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Udaan 11th April 2017 Written Episode Update

Udaan 11th April 2017 Written Episode Update On Lollyupdates. Udaan 11th April 2017 Written Episode Updates. Udaan 11th April 2017 Written Episode Update.


The episode starts with suraj pronouncing i’m able to’t sing, else all donkeys of village will come to sing with me. they all smile. they insist him to sing. suraj says no, i did no longer sing ever. chakor says then sing now, the entirety must be performed first time. imli asks him to sing now on chakor’s pronouncing. pakhi offers him prasad. suraj eats it. every body look forward to him to sing.


Full Details of Udaan 11th April 2017 Written Episode Update


Vivaan and ragini conceal. he says we must rush, if puja receives over, we can’t get all villagers at one area. ranjana opens the room’s lock. she continues food for bhaiya ji and goes. ragini says we are able to lock door. vivaan says ragini will manipulate this, you forestall this drama of spouse, pass and perform a little work. ranjana goes.


Ragini asks shall we open the cage. vivaan says sure, it is going to be villagers’ amusement. they visit bhaiya ji. suraj sings mai to raste se jaa raha tha…. pakhi thinks what’s he singing. all and sundry chuckle. suraj stops making a song. chakor sings with him. they smile. bhaiya ji comes there and performs dumroo. he scolds suraj and asks does everyone sing so bad, did i educate you, pass, i’m able to sing. anyone take a look at him.
bhaiya ji applies soil on forehead. he says actual artist is one that applies stage soil on forehead, now i’m able to sing, i used to sing this track for someone unique, whom i cherished plenty, name become chulbuli. tejaswini seems on.


Bhaiya ji says this tune is dedicated to chulbuli. he sings likhe jo khat tujhe….. tejaswini says maybe he had eaten bhaang or long past mad, i did no longer see him sing ever. bhuvan says he does not appear like singing first time, he is singing properly. kasturi asks is this the way to sing and dance, see anybody is guffawing. suraj says he is wonderful the villagers. bhaiya ji sings greater.


Ranjana comes and prevents him, asking him to return domestic. he says i received’t cross home, i want prize. she asks what prize. she asks each person to go domestic, bhaiya ji is in fun temper nowadays. he says you all gained’t cross anywhere, i used to be singing higher than suraj. he calls her tejaswini. all of them get stunned.


He says i m bhole. he takes candies from pakhi. tejaswini says what took place to him, why is he calling you tejaswini, did he pass mad. ranjana says not anything occurred to him, he took incorrect drugs. tejaswini says i recognize him nicely, he has long gone mad. each person get stunned. bhaiya ji says i will sing. ranjana takes him. the people talk approximately him, did he actually move mad or acting. chakor says we should use his nation, we need to get bandhua contracts and tear it, you all will get loose. suraj says yes, we need to additionally find fake drug take a look at reviews, so that chakor can run once more.


Kishor says sure, suraj is right, you’re our chief now, we will do as suraj says. suraj says chakor is continually with you, i promise i m also with you, i can attempt anyone takes breath of freedom here. chakor smiles. all of them chant suraj’s call. vivaan and ragini come there. ragini says suraj and chakor are displaying golden dreams, you must know, vivaan and i will stamp on each dream now, don’t think you all got loose, we will rule right here now. imli asks what do you suggest.


Ragini suggests keys and offers it to vivaan. she says each people will command right here, we made new plans to make village prosper. vivaan asks what plans. ragini thinks of those youngsters. she says i’m able to tell the entirety, we must have sweets. vivaan and ragini smile.


Last Details of Udaan 11th April 2017 Written Episode Update


suraj and chakor communicate. he gets water from nicely. she says vivaan and ragini used bhaiya ji’s state. he says don’t fear, they can’t be so suggest like bhaiya ji. she says we need to maintain an eye fixed on them. he says i couldn’t understand you, you had been preventing, and requested me to sing these days. she says even you fought with me the day gone by and why did you sing for me today. he says wrong wide variety, i have sung for pakhi. she says you’ll usually fight with me, i must cancel the plan i made for you. he asks what plan, you inquire from me before making plan. the girl asks him to get water bucket. he asks chakor no longer to trouble him. he stops chakor and shows a thread at the way. he says children are naughty and tied thread to make me fall, pakhi would have accomplished this. he calls pakhi and says if you are clever, i m greater smart. he gives the thread and goes. chakor tells her plan to children and ladies. she thinks we can see how clever is suraj.


Precap of Udaan 12th April 2017 Written Episode Update. Ragini shoots and says we are able to make guns and sell, all kids will do that paintings, we can earn money. vivaan smiles. ragini asks chakor to get suraj again to haveli. chakor runs to suraj and hugs him. she says we’ve got won, you’re coming returned to haveli.



Update Credit To: Aneesa

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