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Udaan 1st June 2017 Written Episode Update

Udaan 1st June 2017 Written Episode Update on Lollyupdates. Udaan 1st June 2017 Written Episode Update. Udaan 1st June 2017 Written Episode Updates. 


This episode starts with chakor going to ajay. she says i found out, injections are given to kamal narayan to make him mad, he is aazaadgunj’s raavan, ragini’s dad, he has made every body bandhua. he asks why is he given the injections. she says its strength recreation, he might have not permit vivaan and ragini rule, he is made mad to make this gun manufacturing facility. he says its excellent for us, our paintings got easy, if he’s raavan, this should take place with us. she says no, such awful ought to now not appear with anybody, we must make him away from haveli. she is going. he says odd lady, she goes to help raavan, she will take incorrect step.


Full Details of Udaan 1st June 2017 Written Episode Update


Suraj sees bhaiya ji. imli asks bhaiya ji to return inside, she will be able to get lassi for him. he asks her to add ice. she takes him. chakor comes there. suraj sees her coming and says she got here to me once more, don’t know what excuse she will make these days. ajay comes and stops her maintaining her hand. suraj appears on. ajay asks her now not to rush, its now not right time to inform bhaiya ji, its no need, meet me later, i m going for some case. she is of the same opinion. ragini involves suraj and smiles seeing chakor and ajay. chakor and ajay leave. ragini says i heard many testimonies approximately them, she is loose girl, what’s incorrect if she is finding someone. suraj says this reasonably-priced speak gained’t have an effect on me. he is going. ragini says just one lie that vivaan can’t become a father, i ruined all their family members, i m most effective, i have everything in hand.
Chakor comes domestic. suraj comes after her and shuts door. she asks why did you return and close door, go away from here. he holds her dupatta. she receives away. he holds her and says none will come, your moms and dads still has time to come, become all of us else coming, why are you surprised seeing me. she asks what nonsense. he says you purchased pleasant with that inspector, a person else got here on your lifestyles so quickly. she asks him to go away her. they fall down. she says you did what you wanted, who are you to prevent me. he says you gave my region to a person, i received’t allow anybody come near you, i like you a lot. she bites his hand. he says wild cat, you gained’t go away your doings.


He holds her close. mahiya…..plays…. he asks her to recognize, she is just his wild cat and could usually be hers. she says i don’t like to tell you whatever, even then i can say, there is not anything between me and inspector ajay. he asks why do you meet him every day. she says he is assisting me in getting freedom from gun manufacturing facility. he says i used to be additionally helping. she says you cheated me. he says i’m able to still support you. she says no, we don’t need you, i will’t consider you. he throws the dupatta over her. mahiya…..performs…… he leaves. she cries and thinks i still love you a lot suraj, while you are available in front, even your cheat comes in the front, its better we live away.


Chakor meets ajay and asks why did you prevent me from telling bhaiya ji. he says relax, this isn’t right time, think about the end result. she says bhaiya ji perhaps awful, but simply laws has right to punish him, now not vivaan and ragini. he says i m satisfied you agree with in laws, but maybe he will come to senses and kill vivaan and ragini. she says i don’t need bhaiya ji to die. he says peculiar, you’re pitying person who tortured you all, its imp to realize about him. chakor says you may get to understand his horrific deeds on every body’s wrist, this bandhuagiri stamp was made through that raavan, i was just three day antique. she tells bhaiya ji’s tortures on her. ajay receives stunned.


Imli gets pain in her stomach and screams. she shouts for help and faints. vivaan comes and sees her. he runs to her and asks her to rise up, is she exceptional. imli sees him and smiles. he asks her to see baby kicked, it approach…. she says i knew you may perceive your child, i m glad seeing you happy. he leaves.


Last Part of Udaan 1st June 2017 Written Episode Update


Chakor cries. ajay says your tale may be very sorrowful. she washes her face. ajay offers her kerchief. she says this tale isn’t just mine, its of all and sundry of this village, bhaiya ji has written this tale. he says we must discover a few way to get him to senses, we will use him. she asks is this your plan. he says yes, you did not like it, whilst he involves senses, we are able to try to get him on our aspect, we will make robust team against vivaan and ragini. she says by no means, i can by no means work with bhaiya ji. he says best, i additionally need the same, that villagers get a risk to live a not unusual guy’s existence, believe me, i will suppose properly and make plan, don’t take any step by using getting emotional. she thinks ajay is announcing right, we need to keep bhaiya ji.


Udaan 2nd June 2017 Written Episode Update Precap: Suraj receives taken aback seeing vivaan giving injections to bhaiya ji. he thinks vivaan and ragini are at the back of his insanity. chakor asks suraj to discover some way to keep bhaiya ji, try this work on my own.


Update Credit To: Dolly


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