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Udaan 29th March 2017 Written Episode Update

Udaan 29th March 2017 Written Episode Update On lollyupdates. Udaan 29th March 2017 Written Episode Update. Udaan 29th March 2017 Written Episode Updates.

The episode starts with bhaiya ji sitting as lord and saying i m bhole. ragini, ranjana appearance on. physician checks him. he opens eyes and asks what befell. he asks what’s your wish, inform me, i m very happy nowadays, i m your lord. he sits back chanting. health practitioner says i m now not a psychiatrist, but i’m able to say he got a shock, through which his mental stability spoiled, he thinks he’s lord. ranjana says best, none must know this. he says don’t fear, i did not see and listen some thing. he goes. ragini says who will see work now. ranjana says i m involved. ragini says human beings will make news and earnings will prevent if this information goes out.

Chakor involves village and sees suraj. he calls him out and is going to him. she stumbles. he holds her. they smile. she sees villagers seeing them and receives away. suraj thinks i will sink in her eyes if i see. she thinks i can sink in his eyes if i see him. they think the equal, what is going to they assume understanding they love each different. he asks why did you stop me, i have a good deal work. she says even i have a great deal paintings. she suggests him the vintage papers and asks is this true. he sees the photo and file, and says how did you get this. she asks is this actual. he says its all proper, ranjana got manohar killed. she receives shocked.

Ranjana gets ragini and indicates the special chair. she says that is your chair from these days. ragini asks what do you mean. ranjana says bhaiya ji isn’t excellent to manage his paintings, we must store our country, so we can inform every body that he is sick, we can no longer allow him pop out of room, until he gets excellent, you need to manipulate this. ragini asks why don’t you take a seat in this chair. ranjana says i really like rule, not obligations, i promise i will aid you. she makes ragini sit. ragini smiles.

  • Chakor asks why did you not inform this to vivaan. suraj says he used to live in drugs affect, if i informed him, don’t understand what could he do. she says it means you had thinking power, you have been no longer an animal. he says i used to be in no way an animal, you are jagat mata by using beginning. she says i m satisfied knowing what you suspect of me. he says i remorse knowing you suspect i m an animal, whilst i really like…..she stops him. he asks what now. she says moong dal halwa for you. he smiles and says you made this for me. she says i made it for monkeys, i did not get them so gave you. he asks can’t you assert something directly. she asks can’t you apprehend, i made it for you. he thanks her. she says point out now not, concentrate to me carefully, this document will help us in breaking their harmony. he says true plan, if vivaan is aware of. she says i received’t permit him understand, this document will assist to remove ranjana from our manner, some thing abnormal is occurring in haveli, i must discover.

Ranjana does aarti and tilak, and offers all keys to ragini. chakor comes. ranjana says you are the inheritor, all this is yours now. chakor hears this and gets taken aback. ragini thanks ranjana and thinks my dream fulfilled now, i can make aazaadgunj run on my fingers now. chakor asks what’s occurring, in which is bhaiya ji, what came about to him, why are you making ragini the heir. ranjana says he is not first-class, he gave the enterprise to ragini, she is the top now. chakor asks how did bhaiya ji trade so much. ranjana argues. she praises ragini. they pass. chakor thinks how did bhaiya ji get sick is quickly, i can see some plan occurring, i have to discover, i’m able to talk about manohar later.

Suraj tells tejaswini that he loves chakor lots. tejaswini smiles and asks what’s the problem, she is your spouse. he says i did not inform chakor i love you, inform me the way to confess. kasturi and bhuvan smile listening to him. bhuvan says do what your wife likes. kasturi says you’re giving love lessons, you don’t don’t forget my birthday. he says sure, however whilst you inform me, i am getting mogra plant life. tejaswini says you are fortunate, i had cash, but now not love, you have no money but lots love.

Kasturi says chakor loves to exit and fly, you’re taking her to truthful, she may be very satisfied. suraj says right, chakor informed me she loves to be in fresh air. bhuvan asks him to take her to honest. suraj says great idea and is going. they snort.

Chakor attempts to move inner bhaiya ji’s room. she hides seeing ragini. ragini calls girja and is going. chakor goes within the room and sees bhaiya ji on chair. she asks did you get scared, why did you provide the whole thing to ragini. he is sleeping. she gets a call and disconnects. she says my win made you lose forever, you locked yourself in this room.

Ragini says i did not lock, but i gave him medicines, he might have slept. ranjana says everybody can go to him, i don’t need everybody to recognize his kingdom. they arrive and notice the door bolt open. chakor asks bhaiya ji to just accept she gained. they see chakor. ragini asks chakor to go away. chakor says leave me. ragini pushes her out. ranjana shuts door.

Bhaiya ji wakes up and plays dumbroo. chakor asks why are you preventing me from meeting him. ranjana says he wants to relaxation, he does no longer need to satisfy all and sundry. chakor says stop mendacity. ragini says he is indignant after he misplaced, i snatched the chair and i can manipulate. chakor thinks they broke up but i have paintings. she asks ranjana to return to talk to her. ranjana says say infront of ragini. chakor says it will likely be your loss.


Precap:chakor says so this become your wonder, thank you suraj i m very glad. suraj says i can find a few way and inform my feelings. he symptoms a pandit. pandit tests her hand and says the only who rises every morning is your lover, your husband. chakor smiles seeing suraj.


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