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Udaan 18th April 2017 Written Episode Update

Udaan 18th April 2017 Written Episode Update On Lollyupdates. Udaan 18th April 2017 Written Episode Updates. Udaan 18th April 2017 Written Episode Update.


The episode starts offevolved with a jump of 6 weeks. suraj shoots the pot and smiles. imli says chakor is coming lower back these days, its 18th. he thinks to beautify the haveli well. vivaan shoots and exams gun. ragini says we will make guns and promote at less price, i gave materials order in chakor’s absence, now all youngsters will do that paintings. a child makes the gun springs. she praises vivaan. she says we make an excellent pairing, and be a part of hands. imli sees the haveli and says i m very satisfied, you’re doing this for chakor. she hugs suraj. vivaan comes and sees them. he shouts imli.


Full Details of Udaan 18th April 2017 Written Episode Update


He asks her to return upstairs. she says i will come. vivaan goes. imli says its my wedding ceremony anniversary too. suraj says congrats. she goes. he asks servant to move, he’s going to restoration garlands himself. chakor enters the haveli and smiles seeing the decorations.


She sees suraj solving garlands. she says suraj. garland falls in her neck. he slips from stair and falls over her. they smile. she wishes him happy wedding ceremony anniversary. greater piya….performs……. he asks did you bear in mind. she says sure, i did now not overlook. he says wish you a glad anniversary, in case you are unfastened tonight, will you return on a date with me. she says you want to have a good time wedding anniversary with me. he thinks no, to tell about my love. he says yes, will you come back with me. she thinks its an union of fanatics nowadays, now not of husband and wife, i will let you know how lots i really like you. she says sure and runs. he smiles.
Vivaan assessments the files and asks imli about the file. she asks in which is your awareness, its here. he taunts her and says you maybe happy for this. she hugs him and wishes him glad anniversary. she asks can’t we have fun our anniversary. he says fine, i can come home early in nighttime. she smiles. he leaves. she says i m going to inform you something these days.


Chakor thinks of suraj and smiles. suraj does the arrangements for the date. imli comes there. he asks you right here. she sees the decorations and the location. he recalls imli falling down and losing her infant. she says don’t fear, my happiness is greater than the old sorrow, you’ve got decorated this for me and vivaan, so i came here to beautify it for you and chakor, i got here right here to help you. she allows him.


Ragini gives a bouquet to vivaan and needs him happy wedding anniversary. he thank you her. she asks him to head home and take imli out. he says i used to be going, i used to be waiting to thank you. she asks why. he says thank you for trusting me and now not hiding something, its my responsibility to inform your secrets and techniques. she says so that you have secrets and techniques. he says just . she asks him to mention. he says first key is, ranjana has killed my papa, manohar. she gets greatly surprised.


He says second factor is more larger. imli decorates the area well. suraj smiles. he says you need to have no longer come right here, this place gave you biggest sorrow. she says forget about it, new morning came in my existence, there’s a ray of happiness. he asks her to mention what is it. ragini asks what’s the opposite thing, i may be careful of ranjana now. vivaan says i’m able to in no way end up a father. ragini receives shocked. she asks what are you pronouncing, who said this. he says i got all checks executed, imli is nice however, i will’t end up a father.


Imli says i m going to come to be mum, vivaan becomes a dad, he does no longer recognize about this desirable news. suraj asks are you saying authentic. she says sure, i m pregnant, i did not accept as true with it, whilst medical doctor stated this, however reports proved it. he says you gave me a big news, i m very happy. he shouts fortunately and hugs her. he says i m very happy for you, i m getting what i asked from lord and what i did now not ask, you and vivaan’s life gets happiness.


She says sure, our sorrows will break out, vivaan changed into indignant as there was no happiness in our life, i can inform this to vivaan, he’ll dance fortunately. ragini says no, i don’t believe this. vivaan says even i don’t accept as true with this, however i showed reviews to all docs, they all said same, i remorse i’m able to’t satisfy dream of imli of becoming a mum.


Ragini asks does imli recognise this fact. he says no, but i’ve to tell her some day, i need this gun manufacturing unit to begin soon, i want to fulfill imli’s needs through cash, so that she forgets this sorrow by using happiness. she says i will apprehend, now go home and celebrate wedding ceremony anniversary. he says high-quality, i can buy plant life for her on the manner. he is going.


Last Part of Udaan 18th April 2017 Written Episode Update


Chakor and imli are satisfied. imli asks chakor will you tell your emotions tonight, every night time can be stunning in our lives now. chakor says i wish it happens as you assert. she appears for her wedding ceremony ring, i had to inform my feelings to suraj. imli says don’t worry, i can find it, you go, suraj might be expecting you.

Suraj waits for chakor. he holds a ring and says in which are you chakor, come rapid, so that i will ask for your hand again. chakor and suraj smile.

Precap: Chakor meets suraj. he drops rose petals on her. suraj thinks sooner or later that second came, i will let you know my emotions. vivaan asks what is it. imli says i m going to end up your baby’s mum. vivaan cries and hurts imli.


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