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Thapki Pyaar Ki 29th March 2017 Written Episode Update

Thapki Pyaar Ki 29th March 2017 Written Episode Update on Lollyupdates. Thapki Pyaar Ki 29th March 2017 Written Episode Update.Thapki Pyaar Ki 29th March 2017 Written Episode Updates.

The episode begins with bihaan telling thapki that he became approximately to attain tina, however then amma maayi got here to recognize approximately him going there and shifted tina from there. thapki says don’t realize what they’ll do with tina now and tells that they are very dangerous. prince’s pals come to pandey house. amma maayi asks in the event that they got here with their wives. they say yes. thapki and bihaan are taken aback to peer baby brides. they ask why did you call us and asks prince in which is his spouse. prince asks bani to provide him water. amma maayi asks her to present water. bani offers him water. prince beverages. bani goes to kitchen and thinks he’s ordering her and provides mirchi in his food. thapki asks bihaan no longer to do something. bani serves food to prince and his buddies. his buddies flavor the meals and likes it. they ask prince to have it. prince tastes it and says it’s far spicy. i can’t devour. his buddy and his wife ask him to have it. prince says i will’t. they call him kid. prince says i’m not a kid. prince’s buddy say that they will come for marriage now and asks prince to develop up till then else your wife will taunt you. bani laughs. bihaan tells thapki that bani is brave like him. they depart. amma maayi scolds bani and punishes her asking her not to devour all day.

Kesar is crying in her room. thapki comes and asks her to have food. kesar says i’m teaching bani a way to prepare dinner meals and asks then why did you assist bani. thapki says your maasa wondering is incorrect. kesar says my maasa can’t be incorrect and asks her not to utter a phrase against her.


Amma maayi takes bani out of house and asks her to fry puris all night time, says this is your punishment. thapki comes there and prevents her. she says i’m able to bear this punishment as i helped bani in making food and asks bani to go inner. she makes puris. amma maayi asks her to get up and says it is enough of drama. if you may act infront of every body then why can’t me, pass and sleep. thapki appears on surprised. monty goes to tina and asks her to have food. tina refuses and says i want to move home. monty says your parents are stubborn in order that’s why we ought to try this and says you don’t need to be hungry, as bani is retaining fast. tina cries and thinks to consume food being hungry, however stops herself. she cries and sooner or later have meals.

  • Within the morning, bani is having something. amma maayi stops her and says nowadays you have to maintain shiv ji’s vrat and gives obligation to kesar to ensure bani doesn’t have food and maintains speedy. kesar says she can preserve rapid. thapki says how can youngsters hold fast. vasu asks her to eat meals. amma maayi asks her to talk to thapki who have constant this alliance. thapki goes to amma maayi and asks how can my daughter could be hungry all day. amma maayi says she was simply 6 years old whilst she got married and never had damaged the regulations. she asks her not to do infront of her. thapki says you stated that i used to be performing and asks why did you prevent me from making puris. shraddha hears her and thinks if amma maayi tells everything to thapki and then my plan can be ruined. amma maayi says you adjustments your hues so rapid and tells you stated remaining night time….shraddha stops her and asks her to reply what thapki requested. amma maayi refuses to reply. shraddha takes thapki together with her.

Bani tells kesar that she is very hungry and asks her to allow her have water atleast. kesar refuses. bani is stressed. kesar brings rice and asks her to easy the rice to divert her mind. bani says ghajab. prince comes there and tells that gulaab jamun, palak ki sabzi and so on are right, and asks her to have food. she is ready to have it, however he’s taking the region and asks her to maintain fast for him. he asks her to choose the stones from the rice and leaves. bani thinks i’m able to see how you have got food now and takes her skating.


Precap: thapki broadcasts that she is prepared for prince and bani’s marriage. bani is taken aback and leaves thapki’s hand. shraddha thinks something is cooking in her mind and thinks to discover.



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