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Udaan 21st April 2017 Written Episode Update

Udaan 21st April 2017 Written Episode Update On Lollyupdates. Udaan 21st April 2017 Written Episode Updates. Udaan 21st April 2017 Written Episode Update.


The episode starts offevolved with suraj finding some thing in his pockets. she sees the hoop fallen inside the rose petals. she asks did you have this. he says sure, i had this, as i ought to make a lie genuine by way of this. he receives on his knees and says you’ve got accomplished many favors on me, you changed me, i used to be a egocentric drunkard earlier than, i was ego, you defined me with the aid of love, you confirmed my strengths, i used to be scared that i can lose you, i m scared as i know you’re very good, you will get any man, however in case you love me, how will i am getting my chakor. she cries fortuitously. he says so i want to invite you, will you marry me.


Full Details of Udaan 21st April 2017 Written Episode Update


She smiles and says i m seeing for the first time, that a husband is looking his wife to marry, we already were given married. he says that marriage changed into a lie, these days we each aren’t lying, a lover is asking his lover for marriage, i want to marry you in front of complete village, inform me chakor, will you receive this. she says yes, i agree, i’m able to marry you anywhere and any time. they hug. he lifts her. mahiya….performs….
vivaan throws cash and asks what’s this use of this cash, everything got over, the girl i relied on the maximum cheated me, imli is pregnant, but i m not the daddy of the kid. ragini calms him and says sit, you’ll get unwell. vivaan says my existence spoiled, i need to recognize who’s the daddy of that infant, who cheated me, discover. she says i will find out, simply chill out. he receives angry.


Suraj and chakor have a speak. he says i did no longer think i can love you. she says even i did no longer think i will love a guy such as you. he asks why, am i so awful. she asks him not to combat and feature dinner. he says i won’t pass everywhere, i met my love for the first time. she says you are being lots romantic, come imli may be waiting. suraj says why, she is going to offer correct news to vivaan. she asks what is it. he says she can inform you also. she asks what. he says at the present time is imp for us or even imli and vivaan, vivaan will get to understand that imli is pregnant. she thinks of vivaan’s phrases. she asks who said. he says imli informed me, i m happy for them. she gets bowled over. he says i want to look them satisfied, what passed off to you, you felt horrific that imli informed this to me first. she says no. he says imli is pregnant with vivaan’s toddler, are you no longer glad. she says this could’t manifest. he asks why. she says imli can’t get pregnant, as vivaan can by no means end up father. he receives stunned.


Ragini says i will discover whom did imli meet. vivaan says you did no longer discover, i will find out, i’ve doubt on someone, i have seen his closeness with imli, nowadays i can clean it. he is going. suraj asks chakor to wait, who stated this nonsense. chakor says vivaan told me, its result of the drugs tejaswini gave him. he asks what, no, this can’t take place. she says this befell, when vivaan were given to recognize this truth via doctors, he were given indignant and mad, he desired to kill tejaswini. he asks what, i did now not know this, even you probably did not inform me. she says i wanted to inform you, however vivaan made me promise that none must realize approximately this. he says imli does now not understand this, if vivaan couldn’t grow to be father, then whose baby is it, no this will’t show up, imli can’t do incorrect, we both know imli can’t do this.


She says sure, there may be some other fact, i m worried for imli, don’t realize what happened among them. he says i did no longer see imli meeting anyone, she is continually infront folks. she says imli simply stayed out of house for one night time, while your car broken. he appears at her.


He asks what are you looking to do, imli and i had been together, however not anything such took place. she hugs him and says no, i will’t think such cheap component approximately you and imli ever, if you noticed doubt in my eyes, it became now not doubt, it become my love, i really like you a lot and consider you. he says i know each girl is scared and concerns for love safety, i request you don’t permit this grow to be doubt, come.


Last Part of Udaan 21st April 2017 Written Episode Update


Vivaan is on the manner and thinks imli, perhaps you thought i m a fool, however i m now not a idiot, i’m able to now not leave him alive. he reaches village and drags chagan out of the house. he beats chagan. chagan asks what are you doing. vivaan beats him greater. chagan asks him to inform purpose. vivaan says you ruined my and imli’s existence, how dare you badly eye and touch imli. chagan asks are you mad. vivaan says stop nonsense, you always had bad eye on imli. chagan says you’re announcing nonsense, how can you watched this approximately imli, i won’t bear this terrible blame, move again, else i will enhance hand. vivaan beats him. chagan pushes him on the auto. vivaan says how dare you. they combat. vivaan takes a boulder to throw on him. he says i will no longer go away you alive, none can dare to the touch imli besides you. ragini comes and forestalls vivaan, announcing chagan is harmless. she says i recognize who did this, come with me.

Precap: Ragini shows suraj and imli’s percent to mechanic and asks did you see them. mechanic says this bride and groom have been hugging within the vehicle, they did no longer had any sense. vivaan thinks imli changed into with suraj. chakor asks imli to inform truth, whose baby is that this, i’m able to assist you. ragini asks vivaan to talk to imli. he shouts i hate her.


Update Credit To: Aneeta


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