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Udaan 12th April 2017 Written Episode Update

Udaan 12th April 2017 Written Episode Update On Lollyupdates. Udaan 12th April 2017 Written Episode Updates. Udaan 12th April 2017 Written Episode Update.


The episode starts offevolved with suraj helping the ladies. the lady asks him to take away kurta. he asks why. she says who will dry it if he gets soaking wet. he says yes, and eliminates the kurta. chakor and children smile. the women gives one rupee to different female for making suraj dispose of kurta. he asks what and wears kurta. chakor and children come to him. suraj says so you all did this, i’m able to show you all. kids and chakor run. chakor says you may’t capture me. kishor asks chakor does all of us funny story this manner with husband. chakor asks are you taking suraj’s side. suraj says you probably did such paintings, live faraway from me, wild cat. she thinks we will be in same room, while will vivaan communicate to ragini about suraj, i ought to find some manner to pressurize vivaan.


Full Details of Udaan 12th April 2017 Written Episode Update


At haveli, chakor sees imli concerned. she asks are you involved as vivaan and ragini joined fingers. imli says sure, he gained’t pay attention to me. chakor sees vivaan coming and says yes, vivaan changed, he thinks he can rule, if i tell you what he did, i don’t understand what’s going to you do. imli asks what did vivaan do. chakor says this time vivaan crossed restriction. vivaan asks what did i do. imli asks chakor to mention. chakor says i seemed him my satisfactory friend, he has hurt my consider, he joined fingers with enemies, go along with him and ask him. imli says yes, i will simply come. she is going. vivaan asks what did we decide, what have been you going to mention. chakor says you said you may let suraj are available in haveli.
Vivaan says its hard to get him right here, ragini ought to sense suraj can ruin her sport, most effective then she will allow him come right here. chakor says then tell ragini, that villagers have been chanting suraj’s name. vivaan is going to ragini and says i have to speak some thing imp. ragini smells the notes. she asks don’t you like notes. he says i want cash for appropriate future. she says i have a plan, we will make weapons and promote. he asks what do you imply, actual guns. she asks do you observed i can play with toy guns. he says i like the plan.


She shoots and laughs. he asks who will make guns. she says bandhuas will paintings, even kids will make weapons, we can make a whole lot money. he says i commenced flying by using your plan, however there’s a hassle, suraj stays with villagers, they commenced liking him and accept as true with him, if suraj attempts to make them in opposition to us, it will likely be difficult for us. ragini says sure, suraj must be out of village. he says villagers have to assume suraj cheated them and went somewhere. ragini says sure, then we are able to make guns and earn money. he says positive. imli hears them and gets bowled over. ragini leaves. imli asks what’s need to make guns, its awful component, why are you doing this, stop it, i thought you will get freed from bhaiya ji’s clutches after he went mad. he throws tiffin and says i m doing this for money. she says you simply need money, i m going and leaves. he says go, you’ll come back as soon as i get money.


Vivaan and ragini name chakor. ragini says we determined that we need such men who facilitates us in work, suraj will come lower back in haveli. ranjana asks what are you saying, he is not permitted close to haveli. vivaan says you be quiet, just ragini and i’m able to determine. chakor asks them to think once more. ragini says selection is taken, suraj need to be here in haveli in morning. chakor says great, i m going to get suraj back. she runs on road and smiles. joganiya….plays……


Suraj thinks of chakor. he talks to tejaswini and says chakor dislikes me, you’re saying she loves me. chakor shouts suraj and is derived to him. she hugs him and says we won, you are coming again to haveli. suraj smiles and asks what do you mean. she says ragini took bhaiya ji’s command back, but you need to live with me. extra piya…..plays……… they smile.


Last Part of Udaan 12th April 2017 Written Episode Update


He says i idea i’m able to by no means come returned to haveli, you are magician, how did you persuade ragini. she says you may thank me. she thinks i want you say i like you to me. he thinks i really like you considering the fact that always, however these days you did a big desire on me, and owned me by means of getting me my domestic lower back. pakhi comes and offers him blanket. he lifts her and says you’re very excellent, now i don’t want this, chakor is taking me again to haveli. chakor asks shall i take him this way or… pakhi and children chant suraj’s name. chakor gets suraj to haveli. imli welcomes them. she says this aarti plate got here by chakor’s command. pakhi and youngsters go away. bhaiya ji shouts prevent, none will do suraj’s home go back aarti. they get greatly surprised.


Precap of Udaan 13th April 2017 Written Episode Update. Chakor asks imli to start aarti, bhaiya ji can’t prevent this, vivaan and ragini took the selection that suraj will live right here.


Update Credit To: Aneesa

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