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Udaan 26th April 2017 Written Episode Update

Udaan 26th April 2017 Written Episode Update On Lollyupdates. Udaan 26th April 2017 Written Episode Updates. Udaan 26th April 2017 Written Episode Update.


The episode begins with imli saying its our baby. vivaan claps and says what a awesome plan, you placed suraj’s sin in my neck. chakor says enough, stop blaming suraj, he did now not do whatever. vivaan says your blind love can wash his sin. suraj says come to senses vivaan, not anything took place between me and imli. vivaan pushes him. he asks imli to inform its suraj’s child. she says no, how ought to i make you consider, suraj in no way touched me, this is our love signal. vivaan says lie. chakor says manage your anger, imli doesn’t lie, if she is mendacity, truth will pop out. imli says i m no longer mendacity. suraj says you know nicely my and imli’s relation ended. vivaan says excellent, you gained’t say this manner. he continues a knife at imli’s neck. chakor and suraj ask him to leave imli. vivaan throws knife and says i received’t get peace by way of killing you, your cheat ended my life, you all have hidden this, suraj imli received’t be yours, imli had a relation with suraj, she ruined my life, she can ignite fireplace for your and chakor’s life too, she can cheat you, she has no man or woman. he begins laughing and asks chakor did she now not understand them, you will regret loads. imli cries.


Full Details of Udaan 26th April 2017 Written Episode Update

Vivaan holds imli and says you are dead for me now, from today, i don’t need to peer your face. imli takes him. he asks her to leave his hand. imli indicates the temple. she says i attempted to give an explanation for you regularly, you probably did now not concentrate to me, i’ve one manner now. she keeps her surrender the diya and says i have your infant in my womb. he continues the diya back and says you must have disgrace to use lord to cover up your sin. she says you have to be ashamed to call your infant a sin, contact my womb and see, you’ll understand its your baby or not. he says its a sin, i hate to touch you, you cheated me, i hate you. he cries and says my love, self-worth and life got ruined. she asks how shall i make you trust me, i’ve sworn of lord, i love you loads.


He says there may be nonetheless time, accept your mistake, my anger and sorrow gets much less. she asks him to touch her baby as soon as. he recalls their love. he shouts no, enough now, forestall attempting now, i lost notion in love, i’m able to’t live with a cheater such as you. he goes. imli cries. chakor thinks of vivaan’s phrases. she sees vivaan leaving from room. she asks where are you going. he says i m getting into guest house, i can’t stay with a fraud girl. she asks him to have staying power and face the problem. he asks how are you going to agree with suraj. she says i recognize he actually loves me, he can’t cheat me. he says i also felt so, however truth is some thing else, you were away from right here, i have visible suraj and imli coming near. he says i requested imli to attend to suraj, you don’t accept as true with imli, i will’t help it, why are you dragging suraj in this, suraj can’t cheat me, he can in no way try this cheap thing with imli. he says its high-quality if you need to live blind, i received’t stay with imli. she asks what’s going on on your thoughts.


She is going to suraj and says i m scared, vivaan can do something on this mental kingdom, if he’s taking any wrong step, it will likely be terrible. he asks her no longer to fear, vivaan got huge shock, he’s concerned, he’s going to want some time, i have belief he gained’t do anything to imli, he loves imli loads. she says how can he doubt you, why is imli no longer saying reality. he says i don’t care if international doubts on me, i might care if you doubt on me. she says i agree with you a lot, i understand vivaan’s blames are fake, there may be no relation among you and imli, however whose baby does imli has, vivaan can’t father a toddler, shall i assist imli or now not. she prays to lord. she says i m helpless to doubt on my sister’s individual. she hugs suraj. he asks her not to get worried, this time will skip, fact will pop out, we must do some thing. she says i’ve seen anger and hatred in vivaan’s eyes, i m scared, he can do some thing that separates vivaan and imli all the time.


Last Part of Udaan 26th April 2017 Written Episode Update


imli wakes up and thinks of vivaan’s words. she says i can explain vivaan for the remaining time. she sees her clothes lacking and asks bijli. bijli says its kept downstairs. imli is going and sees her luggage. she asks who saved my bag right here. vivaan says i stored it. chakor comes and appears on. vivaan says you gained’t live in haveli with me now.

Udaan 27th April 2017 Written Episode Update Precap: Vivaan takes imli to the village. he throws her bag. vivaan says i m forsaking her. every person gets taken aback.


Update Credit To: Dolly


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