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Udaan 19th April 2017 Written Episode Update

Udaan 19th April 2017 Written Episode Update On Lollyupdates. Udaan 19th April 2017 Written Episode Updates. Udaan 19th April 2017 Written Episode Update.


The episode starts with suraj asking chakor to come back fast, so that he can make her his bride again. imli does the dinner arrangements and says vivaan i will’t wait extra to offer you the good news. chakor reaches the vicinity and smiles seeing the decorations. she thinks suraj has finished such a lot of arrangements to welcome me. suraj smiles seeing her. joganiya…..plays…


Full Details of Udaan 19th April 2017 Written Episode Update


Vivaan comes and meets imli. he needs her happy wedding anniversary and offers a bouquet to imli. she desires him too and likes the flowers. he holds her face and compliments her. she says you tell me why did you get past due, i used to be waiting, i m seeing your smile after long time. he says sure, i forgot to grin in work stress, i behaved badly with you, i can make it best tonight, suraj did all this with enmity, who knew the result may be top, you came in my life, suraj were given chakor, and we were given our love. she smiles. he says you regular me to your existence, that is your prefer, see this, i were given a small present for you. she sees bangles and smiles. he says i feel its song while bangles sound by your hand. they smile.
Suraj and chakor have an eyelock. she says i sense like coming in my dreamland. he holds her. he compliments her beauty and says there are more goals watching for you, include me. plants fall over them. she thinks that moment has come. he thinks that moment has come, i’m able to inform my feelings to you tonight. she says this night, moonlight and wind are saying some thing to me, are you able to hear it. he says there may be much to pay attention and say this night.


Imli wears bangles and makes sound via shifting her hand. vivaan sees his name tattoo on her wrist and ask whilst did you try this. she says i used to be trying to expose you from that day, you have no time for me. he says now i have to pay for this mistake. he kisses her hand. he says i m seeing is hand stunning or bangles, hand is extra beautiful, can all people say those fingers use to fire bullets. she says something, its yours, i made meals for you by using my palms. he says its smelling right. she asks him to peer properly.


He says i m seeing, what’s there. she indicates small laddoos, small onions and small roti, it seems like small child is making a face, did you apprehend. he says no, are you feeding me food or announcing a few poetry. she says i received’t speak to you.


Suraj and chakor dance. they give way. joganiya….performs……….. vivaan asks imli why did you get annoyed, tell me what’s the name of the game. imli says you’ll realize it after 7 months, i want to inform you that i m going to end up your infant’s mum. vivaan gets shocked. he remembers the physician’s words and cries. he crushes her bangles and hurts her hand. she cries. he asks her to say once more. she says i m pregnant, if you need to invite i m saying genuine or now not, i m saying real, i did all tests, physician informed me i m pregnant, our dream goes to get authentic. he hurts her extra. she screams and asks what are you doing, its hurting me, depart me. he pushes her on the desk.


Imli cries seeing her broken bangles. she says this became your dream also, which you turn out to be father, what came about, did i do any mistake, inform me. he pushes her and throws all the matters angrily. he leaves in his car. she runs after him and cries.


Last Part of Udaan 19th April 2017 Written Episode Update


Chakor laughs on suraj. suraj says you are looking lovely. he eliminates the rose petal from her hair. she says you’re stupid, you could not see water fallen right here. he says i did all decorations, you are scolding me, i called you to stop. they argue. she says in place of talking candy, you’re arguing with me, you are egoistic. he calls her wild cat and asks am i egoistic. she says sure. he says i m going. she says go, i’m able to display how i have a good time anniversary by myself. he asks her to celebrate and is going. she receives sad and sees the decorations and arrangements finished by him, imli cries seeing the preparations she did for vivaan. she recalls vivaan and says why did he depart me, he turned into no longer satisfied, but he additionally wanted a toddler. she cries.


Precap: Hakor gets on her knees and holds a rose. she says i’m able to say you today, i love you a lot suraj. they smile. she asks can you like this mad female. he holds her and says i promise, i can always love you until love exists in this international. she hugs him and cries.


Update Credit To: Aneeta


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