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Thapki Pyaar Ki 31st March 2017 Written Episode Update

Thapki Pyaar Ki 31st March 2017 Written Episode Update On Lollyupdates. Thapki Pyaar Ki 31st March 2017 Written Episode Update.Thapki Pyaar Ki 31st March 2017 Written Episode Updates.


The episode begins with amma maayi taking bani along with her. shraddha asks thapki how her voice recording got here to amma maayi again. vasu says she is probably in the back of this conspiracy. shraddha is bowled over. vasu says thapki isn’t always a liar and best you are the liar and betrayal right here. shraddha says we can’t depart our house being afraid. later she wears the mask and stammers like thapki. she comes to amma maayi and says you did proper. amma maayi slaps her. shraddha recollects getting slaps from vasu and thapki. she thinks what the hell and tests her mask. amma maayi asks why she is doubled faced and why did she loose tina. shraddha tries to speak. amma maayi asks her to tell all people that she is prepared for prince and bani’s marriage infront of all of us. shraddha is shocked. amma maayi threatens to show her double face.


Next morning, amma maayi takes out her gun. vasu says this is the residence. amma maayi says thapki wishes to tell some thing. shraddha says before thapki says whatever, i shall say else….she says i want to inform…amma maayi asks her to keep quiet and asks thapki to talk and say what she desired to mention yesterday. thapki says sure, i desired to say something to you, i am absolutely geared up to get my daughter bani married to prince. amma maayi, prince, monty smiles. bani is greatly surprised and leaves thapki’s hand. thapki says this marriage will occur anyhow. bihaan and vasu are greatly surprised. amma maayi says you’re actual and top mum and our samdhan. she asks prince to the touch her ft. prince greets her and touches her toes. thapki is tensed.


Bani says you? amma maayi says thapki wants you to turn out to be my bahu. shraddha thinks thapki can’t do that and thinks something goes on in her mind. bihaan asks thapki why did she repair bani’s marriage. vasu asks her to inform. bihaan asks her to tell what is her helplessness. thapki closes the door and says this was the only manner to forestall her wedding. shraddha attempts to pay attention and couldn’t pay attention. thapki says we shall persuade them that we are ready and says they will refuse for this wedding ceremony and leave from our house for forever. she says if we don’t agree then all of us can be in problem. she asks them to allow her do what she concept.


Bani involves prince retaining knife and tries to scare him. horrifying track performs….gumnaam hai koi. bani says she has a addiction of taking walks in sleep and says she will be able to marry him. prince receives scared and asks her to move a long way from him. prince hides behind the curtain. bani is going. bihaan says bani is fearless. prince involves amma maayi and complains about bani. thapki tells bihaan that the whole lot could be pleasant quickly.


Next morning, amma maayi gives wedding ceremony get dressed to bani. bani says ghajab…..thapki tells that she made her daughter understand and she or he could be very happy. amma maayi says you are a good samdhan. thapki asks prince if he’s satisfied with this marriage. prince hesitantly says yes. amma maayi asks bani to cut apple for him. bani brings apple slices and knife along with her. prince is scared. monty asks him why he is scared and asks him to have apples. vasu comes. amma maayi says this is marriage dress of bani. vasu tells thapki that she is doing wrong. shraddha brings tina and asks her to sit with bani. she tells thapki that she thought to look groom for tina and that’s why introduced groom’s p.c. she thinks now i’m able to realize what is going on to your thoughts.


Precap: thapki sees her lookalike and asks her to stop. shraddha receives scared seeing bani inside the jungle. thapki pulls her mask and is stunned to peer shraddha.



Update Credit To: Dolly

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