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Udaan 13th April 2017 Written Episode Update

Udaan 13th April 2017 Written Episode Update On Lollyupdates. Udaan 13th April 2017 Written Episode Updates. Udaan 13th April 2017 Written Episode Update.


The episode begins with bhaiya ji shouting prevent. ranjana says i told them no longer to do mistake of getting suraj back, he went in opposition to your command, see them. bhaiya ji says this will’t show up till i m alive. chakor asks imli to begin aarti, bhaiya ji can’t prevent suraj coming right here, vivaan and ragini took choice, suraj will live right here. bhaiya ji stops imli and says you don’t have proper to do suraj’s aarti, give it to me, i will do aarti of my best son. they get bowled over. bhaiya ji says i used to be expecting my son suraj, like dasharath waited for ram, welcome suraj. ranjana holds her head. bhaiya ji sings tujhe suraj kahun ya chanda…. and does aarti. chaor smiles. bhaiya ji shouts that suraj rajvanshi is coming into haveli. ragini asks ranjana to take bhaiya ji to room. ranjana asks him to come. he says i m lord bhole and plays dumroo. he is going. suraj recalls how he changed into stuck in internet and locked in room. he thinks of chakor and holds her hand. he enters the house with chakor. he recollects getting bandhua stamp and bearing tortures. he thinks of chakor’s phrases.


Full Details of Udaan 13th April 2017 Written Episode Update

Ragini says you will discover many adjustments here, the whole thing happens via my command right here, vivaan is my right hand. don’t intervene in my paintings, i gained’t trouble you. vivaan says suraj don’t overlook you’re nevertheless bandhua, you don’t suppose you’re owner of this haveli. suraj says congrats for ruling this haveli, i m happy as bandhua, i m now not embarrassed, i m higher than old suraj who became bhaiya ji’s son. chakor holds his hand and asks him to return. she takes him to room. he says i m happy, i m going to see my antique matters. he gets inside the room. he finds the whole thing new.


Chakor says i got all new things via sitapur fashion designer. he says i need my antique matters. she says i idea you will praise me, all old things have been damaged. he says it was no longer broken. she asks him to first see matters, this cabinet is so lovely, i kept your clothes in it, see this bed, matching curtains, sofa, i will say its speciality. she turns couch to bed, and says you can make this bed, i gave this special order. he thinks one extra mattress, it manner she will make me sleep in this couch once more. he says i don’t want anything, and this couch, whilst will you apprehend me, i love my antique matters. she says i thought you may like it, what’s your trouble, you don’t like whatever, you may always be egoistic. he says you may constantly be wild cat. she asks him to head anywhere and sleep. she throws pillow and asks him to leave. he says yes, i’m able to move, i won’t sleep on this bad bed. he is going. she gets unhappy.


Its morning, girja serves food to suraj. she says chakor is in kitchen on account that morning. he asks did chakor cook this. he eats food. he coughs. he beverages water. imli asks what happened. he says it has extra chilli. she tastes the food and says its normal. he assessments the roti and unearths chilli. he thinks chakor has taken revenge this way.


Chakor goes to village. kaki says i were given that mattress in a single rupee. chakor asks her to return that and get new bed. lady asks who does this, what’s this funny story, move, i have to sleep. chakor says mad spouse of an egoistic husband does this. suraj thinks i can have the food and ask chakor who won. vivaan scoffs him. suraj says chakor’s kiddishness get excessive. imli asks suraj to reward chakor’s efforts, she did all that for him. he says she would be dozing in room. she says its her room additionally, she went to village to get your vintage matters. he asks did she pass village to get my things. she says yes.


Chakor shows huge cabinet % and asks kaka to provide old cupboard returned. she says my husband wants this antique cupboard again. suraj comes and argues with her. the girl says we are able to move, they have got arguments. chakor asks the man to do the deal, else suraj will trouble her. suraj says prevent it, i don’t need antique things. she says i will get all old things returned. he holds his ears and apologizes. he says i liked the whole thing you got. she says then don’t combat again. he says quality, but…. nothing. she asks him to mention.


He says i preferred the entirety leaving that sofa. she asks why. he says i were given indignant on the grounds that sofa, i concept will i sleep on all of it my life and… nothing. she looks at him. he says its additionally exceptional if you like, nothing else. he goes. she asks does he think i can make him sleep on sofa all existence. she smiles and thinks once in a while he receives too lovable that absolutely everyone can love him. she says its my mistake, i did now not try to recognize why he were given indignant, don’t argue with me tonight, and don’t leave from room.


Last Part of Udaan 13th April 2017 Written Episode Update


Chakor decorates/paints the room wall with radium. imli asks chakor to inform suraj her emotions. she asks do you need to leave suraj. chakor says by no means. imli says then inform him, else i can inform him. chakor says no, i’m able to tell him. imli asks her to stop it now, suraj will no longer like in case you over do that, come down. chakor says its completed. she switches off lighting and shows the wall to imli. i live you suraj glows. chakor and imli smile. more piya….smiles…….
Precap of Udaan 14th April 2017 Written Episode Update. Suraj asks chakor to come speedy. he sees i love you suraj on wall and says chakor you already know its stunning day in my lifestyles, i got here again in haveli and were given that which i was dreaming since many days. they smile.


Update Credit To: Aneeta

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