihaan’s condition and dhruv’s behavior. she asks her to get out from her house. thapki receives unhappy. she comes to inhouse temple and asks god to present her proper. she says you need to make bihaan first-rate. i didn’t tell something whilst you snatched my toddlers, and bihaan also.

She asks god to show the manner. percent falls down from thapki’s hand. she bends right down to pick the p.c and hears shraddha speakme to doctor and appreciates him for his appropriate appearing. she says we have been fooling pandey circle of relatives and giving him incorrect medication so that he don’t get nicely. she says honestly thapki can deal with bihaan, however we said that she is a threat to his own family. thapki hears the entirety and is bowled over. Shraddha offers money to medical doctor and says thapki will leave her shiv today on mahashivratri. thapki thanks god to displaying the way and says i will stay with my bihaan and guarantees to stay in the house.

Thapki is leaving the house with Bani, but falls down from the stairs and shouts. Everyone is shocked.

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