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Udaan 21st July 2017 Written Episode Update

Udaan 21st July 2017 Written Episode Update on Lollyupdates. Udaan 21st July 2017 Written Episode Update. Udaan 21st July 2017 Written Episode Updates. 


This episode starts with suraj and vivaan asking chakor and imli to open the door. chakor and imli ask them to get pleasant else the door will now not open. they go. suraj and vivaan get right into a fight for a chair. vivaan says satisfactory, sit, i gave this in charity. suraj says i always take things by proper, i don’t want chair, i will sit down down. they sit at the floor. vivaan says don’t recognise why they need us to get friendly. suraj says there may be little need to speak to such guy.


Full Details of Udaan 21st July 2017 Written Episode Update


Suraj wakes up and sees vivaan dozing at the chair. he scolds vivaan for dishonest. vivaan says this chair is not yours, i don’t want your permission, go and sit down there, you are jealous of me, you always want what i have. suraj blames the identical to him. vivaan says so that you hate me. they argue announcing their mum’s errors. suraj says my mum got punished for her deeds, how are you going to blame me. vivaan says i pity you. suraj says i can beat you and choices chair. vivaan says exceptional, spoil my head. suraj says i saved imli’s recognize, i paid big fee, chakor gave me divorce.
Vivaan says what about your hundred sins, you are becoming remarkable through just one accurate deed. suraj asks what did i do. they inform every different’s errors. vivaan says you have got hidden about manohar’s demise, perhaps you have been also worried. suraj beats him. vivaan increases hand on him. suraj says i did no longer say you as you’ll have performed something incorrect in anger, i understand ranjana did not do right with my mum, i attempted to save you, you don’t see my goodness, you hate me, reality is we are on same boat.


Vivaan calms down and says maybe you’re saying authentic, bhaiya ji tried to make you terrible, you became horrific, your mum taught me hatred, i have become such. he says while our elders ruined our lives, we’d have opposed them and fought, you concept i m bad as my dad is bad, you played with chakor in adolescence and not me, you seemed me bad, i also did not forward hand in ego. he throws some thing at him, and says you could have filled the distance, i became like my dad made me, you studied in foreign, you could have defined me, why did you no longer explain me. vivaan says sorry, i found out my mistake. suraj says even i did mistake, i ought to have stopped my mum while she gave you tablets, i was now not practical that point. vivaan says however we have become practical now. suraj says i want you, i need my more youthful brother. vivaan says i also want you, i m very lonely. suraj and vivaan apologizes to each different and hug.


Chakor and imli come back and want they got friendly. imli says there may be an awful lot silence, they are not speakme, did they… chakor says don’t think horrific. imli says did they destroy every other’s head. they get inner and spot suraj pointing gun at vivaan. suraj says both folks will live on. imli says don’t do that. chakor asks him to throw gun, assume what about us. vivaan says not anything, we are able to enjoy. suraj and vivaan snigger and funny story. they congratulate chakor and imli. they be part of hands. chakor says you are very terrible to take revenge. vivaan says you both fooled us, so we scared you. imli says way to lord. suraj and vivaan say we are able to cross and have meals, come. they go away. chakor and imli hug luckily and smile. chakor says bhuvan’s idea worked. imli says yes, now bhaiya ji can’t harm us. chakor says no, you and vivaan did no longer unite, you’ve got vintage things in heart, he did that in ragini’s tricking, he needs your love, now not punishment.


Last Part of Udaan 21st July 2017 Written Episode Update


Chakor says you’re lying suraj, your enmity ended and you did no longer cry. suraj says guys don’t cry, you ladies always cry. she says you so shameless, you ought to be thankful. he says first-class, however this favor is half, it’s going to entire whilst we unite. he gets close to kiss. she hears sound and says get returned, mum and dad would be coming. he says none will come, i’m able to’t stay away. mahiya….performs…. she says what do you believe you studied i really like staying away, i did mistake to take divorce, i’m able to rectify it by means of marrying you once more. he smiles and asks truly. she nods. he says we are able to marry grand manner, however you don’t placed ghunghat in marriage, i need to peer your face, i’m able to write in card also, no lady ought to come with ghunghat, there gained’t be any hazard of swapping. chakor smiles and asks why do you hate ghunghat, suppose if ghunghat became now not there, we might have not got married. he says satisfactory marry me any manner, supply me a kiss. she refuses. he says you’re my lady friend and kiss me. she says there is not anything like gf in village. he says your village is backward, we will make a start, i’m able to take a kiss from you. she runs. he smiles.


Precap: Suraj proclaims he will make chakor his spouse. he applies haldi to her. mahiya…..performs……..


Update Credit To: Dolly


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