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Udaan 14th April 2017 Written Episode Update

Udaan 14th April 2017 Written Episode Update On Lollyupdates. Udaan 14th April 2017 Written Episode Updates. Udaan 14th April 2017 Written Episode Update.


The episode starts offevolved with chakor showing imli the illuminating i love you suraj written on wall. imli smiles. chakor switches on lighting fixtures. imli says you wrote this to admit love, suraj gets mad seeing this. suraj comes and asks what had been you announcing. imli says not anything, ask chakor, she will say. she smiles and leaves. suraj says what nonsense was she saying, i don’t apprehend, i m worn-out, i m going to sleep. he pulls the couch mattress. chakor smiles and is going to exchange off lights. the mild does no longer get off. suraj asks what are you doing. she says i desired to reveal some thing, switches got horrific. he asks what’s it as a way to be visible in darkness, i received’t get sleep in lighting fixtures, i can get screw driving force. he is going. she switches off lighting and calls suraj to return speedy.


Full Details of Udaan 14th April 2017 Written Episode Update


He says sure, coming and collides with something.
He enters the room and lighting fixtures get on. she says how did lights come and tries to switch off lighting. he asks what are you doing, haveli lighting went off. she asks him to get room lighting fixtures off, else depart it. she gets irritated. he says fine, don’t take a seat upset like a child, i will go and do something. she asks him to head fast and are available, i m waiting. he goes and tests fuse container. he thinks that is my room fuse from them, perhaps this one. he switches off the light in his room. chakor smiles seeing the wall. suraj hears pakhi and asks defend to let her come. he asks why are you crying. pakhi says my dad is ill, my mum is crying, come with me fast. he says not anything will take place in your dad, i can come along. he goes with pakhi.
Chakor sits and smiles. suraj comes there and asks chakor to come speedy. he sees i love you suraj written at the wall. he receives surprised and smiles. he sees chakor loves suraj written. he says chakor….. she smiles and says suraj…… he says its extraordinary, we wanted to mention this on the grounds that a whole lot time and couldn’t say, its a beautiful day in my lifestyles, i came back in this haveli and got that component what i was dreaming given that many days, chakor i really like you a lot. chakor wakes up listening to the alarm and sees time 1am. she appears for suraj and says he did not come returned, i did many preparations for him, he does no longer need to recognise what i’ve in my coronary heart for him, how a lot i love him, what’s the use for all this. she cries and angrily throws the sparkling hearts down. imli comes and asks what are you doing, pakhi’s dad is extreme, suraj took him to sanatorium, come speedy.


Chakor says suraj did not come here because of this. they depart. suraj asks physician approximately mohan. physician says we handled him as of now, but we have to name specialist, operation will price 25 lakhs. suraj asks him to do operation. health practitioner says we’ve rule, we do operation after deposit. suraj scolds him. medical doctor asks him to come back when he has cash. suraj remembers his old days. chakor comes. suraj says i will arrange cash. he asks pakhi not to inform her mum about cash. chakor asks how tons cash is wanted he says 25 lakhs. she asks how can we set up. he says i’ve an idea, don’t worry.


Its morning, ragini says i m satisfied seeing your paintings. she praises his smartness. vivaan says its now not clean to make gun, see this coil spring, our bandhuas can’t make this, their arms can’t make this. she says if its approximately their palms failing to make skinny springs, we are able to make youngsters make springs. he says however they received’t send kids. she says if we give them extra money, they will send children. he says wonderful, i m sure you aren’t bhaiya ji’s daughter, you’re his father. they chortle and be a part of palms.


Suraj comes to room. chakor asks did you set up money. he says yes and offers her. he says i realize some people who supply money on loan. she asks you already know what they do if we fail to return money. he says yes, we ought to treat pakhi’s dad. she asks why did you inquire from me to percent baggage, wherein are we going. he says you are going, we need to go back this money in 6 weeks, i referred to as my buddy, he organizes events in mumbai, he said he’s going to supply us cash in case you participate in events, we gained’t want to ask absolutely everyone for cash, will you do that.


She says its ordinary aspect, i used to try this be just right for you earlier than, you used to make me do this in your greed, today you’re doing this to help someone, i will go mumbai. he says its high-quality in case you don’t need to move, i promised pakhi, now not you, its my problem. she holds his collar and says we’re husband and spouse, its our hassle, in case you don’t return money on time, they could do whatever to you, its true i’m able to get freedom from you, else we always combat. imli comes and says you men usually fight, suraj informed this to me.


Last Part of Udaan 14th April 2017 Written Episode Update


Chakor asks her to attend to suraj. imli says yes, i will take care. suraj says 6 weeks, it manner chakor gained’t be here on that day, no i gained’t permit you to move chakor. chakor asks what. imli says you may’t live without each other, suraj don’t fear, chakor isn’t always going for all time. she is going. suraj reminds chakor the date after 6 weeks. she says so what, we must quit paintings after 18th. he asks don’t you keep in mind. he thinks she does not bear in mind anything, what is going to she love me, she ended all my wish.

Precap: Chakor says suraj did now not come to mention bye to me. suraj appears on and hides. chakor leaves within the automobile. suraj runs after the car and shouts chakor.


Update Credit To: Aneeta

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