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Thapki Pyaar Ki 4th April 2017 Written Episode Update

Thapki Pyaar Ki 4th April 2017 Written Episode Update On Lollyupdates. Thapki Pyaar Ki 4th April 2017 Written Episode Updates. Thapki Pyaar Ki 4th April 2017 Written Episode Update.


The episode begins with amma maayi coming lower back and protecting bani. vasu says why did you return and says you don’t need you son to marry mad bani. prince continues knife on bani’s neck. bihaan attempts to rescue his daughter. amma maayi blames them for fooling them and says she will get bani married inside 24 hours. she asks kesar to fasten bani and tina inside the room. kesar takes them. thapki comes there and tells that shraddha is the mastermind of this conspiracy, and worn her mask and had long gone to amma maayi to repair bani’s alliance. anyone is stunned. amma maayi asks her not to lie. shraddha comes and asks what nonsense? she says if this occurs that i’m able to become thapki sporting a mask and asks amma maayi if this could manifest. amma maayi says this own family is all mad and says as soon as bani and prince get married, then she will be able to never see them. thapki tells shraddha that she has never seen such cheap female in her existence. shraddha asks her why she is blaming her and asks her to permit her stay in peace. she pushes thapki and goes. bihaan holds thapki.


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Tina cries. bani asks her now not to cry and says if you cry, then i can cry also. they hug every other and cries. tina tells that mamma will make everything exceptional. bani says why she can do, as she has achieved this. kesar comes and asks them to have meals. bani says why you have got come. kesar says when this had came about with me, i used to be alone. she says you humans are like my sister and asks them to eat. thapki cries and asks bihaan to consider her, says shraddha did everything. bihaan says i have executed mistake after I didn’t believe you, and says now he believes her. vasu curses the day whilst she introduced shraddha domestic as dhruv’s wife. bihaan says we must do some thing so that shraddha accepts her crime infront of everyone. shraddha looks on the mask and thinks to burn the mask else her crime will be caught. she then hears bihaan and vasu talking to each other. bihaan tells her that he will go along with his circle of relatives from here. vasu says i will mix snoozing tablets in shekhawat’s circle of relatives meals. they go away. shraddha thinks she didn’t consider this angle, and thinks to visit amma maayi and inform her about bihaan’s plan.


Monty is dancing at the tune. thapki comes there and prevents the track system. monty asks why did you close up it? she asks him to make his tongue alright first. he says even you stammers. thapki says i’m able to talk higher than you. she slaps him over and over. monty says i am a man and that’s why don’t increase hand on woman. thapki calls him atku and slaps him again and again. she is going. monty thinks to settle the score proper now. thapki thinks monty will no longer leave shraddha now. monty gets the gun. shraddha wears the mask. thapki sees her and smiles. monty involves shraddha wondering her to be thapki and says he’ll shoot her. shraddha runs and requires assist. thapki thinks she can be stuck now.


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Monty runs after her and shoots bullet in air. shraddha throws some thing on him. she asks why you’re after me. monty says you have slapped me four instances. amma maayi and others come there. shraddha asks her to make him recognize. amma maayi says she need to now not have slapped you and asks him to forgive her. monty says she known as me atku. every person says atku. amma maayi asks her to forgive her. monty forgives her. vasu says he’s shameless and shall get 4000 slaps. shraddha says sure. monty says she stated sure. shraddha says just due to the fact maa said. monty says i’m able to kill you presently. bihaan asks thapki now not to fear. vasu says he can’t do something. monty says he will shoot her now. shraddha asks him to shoot thapki and gets rid of her masks, says she is shraddha. every body is taken aback. even dhruv is shocked to look shraddha removing thapki’s masks. shraddha says i am shraddha and asks him to maintain the gun a ways and kill thapki. monty says so you turned into wearing thapki’s mask. bihaan says yes, and tells that real thapki is there. shraddha realizes that she is caught.



Precap: Precap of Thapki Pyaar Ki 4th April 2017 Written Episode Update. Bbihaan stops the marriage going on within the show up and says his daughter will no longer get married. he fights with the goons. amma maayi points gun at him. he moves the gun and warns her.



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