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Udaan 3rd April 2017 Written Episode Update

Udaan 3rd April 2017 Written Episode Update On Lollyupdates. Udaan 3rd April 2017 Written Episode Updates. Udaan 3rd April 2017 Written Episode Update.


The episode starts with chakor questioning did vivaan hear me. imli asks her to move and apologize to suraj. chakor refuses. suraj collides together with her. the children select the fallen sweets. suraj and chakor sit to pick out candies and feature an eyelock. she apologizes. he does not forgive her. they argue. imli says forestall preventing like youngsters. chakor says he is calling me selfish. he says yes, you left me by myself within the truthful to do excellent to international, could you not anticipate someday, you received’t get forgiveness. she asks how will i get then. he says you need to play recreation with me, you will get forgiveness in case you win. she is of the same opinion. imli thinks who will call them husband and wife, they are like kids.


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Vivaan remembers ranjana and manohar and cries. he says vivaan is a cheater and murderer. ranjana says i have burn that record which chakor showed me, else none can shop me. vivaan shouts you have no proper to live. ranjana says where would be that file, it will likely be in suraj’s room, i can cross and notice. she comes there. vivaan gets angry seeing her. she asks what are you doing here. he says same thing for what you got here right here and indicates the report. she receives taken aback.
he throws the papers and says look carefully, it has your crime evidence. she says what are you announcing, i will leave. he scolds her and holds her neck. he says i’m able to kill you, you killed my papa, the papers can lie, you could’t lie, i heard you telling chakor which you killed my papa, i will no longer depart you.


She says chakor stopped me from telling you. he leaves her and asks what did you say. the person says you have to throw ring on the factor, if ring falls on toy, you may get it. suraj asks chakor to throw ring at love monument taj mahal, if you win, you will be forgiven. chakor says excellent, i’m able to provide you with love sign. imli says you could win. chakor throws ring on the taj mahal and wins. imli says now forgive chakor. suraj says this is cheating, perhaps you have got performed this sport in formative years, this received’t work, i will come up with three risk, you need to win . imli says chakor received, you’re cheating. chakor says permit suraj cheat, what’s the next sport. he asks her to come back.


Ranjana says i can let you know what i went thru, you have been young, you will recollect your papa was a servant in this haveli, i stayed in this haveli, however like a poor relative stays, your papa has no popularity. vivaan cries. she says i attempted tough to give an explanation for him, however he did no longer recognize, i used to be scared for your destiny, so i killed your papa. he receives irritated.


Suraj gives the toy gun to chakor and asks her to shoot 5 balloons, you will lose in case you miss one. she asks shall i shoot by means of right or left hand. she shoots and wins. suraj sneezes and actions her. she misses purpose. he says you had a pass over, you misplaced. she says you deliberately pushed my hand. he says no, i genuinely sneezed, you lost, you continue to have a risk to express regret. she says take this, sufficient of your game, i don’t need your apology.


Ranjana says i did what a mum must have executed for a son, i killed your papa just for you. she cries and says sure, i’ve hidden this reality, i used to be living with massive guilt, however chakor stopped me. he asks why did chakor prevent you. she says i don’t understand, she is your first-class friend, she saved proof in this document, she is making plans something, she never does something with out thinking. he says i will see chakor later, however you ruined my and my papa’s life, it has just one punishment. he locks her in room and is going. she asks him to open door.


Vivaan comes lower back with water pot. he breaks the pot and takes round round her. he says i can do your final rites with all rituals, my mum died an awful lot before, that reasonably-priced girl died nowadays who killed her husband and also best son’s goals. she says i can provide an explanation for. he asks her to close up. he drops the pot and says i did your very last rites, you are simply bhaiya ji’s spouse to any extent further, i m orphan from nowadays. she gets shocked. he leaves. she cries and says what did you do vivaan.


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Suraj asks chakor did you get frightened of small undertaking. she says first-class, this time recreation can be mine. he says tell me the sport, even i m no longer scared. she says i can say. they smile.

Ranjana shouts vivaan. she gets indignant and says this took place because of chakor, she desired to make me informer by means of threatening, what is going to she do now, its chakor’s flip now, i can snatch chakor’s happiness, i’m able to by no means forgive you.

Precap: Vivaan says i known as you here, you have to help me in chakor’s murder. she gets stunned. he says person who snatched my smile has no right to smile. suraj and chakor have a cycle ride. she asks him what did he want to say her. he thinks to inform her i love you.



Update Credit To: Dolly

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