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Tu Sooraj Main Saanjh Piyaji 3rd April 2017 Written Episode Update

Tu Sooraj Main Saanjh Piyaji 3rd April 2017 Written Episode Update on Lollyupdates. Tu Sooraj Main Saanjh Piyaji 3rd April 2017 Written Episode Update. Tu Sooraj Main Saanjh Piyaji 3rd April 2017 Written Episode Updates.


The episode starts with bhabho having tea and searching at the dawn. the person asks what are you seeing. she says it was such morning, when sooraj and sandhya united. the police guys salute the indian flag. bhabho sits making laddoos. she says considering the fact that 5 years, we did sooraj-sandhya’s shraddh at one of a kind places, why did youngsters get me to kerala, once shraddh takes place, i can head again to pushkar, ved and vansh will come. ved comes there dressed in police uniform. bhabho says they both left me by myself right here, i’m able to see everything, i’m able to do all work. ved maintains laddoos in plate. she catches him and says i can see the whole thing, you’re stealing ladddoo, i m sandhya’s saas, this gained’t work in front of me, you need to have laddoos, i will feed you, my sooraj used to eat with the aid of my palms. he smiles. she asks did you get my specifications. he says vandu become going to get it.


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Vansh covers himself with bhabho’s saree and acts as bhabho, speakme to kanak. he asks her no longer to worry, bhabho chose your get dressed, it’s going to attain you. ved calls out vansh. vansh worriedly gets rid of saree and bhabho’s glasses breaks. vansh receives tensed and picks it up. bhabho comes there and does not see him. ved says he’s right here. he asks for bhabho’s glasses. vansh fixes it with tape and makes her wear it. she likes it and goes. ved sees the tape and says you did cheating. vansh says no, i were given saved from scolding. he recollects kanak is on name and takes smartphone. he hears kanak jogging and says she is walking, but after whom… kanak runs on the street and collides with the streets performers. she runs ahead. she reaches the ladies’ hostel and shuts door. she seems out of the glass door and sees the dogs. she asks how dare you comply with me, you thought you may seize me. the girl asks did you gets frightened of puppies again and laughs. kanak says even you may run this way in such scenario.


She asks all the e book worms/girls to have a danger to come back on kerala ride together with her. she counts and none shows interest. kanak cries and says every person come with me, how will i go alone. the female says we’ve oral take a look at of 20 marks, i recognize its your mothers and fathers’s shraddh, none can come. kanak asks how can i miss the shraddh, marks will come. the girl asks who will say you are sandhya’s daughter, she left haldi for checks. kanak says that became imp for her, i’m able to go to attend her shraddh by using leaving examination. the girl asks will you cross on my own at night time. kanak says yes, i can move at night, no fear and no tear, i should recall whose daughter i m.


Its night, she forums the bus. she sees just guys within the bus and gets a chunk tensed. she gets a few idea and calls ved. she asks what, you’re sending police to choose me, does anybody has to die via giving anxiety to sandhya’s daughter and ved’s sister, i can reach well, don’t fear. conductor asks do you locate each person knowing hindi there. she asks what. he asks wherein do you want to go. she says kerala temple. he says this bus does not pass there. she receives taken aback and encourages herself. she faints.


Its morning, she wakes up and asks where am i. she finds herself on a ship and says i will sink. the little boy says the boat is on shore. she says oh, thank god, how did i come right here. he says you fainted in bus and bus stopped at dhaba, conductor said you have to visit kerala temple, so i were given you right here. she says why are you ready then, power the boat. he asks her to interrupt coconut with head. she asks how can absolutely everyone damage coconut with head. he asks how can a 6 year vintage boy power boat. she asks in which is the person to pressure boat. he says my brother will come, he’s doing surya namaskar, he is there. she sees uma shankar standing on the mountains and praying. she says wow, he is hot. the boy asks her to help. uma plays rituals. she allows him.


Uma comes there, at the side of some married couples. she asks why many grooms and brides right here. he says my brother were given them married the day before today and taking them for shuddi vidhi. she asks certainly, your brother is pandit. the boy says no, we have business, each year my brother does poor couples’ marriage. she asks are you marwadi. he says sure, how do you know. she says you referred to as him dadu, in which do you men stay. he says on the tree, you’re asking many stuff, do you need to marry him. she says hold quiet.


The boat leaves. pandit asks uma to inform patni dharm to them, as puja got finished, and uma got all of them married. uma tells the patni dharm. kanak hears him and says his voice is ideal, however can each person recognize this. the boy tells uma that female is announcing your shlok can’t be understood via anyone. uma explains that wife ought to be like daasi. she says daasi, hold a maid as a substitute, spouse should have self appreciate. he says spouse should be a good advisor. she says everybody can supply advice, wife should have equal proper in all decisions. uma says spouse should understand cooking like a mum. she says women marry a man, not a 12 months old youngster. he says spouse ought to be entertaining like rambha. she says he wishes wife or object female. he says spouse must be beautiful like laxmi ji. she says one should dream of aishwarya if he’s salman. he says wife have to be patient like land. she says when land gets irritated, volcano erupts. he says spouse have to have all of the characteristics, then couple can become diya and baati, she says i may be like i m, whilst i am getting a person like me, then we will become diya aur baati. she tells the boy that uma is a mcp, whoever marries him, the marriage can be disaster.


Last Part of Tu Sooraj Main Saanjh Piyaji 3rd April 2017 Written Episode Update


Bhabho performs shraddh puja with ved and vansh. kanak reaches the temple. she makes the jalebis. ved and vansh see her. she holds ears. bhabho asks what occurred. ved says nothing. pandit asks bhabho to do pind daan by using taking youngsters’s call. bhabho says their first baby is ved rathi, second infant is vansh rathi. he asks is there all people else. bhabho says they have just two youngsters. kanak looks on and cries. she holds her tear in hand. she self encourages herself.

Precap: Ved and vansh ask bhabho why is she irritated with kanak given that adolescence. bhabho says you both did abshagun in my puja. kanak dips in river and prays to get bhabho’s hand. she says there will be someone who will become my sooraj and give up the darkness of my lifestyles. uma comes out of the river water.



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