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Thapki Pyaar Ki 28th March 2017 Written Episode Update

Thapki Pyaar Ki 28th March 2017 Written Episode Update on Lollyupdates. Thapki Pyaar Ki 28th March 2017 Written Episode Update. Thapki Pyaar Ki 28th March 2017 Written Episode Updates.

The episode starts with amma maayi telling thapki and bihaan that they were given one daughter freed so that they stuck every other. she shows the video wherein tina shouts in amma maayi’s captivity getting scared of puppies barking. thapki and bihaan are shocked to peer tina captive. thapki folds her hands and asks amma maayi to depart her daughter tina. amma maayi says whilst tina might be in our captivity then bani may be freed, and says this marriage can show up easily. she threatens them to accept the alliance. each person is taken aback. amma maayi says tina isn’t tigress like bani and is like a cow. she scares them and asks them to just accept anything she says. amma maayi asks thapki and her own family to have food, else….she says the puppies which we stored for tina’s safety are stray dogs. every body sits for having meals.

Amma maayi asks bani to sit as nicely and asks kesar to serve meals to them. kesar says okay. amma maayi praises kesar and asks her to educate cooking to bani. she tells that few guests are coming to peer new bahu and says tomorrow she can cook. thapki says she never let her daughter do any kitchen work and says she is a child. amma maayi asks her to maintain her mouth shut and reminds that she has delivered alliance for her son. prince asks bani to make tasty food. bihaan says bani will no longer prepare dinner. monty says something amma maayi says is like line at the stone. amma maayi asks kesar to train bani, and if she do whatever then inform her. kesar says bani will become her mirrored image. bani hugs thapki and cries.

  • Bani hugs bihaan then and cries. bihaan asks her not to fear and says i won’t allow some thing manifest to you. bani says you say identical element again and again. bihaan says what to say then, he’s helpless first due to her and then due to tina. bani says she will contend with herself and asks him to unfastened tina. thapki asks bihaan if the whole lot might be all right. bihaan says first they should understand about tina’s whereabouts. kesar instructs bani the way to make puris and asks her to be cautious whilst losing puris within the oil. bani says you are suitable and unique from there. kesar says i can be exact, but can’t be distinct from my family. bihaan brings wine for monty and tells that it’s miles first-class english wine. monty says he likes desi wine. bihaan says the person must have courage to have english wine. monty says you are tough me and says he’s going to drink. bani tries to place puri in hot oil to fry it and is scared.

Thapki involves her rescue and tells that she can make puris and tells that her age is to look at and now not to cook food. she asks her to stand at the door and says she will make puris. monty gets drunk and tells bihaan that it is ideal. bihaan says i was a fool to disapprove the alliance and pretends to drink too. monty asks him now not to take amma maayi. thapki tells bani that bihaan is going to loose tina. bihaan appears unhappy. monty asks what took place? bihaan says he is missing his daughter tina and says you won’t realize in which is she? monty tells that he knows in which is she? he takes him to the region where tina is kept captive. bihaan is greatly surprised to look amma maayi there. amma maayi gets up. monty asks why your daughter is calling like maasa. amma maayi says i’m your maasa only. monty apologizes. amma maayi asks bihaan now not to try and be smart else he will by no means see his daughter again. shraddha is there hiding and thinks i have despatched amma maayi here knowing bihaan’s plan. amma maayi says you all will yearn to look tina’s face until this marriage happens.


Precap: thapki announces that she is prepared to just accept prince and bani’s alliance. bani is shocked and leaves her hand. shraddha thinks virtually something goes on in her mind as she can never receive defeat easily.



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