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Udaan 31st March 2017 Written Episode Update

Udaan 31st March 2017 Written Episode Update on Lollyupdates. Udaan 31st March 2017 Written Episode Update. Udaan 31st March 2017 Written Episode Updates.


The episode begins with suraj asking chakor to listen, pandit in no way lies. pandit asks him to pay him for lying. suraj says that was authentic. pandit says then pay for truth. suraj appears for money in his pocket. chakor sees him and quietly keeps money in his pocket. she asks him to check his again pocket. suraj gets the money and counts. he appears at chakor. he pays the pandit. he is going after chakor.


Imli and vivaan come to truthful. she says i can do what you assert, inform me what to do. they listen tattoo man shouting. he asks imli does she need to get name written. she says no. vivaan asks why, you had a person’s call written to your wrist earlier than. she says why are you saying approximately past, it changed into old element. he goes.


Suraj stops chakor and says the pandit said… she says i understand its no longer authentic, how can or not it’s authentic. he asks what came about, pay attention, if i say…. vivaan collides along with her. her phone falls down. suraj sees the smartphone. he asks where is imli. the cellphone earrings. vivaan selections it and sees ranjana’s call. he asks why is mummy calling you. imli comes. chakor says don’t know and takes smartphone again. she goes. imli indicates the tattoo to vivaan and says look i got our love signal tattooed reachable. he says i’m able to just come and appears for chakor. she thinks i did no longer suppose vivaan will trade so much, he did not see the tattoo. chakor asks ranjana what did she assume. vivaan says chakor stated she did not realize why mummy is asking. chakor says pleasant, i will meet you. he thinks why are they meeting secretively, what’s the matter. chakor thinks when reality comes out, ranjana will see her bad face of a murderer. vivaan says i will know what’s the matter.


Suraj asks what, you need to go. she says i have to meet ranjana, i will simply come, you see the honest. he asks did i come to peer truthful. she says what else then, you be right here, i’m able to come soon. he says fine, once you go, no need to return back. he turns and sees her going. imli sees suraj and asks why are you alone, in which did chakor run. he says she is jagat mata, she went to assist others. she says even my husband has run away, don’t understand he went to assist whom. they sit and speak. she says vivaan and chakor do now not consider us, all amusing is long past.


Chakor meets ranjana on the cliff region. ranjana hears manohar’s screams. chakor says voices never dies, are you able to listen a person’s screams here. ranjana asks what’s this nonsense, i’m able to’t hear whatever, i m going. chakor says i thought you’ll recollect the entirety, i’m able to remind you, this is that vicinity where you killed manohar to emerge as a part of bhaiya ji’s politics. ranjana says you got mad, you called me here to shaggy dog story. chakor asks her to look this and cross, then determine what’s incorrect.


  • She indicates the papers. ranjana says its fake. chakor says you made manohar give way, i can push you, tell me. ranjana says you purchased mad. she hears manohar shouting ranjana. chakor says reality catches the offender, you purchased manohar killed, tell me. ranjana shouts sure, i killed manohar. vivaan hears this and receives greatly surprised.


Ranjana says why are you reminding me, what do you need, tell me. chakor says vivaan does no longer understand this. ranjana says no chakor, vivaan ought to now not understand this, you gained’t inform him. i m geared up to present any rate, don’t inform him. chakor says quality, in case you agree to do anything as i say, you may now not try to save bhaiya ji and ragini, in the event that they make any plan against me, you have to inform me, if you agree, i can no longer tell this to vivaan. ranjana concurs and says i haven’t any option than to conform to you. chakor thank you her and is going. vivaan gets indignant.


Chakor comes to her room and maintains papers in bag. vivaan sees her and thinks if she locks bag, i can’t see papers. he throws a vase. he is going to see. he is going to get papers. he hides in lavatory. she appears for lock keys. vivaan has the keys. she maintains the bag. she receives suraj’s call. suraj asks wherein are you, are you coming or now not. she says i m coming and leaves. vivaan tests the papers and gets stunned. he shouts no…. papa….that woman killed you whom you loved the most. he cries.


Chakor comes returned to honest. imli smiles. suraj says she got free, what shall i do. he is going. chakor asks imli to see, he went. imli says you and vivaan did now not care for our emotions, suraj wanted to sit in journey with you, i sat with him. chakor says i needed to meet ranjana, now she will be able to assist us, she will be able to deliver us information. imli asks how did you try this. chakor says i’m able to inform later. imli says you may have met her later, suraj were given you right here, you should spend day and tell feelings, but you went, and vivaan went once you. chakor asks what, in which did he pass. imli says he went when you while you spoke to ranjana on name. chakor thinks did vivaan hear me. vivaan thinks of manohar and cries.


Precap: Suraj asks chakor to play recreation with him to get forgiveness. chakor concurs. vivaan holds ranjana’s neck and says i’m able to kill you.


Update Credit To: Aditiya

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