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Udaan 3rd May 2017 Written Episode Update

Udaan 3rd May 2017 Written Episode Update On Lollyupdates. Udaan 3rd May 2017 Written Episode Updates. Udaan 3rd May 2017 Written Episode Update.


This episode begins with imli saying i did massive mistake, i should visit vivaan, maybe he’s going to accept as true with me with the aid of hearing health practitioner. chakor says don’t worry, the whole thing gets high-quality with time, dadi used to mention, whilst river has tides, we can not take the boat, provide some time to vivaan, inform me what will you have. imli says i m now not hungry. chakor asks her to mention, we are able to get your fav chaat along with meals. imli appears on. chakor orders food.


Full Details of Udaan 3rd May 2017 Written Episode Update


Imli asks does suraj recognize we’re right here. chakor says no, i did now not get time to inform him. she thinks why is imli asking approximately suraj suddenly. suraj asks for chakor. kasturi asks where is she. bhuvan says call her and see. suraj says i referred to as her, imli is launched from lockup, are they together, chakor must have referred to as me. he gets chakor’s call. he asks in which are you, what, lucknow,
Imli is with you, satisfactory, is she ok, every person changed into worried here. he ends call. he says chakor took imli to lucknow, imli is excellent.
Chakor feeds food to imli. imli also feeds her food. they smile. chakor says we used to tell all day happenings to each other. imli remembers childhood. chakor says why don’t we lighten our hearts once more, and share everything.


Imli receives indignant. chakor says i believe you, how will i help you without knowing complete issue. imli says its vivaan’s toddler, how oftentimes shall i say. chakor says you won’t get solution this way. imli asks why don’t you accept as true with reviews are lie, you believed your capsules reviews are fake, i believed vivaan while he turned into blamed for rape, did i question you , no, its because i depended on you two, why are you asking me, physician stated that reports are fake, its made on a person’s pronouncing. chakor receives bowled over. imli says i can find out. chakor says you are proper however… imli says sufficient, go away me on my own. she is going.


Its morning, chakor wakes up and says i m with you imli. she sees imli long gone, and calls her. she asks reception approximately imli. she says where did imli cross. suraj comes there and says i idea to get you and imli. chakor hugs him and cries. he hugs her and asks what befell, say some thing, wherein is imli. she says imli went, i tried to explain her and help. he says she will be right here, she can come.


She says no, i have seen her anywhere. he sees a letter under pillow. chakor reads it. imli writes, forgive me, vivaan has to consider me, i have to make him consider he is the daddy of this child, none can make my baby away from his father. she says vivaan does now not agree with imli, how will she make him positive, will he agree to her, i don’t have any answer of imli’s trouble, i misplaced. she cries. he holds her face and says you can’t lose like this, you will win, forestall crying, we should reach aazaadgunj earlier than imli, get prepared.


Chakor and suraj come to haveli and notice villagers. kasturi says we’re referred to as here. vivaan and ragini come there. vivaan scolds suraj. chakor asks are you shutting silk factory. ragini says sure. suraj asks why. vivaan says i concept to start new commercial enterprise that we get wealthy soon. chakor asks what enterprise. ragini says i will say and pursuits gun at her. suraj says decrease the gun. ragini shoots and smiles, pronouncing its empty, very quickly it’ll have bullets, you all will make weapons, that is our new enterprise. vivaan says aazaadgunj may be recognised for guns. they all get taken aback.


Last Part of Udaan 3rd May 2017 Written Episode Update


Chakor argues. ragini asks who will forestall us, don’t forget they all are bandhuas. she scolds chakor. suraj says many people get harmed by me, vivaan i did many terrible things, but don’t do something to place village in hazard, you’re going to play with fire, don’t try this. vivaan pushes him and says don’t name me brother, you and imli ruined my lifestyles, i simply have one dream, cash, i want to earn so much cash that it in no way ends. chakor asks how will money come, police and navy gained’t purchase guns. ragini says you act smart, you watched we can sell guns to police and army, we will promote it to different customers who pay us any quantity. chakor says i’m able to not can help you two make an unlawful gun manufacturing facility, i can ruin your dream, if i fail to try this, my name received’t be chakor. suraj holds her hand and says i m with chakor.
Udaan 4th May 2017 Written Episode Update Precap: Chakor talks to villagers and asks will you all support me on this protest. imli says there may be no other manner. the female says this awful lady made vivaan from ram to raavan. all of them throw stones at imli. chakor asks them to stop and receives hit by using stone.


Update Credit To: Aneesa


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