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Udaan 24th April 2017 Written Episode Update

Udaan 24th April 2017 Written Episode Update On Lollyupdates. Udaan 24th April 2017 Written Episode Updates. Udaan 24th April 2017 Written Episode Update.


The episode starts offevolved with imli seeing the toys and crying. she remembers vivaan and says i don’t understand what came about to vivaan, perhaps he did no longer listen the good news, see how he got aggravated and went. ranjana comes there. imli hides the toys. ranjana asks what came about, did you and vivaan had a fight. imli says no, vivaan remains busy in work, its fine. ranjana asks about toys, is there any excellent information, don’t disguise some thing from me. imli says sure. ranjana smiles and says i m becoming dadi, so bhaiya ji became shouting about child, why did you not inform me, vivaan will become a father, he turned into equipped to accept every body’s toddler final time, now its his own blood, his very own baby, so what if he’s irritated with me, his infant could be coming, i’m able to do your aarti first, we will inform every person. she goes. chakor and suraj come there and pay attention this. chakor says we must forestall ranjana from doing preparations. imli receives taken aback and sees them.


Full Details of Udaan 24th April 2017 Written Episode Update

Vivaan sees the mechanic. he says none should know about this. ragini says i were given him right here cautiously. he asks who’s he. the person removes the mask. ragini sends the man. she indicates imli and suraj’s percent to mechanic and asks did you notice them together. mechanic sees photographs.


Imli asks are you no longer happy listening to my proper news, why are you irritated like vivaan, why. chakor says no, we’re satisfied, we can first test if this information is true. imli says see i’ve a baby in my womb. she fortuitously cries. chakor worries.


Mechanic says yes, how am i able to forget them, this bride and groom had been hugging in automobile, they did now not had their personal sense, i went to exchange tyre, they wakened with the aid of sound, all this is excellent in home, it appears bad on roads. vivaan slaps him and asks how dare you say this.


Chakor shouts you haven’t any baby in your womb, this will’t occur. imli asks why. chakor says due to the fact vivaan can’t turn out to be a father, he is impotent. imli receives greatly surprised and slaps chakor. vivaan beats mechanic and says you’re lying, suraj was with imli, no. mechanic says i m no longer mendacity, sorry if i noticed husband and spouse collectively. vivaan says stop nonsense. ragini says go away him, its now not his mistake, its suraj and imli’s mistake, i’m able to’t accept as true with imli has suraj’s infant. vivaan shouts this may’t show up. he ruins the office and says how can imli cheat me, she has fallen so low, don’t take name of that cheap female, i hate her.


Chakor says its authentic, vivaan can’t come to be father, he did exams, but end result become identical. imli says no, prevent it, you are lying, i don’t accept as true with this, vivana would have advised me, how ought to he inform you. suraj says assume well, why will chakor mislead you. imli asks if its actual, what’s growing in my womb, i have a child. chakor says this will’t happen, inform fact, whose toddler is that this, i’m able to help you. imli pushes her and asks are you my sister or enemy, how can you blame me. she sees suraj and says i apprehend it now, suraj did all this, suraj’s toddler died, so suraj does no longer need me to end up vivaan’s child’s mum, you are with suraj, you can’t see me glad with vivaan, i realize vivaan did no longer depart your coronary heart. chakor gets greatly surprised.


Imli says you both are trying to hearth my and vivaan’s lives, i gained’t let this show up, get out, don’t display me your face again, my inlaws will do my godh bharai the following day, due to the fact i m pregnant with vivaan’s baby, get out, vivaan will sit in puja with me tomorrow. she pushes them and shuts door. they ask imli to listen. suraj says don’t realize who’s saying real and who is mendacity.


Bhaiya ji dances in village and receives chocolates allotted to every body. kasturi asks why are you glad. bhaiya ji says i m bholenath, a brand new toddler is coming in my family. they all smile. tejaswini asks who is getting toddler, imli or chakor. bhaiya ji asks who’re they, i don’t know via call, that stunning lady in haveli, who maintains me locked in haveli, maybe she is pregnant. tejaswini asks what nonsense, i m certain imli or chakor can be pregnant. bhaiya ji says its big aspect that our circle of relatives can have next generation. kasturi says he got mad, imli and chakor could have informed us. pakhi hears him. bhaiya ji is going. pakhi says he were given mad, have goodies.


Last Part of Udaan 24th April 2017 Written Episode Update


Imli sits in godh bharai. the girls congratulate ranjana. ranjana says i m also excited to welcome my son’s infant. she asks imli did she fight with vivaan, keep a smile on face, have candies. she makes imli have candies and asks every body to have chocolates. suraj and chakor come. the female asks why is chakor now not attending the function. chakor says what’s taking place. suraj says perhaps imli is not pregnant. chakor says we should get her exams achieved. the woman asks for infant’s father. vivaan comes and shouts prevent all this. imli gets shocked.


Precap: Imli says this is your child. vivaan says this can’t be my toddler, i’m able to’t grow to be a father, see all reports. doctor says imli is pregnant. vivaan asks imli to say truth, whose infant is that this.


Update Credit To: Aneesa


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