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Udaan 17th April 2017 Written Episode Update

Udaan 17th April 2017 Written Episode Update On Lollyupdates. Udaan 17th April 2017 Written Episode Updates. Udaan 17th April 2017 Written Episode Update.


The episode begins with suraj reminding the date after six weeks. she asks what’s unique, we have to complete work. he asks don’t you don’t forget. she asks what befell to you, considering that while are you remembering dates, what’s timing of my train. he says i gave price ticket to imli, ask her, we can meet after six weeks. he is going. she thinks what came about to suraj.


Full Details of Udaan 17th April 2017 Written Episode Update


Vivaan asks ragini why is she going. she says its imp, i will be going for a month, you sit down in this chair, come. ranjana asks him to sit down, as he has right on bhaiya ji’s chair. bhaiya ji tells about his ancestors. he shouts bhole and performs dumroo. vivaan says this vicinity simply suits to ragini. ragini makes him take a seat and does his tilak. he smiles. bhaiya ji asks all of us to stand in line and get stamp. children runs. he runs after the kids. she asks the puppy to prevent. he holds a doggy and says none can get saved from bholenath. vivaan smiles seeing him and asks ranjana wherein is she going, let us enjoy this. bhaiya ji stamps on the pup and says i have made you bandhua. ragini says i will depart now. vivaan laughs seeing bhaiya ji.
Imli comes there and asks what befell to you vivaan, he’s like your father, you are guffawing on his horrific kingdom. he goes to bhaiya ji and asks him to return. he says i won’t come. she says actual bandhua is waiting for your room, come. she takes him. vivaan receives indignant.


Chakor is leaving. imli asks her if she is locating suraj. chakor says he did not come to say bye to me. suraj appears on. chakor says he does not take care of me, you assert he loves me. he thinks of her words. he thinks she does no longer take care of our relation, she forgot such imp day. imli asks her to go and get in touch with after accomplishing.


Chakor gets sad and leaves inside the car. suraj comes downstairs. imli says chakor has gone. suraj runs after the auto and shouts chakor…..he receives worn-out and stops. he says in coronary heart, forestall chakor. chakor asks motive force to stop the automobile. she turns and sees suraj. suraj smiles and runs to her. he says perhaps you don’t don’t forget, try to come lower back at 18th. she holds his hand and says if its important that i come again, then i can come returned, contend with your self and pakhi’s family. he asks her to take care and get in touch with him if she desires anything. she leaves. he thinks of some thing and runs after car again asking her to prevent. she asks driving force to stop automobile. he says i went the day prior to this to assist pakhi’s dad, you desired to reveal me something, what become it. she says i’m able to come back and say, shall i’m going now. he says move. she leaves.


He thinks don’t understand you recall or not, 18th is our first wedding anniversary, you promised you may come lower back, i will make you bride again, i will carry your ghunghat and kiss your eyes, and say i love you plenty chakor. she thinks if its the same purpose that i m questioning, i might be happy, i recognise its our wedding anniversary, i used to be afraid to say as it perhaps no longer imp for you, i turns into your bride by means of wish and tell you that i really like you suraj.


Suraj involves haveli. imli teases him and asks him how will he stay without chakor, you like her plenty, so that you have run after automobile, did you assert emotions to her. he says no, when did i say i like chakor. she says you did now not say you don’t love her, i m your saali, tell me. he says i couldn’t say. she asks why do you want time, whom will you fight now, how will i take care of you. he asks why will you deal with me. she says chakor advised me. he asks genuinely. she says yes, we will move and practice shooting tomorrow. he says idea is right, we will visit our vintage area. she says i can get meals also. vivaan sees them. suraj holds her and they walk in the residence. vivaan receives angry. he thinks how will i spend time till chakor comes back, i wish she comes lower back till 18th.


Last Part of Udaan 17th April 2017 Written Episode Update


Chakor reaches mumbai. she thinks of suraj. agar tum saath ho…..plays……… suraj practices taking pictures. he sees chakor and shoots the pot. imli laughs. chakor attends activities. she receives the cheque. she thinks of suraj. suraj sees chakor’s photo and thinks of her. they suppose to name each other. suraj calls her. she smiles and answers. they hear each other via their silence.


Precap: Suraj says this time we will marry, suraj and chakor’s marriage…. imli smiles. chakor comes. garland falls in her neck. suraj slips and holds chakor. imli says i m pregnant suraj. he fortuitously hugs her.


Update Credit To: Aneeta

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