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Udaan 2nd May 2017 Written Episode Update

Udaan 2nd May 2017 Written Episode Update On Lollyupdates. Udaan 2nd May 2017 Written Episode Updates. Udaan 2nd May 2017 Written Episode Update.


The episode starts offevolved with chakor asking inspector did health practitioner say fact that reviews were fake, can we take imli domestic. inspector says doctor stated he lied to keep his life, you can’t take imli, reviews are actual, we are able to take her from court. suraj asks will you are taking her to court. she asks him to leave imli. suraj says let imli be right here tonight, we are able to’t take her to haveli, villagers won’t maintain her, we can do preparations first. she concurs.


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She says imli will stay here this night, but in which will we maintain her tomorrow, we will’t leave her alone. its morning, bhaiya ji says i’m able to no longer leave this chicken. bijli says he were given mad, in which is the chicken, how to inform him there’s no animal right here. he says i will’t play this mad game. he says i received’t play with you, you don’t understand anything, pass. chakor looks on. bijli says sorry. he scolds her. he says there is no person here to play with me, imli knows me. he calls out imli. chakor says i were given a way to get imli out of prison. she says imli isn’t in haveli. he asks in which did she go, with whom will i play. she says i will tell you if you get her again. he says yes, i m bholenath, i will get imli, in which is she. she smiles.
Imli says i m now not lying, medical doctor is inaccurate, he made faux reports, i got irritated and shot him, i have no enmity with him, else i would have shot his head. inspector asks the problem, say truth, did you try to force health practitioner to put this illegitimate child on vivaan’s name. she says i m not lying, its vivaan’s infant. chakor gets bhaiya ji there. he says i came to get imli. he scolds police. chakor says we came to store imli, you probably did now not inform them is imli your bahu, who can dare to fasten imli. imli cries. bhaiya ji asks who locked imli. inspector scolds him. bhaiya ji says he’s pronouncing he’s going to lock me. chakor says you’re bhole. bhaiya ji says yes, i m bholenath, see my trinetra, i’m able to burn your police station. he slaps inspector. inspector gets indignant and asks them to fasten him.


Bhaiya ji asks imli to have staying power, i’ve come right here and will take you. chakor thinks its time for next step in plan. vivaan says i m involved if villagers refuse for making weapons, what will we do. ragini says they may usually work for us, if all of us refuses to me, they’ll no longer stand on their toes. ranjana comes and says bhaiya ji is missing. chakor comes and says he’s in prison. they get taken aback. ranjana asks what’s he doing there. chakor says he came there to unfastened imli, he slapped inspector, he’ll should stay there at night. ragini says vivaan, its bad information, how can we supply injection, if any injection is neglected, you recognize what is going to appear. vivaan says he’s going to come to senses. she says do something, else he will no longer leave us alive. ranjana and chakor appearance on.


Chakor asks what do you mean, who will no longer leave you alive. ragini says papa, if he receives satisfactory and is aware of i did now not free him from prison, he will no longer forgive me, we must free him, he will get sick if he does not get drug treatments on time, inform villagers i’m able to meet them later. she is going. chakor hopes her plan works and imli comes out of jail, wherein will i hold imli, all doors were given shut for her, i need to do something.


Ragini asks how are you going to positioned him in lockup, he’s mad. bhaiya ji scolds her. ragini says in case you don’t depart him, i’m able to do your criticism. inspector frees bhaiya ji. bhaiya ji says i gained’t pass by myself, i’m able to take imli along. inspector says we can’t go away imli. imli asks bhaiya ji no longer to try this. bhaiya ji says i gained’t move without imli. ragini thinks its time for his medicines. she says if you need to keep job, then depart her. inspector leaves imli.


Bhaiya ji hugs imli and says my friend has come, we can play sport collectively, bijli does not realize any game. imli cries and nods. inspector asks imli no longer to shoot everybody again. they leave. bhaiya ji sings at the way. he says i can take a seat with imli. ragini asks him to take a seat quiet. she asks imli to get down the auto and scolds her. bhaiya ji asks imli now not to get down. ragini asks her to get out. she leaves. imli says where shall i am going, how to make vivaan consider i m saying truth, i know i did no longer do any sin, its vivaan’s toddler.


Last Part of Udaan 2nd May 2017 Written Episode Update


Chakor comes and says i was concerned and finding you. imli asks why, wherein will you take me, haveli or parents’ residence. chakor asks her to stop. imli says i responded you, vivaan is toddler’s father, allow me move. chakor asks her now not to do this, why are you so irritated. imli recalls formative years moment. she comes again to chakor. chakor says i will take you far from aazaadgunj, i will get you returned as soon as scenario gets great, i m not your enemy, i have to be quiet till this matter receives solved will you return with me. imli holds her hand.


Udaan 3rd May 2017 Written Episode Update Precap: Vivaan says i concept of doing a brand new enterprise. chakor asks what’s it. ragini says i’m able to say and points gun at chakor. suraj asks her to place gun down.


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