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Udaan 25th April 2017 Written Episode Update

Udaan 25th April 2017 Written Episode Update On Lollyupdates. Udaan 25th April 2017 Written Episode Updates. Udaan 25th April 2017 Written Episode Update.


The episode begins with vivaan shouting. imli asks him to come back. he asks her why did she tell ranjana about the child. she asks are you inebriated. ranjana says vivaan, speak to imli later, many humans have come to congratulate you. he says flow lower back. he is taking imli with him. suraj and chakor pass after them. ragini asks the person to go to villagers and tell them. the person leaves. ragini smiles and says that is my first step, i will become the queen and earn an awful lot cash.


Full Details of Udaan 25th April 2017 Written Episode Update


Ranjana comes and asks are you making palace in air, what’s happening, bhaiya ji got ill, i gave you this ruling strength to manipulate this, you are busy, you are not able to manage haveli, vivaan got mad, he insulted me, you did now not do something, he desires to make imli out of domestic, i don’t know why, inform me what are you doing, i can take back the rule of thumb from you. ragini says don’t get annoyed, i did now not conceal some thing, vivaan has hidden this, no son can share this with mum, i m helpless to mention, so that you don’t be improper approximately me. ranjana asks what’s it. ragini says vivaan can’t grow to be a father. ranjana receives shocked. ragini says vivaan informed this to me. ranjana asks how did imli get pregnant.
Ragini says its not vivaan’s baby. ranjana says bad girls can’t have right man or woman, my son got cheated. ragini says don’t worry, he’s focussing on his development, now not imli, whilst we exchange this village, none will take into account about imli, vivaan wishes you, perhaps you get your son again. ranjana smiles and thinks to apply imli’s cheat to get vivaan back.


Vivaan scolds imli for falling so low. imli cries and asks what are you pronouncing, its our dream that you turn out to be father and i end up mum, why are you announcing this. chakor asks vivaan to open the door. imli says don’t act harmless, tell me, whose sin do you have got on your womb. suraj asks him to open the door. vivaan says you can’t call the child’s father, i will say. he opens the door and holds suraj, saying he’s your sin companion, suraj. they all get greatly surprised.


Suraj asks what nonsense, did you pass mad. vivaan beats suraj and says i were given to know the whole thing, that mechanic informed me the way you each have been hugging, you had been collectively all night time. imli cries. chakor asks vivaan to prevent it, there is no relation between imli and suraj, i agree with them.


Vivaan says its now not ramayan and mahabharat’s time that youngsters are born through lord blessing, how did imli get pregnant. imli asks what took place to you, why are you troubling me, its your child. he says this may’t be my baby. she asks why. he says i’m able to say the entirety these days. he gets the reports and says i can’t come to be a father. imli receives shocked.


Vivaan suggests her many reviews and says see, its identical, i can’t father a infant, i have hidden this from you so you don’t get hurt, i did no longer know you’ll cheat me, else i’d have told you, you thought you will positioned everybody’s sin in my neck and depart, this will’t take place. imli shuts her ears. vivaan says this is authentic, suraj is your toddler’s father. suraj checks the reviews. vivaan says its the result of that night time, while you two disappeared by excuse. chakor says maybe imli isn’t pregnant, it may be false impression. vivaan says quality, i m geared up to get her checkup done. he calls ragini and asks her to get lady physician, i want to get imli’s checkup achieved.


Tejaswini says its exact news kasturi, i suppose chakor is pregnant. kasturi says i think imli is pregnant. bhuvan comes and says imli gained’t have a baby. she asks why. he says i heard it, haveli servants were speaking about suraj, chakor, imli and vivaan’s fight. she asks what occurred. he says vivaan can’t grow to be a father. kasturi asks what are you announcing, we are able to’t accept as true with servants, this can’t take place.


Tejaswini says this can be authentic. kasturi says no. tejaswini says perhaps that’s why vivaan held my neck that day. kasturi says maybe he did that on ragini’s pronouncing, imli would have instructed us.


The villagers see haveli guys coming. the person says you all don’t want to go manufacturing facility now, manufacturing facility is getting close, we can inform later, rest at home. the villager ask chagan what’s this, how can we have ration. chagan says its not a comic story, manufacturing unit is getting close. the villagers fear. chagan says vivaan organized our meals for today, vivaan and ragini referred to as absolutely everyone at haveli the next day. the female says what’s going to they do now.


Vivaan says you all need to recognise imli is pregnant or no longer, we will know it now. health practitioner comes. ragini says why did you call her right here. vivaan says to understand if imli is pregnant or no longer. he asks health practitioner to head and check. pandit comes and asks for imli to say infant’s future. vivaan asks him to wander away. imli comes downstairs. chakor says i don’t understand what to wish. pandit says oh, so imli is pregnant, congrats, she can get a son, who will take your own family name excessive, however…. ranjana asks what but. vivaan asks pandit to leave. health practitioner says pandit is proper, imli is really pregnant. all of them get greatly surprised. vivaan asks ranjana and others to go away. he cries and throws the matters.


Last Part of Udaan 25th April 2017 Written Episode Update


He asks imli to say now, your medical doctor says you are pregnant, my doctor record says i will’t make all of us pregnant, tell me whose baby is that this. imli cries. chakor and suraj appearance on stunned.


Precap: Vivaan keeps knife at imli’s neck and asks her to accept that suraj is the daddy of her child.


Update Credit To: Aneesa


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