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Udaan 5th April 2017 Written Episode Update

Udaan 5th April 2017 Written Episode Update On Lollyupdates. Udaan 5th April 2017 Written Episode Updates. Udaan 5th April 2017 Written Episode Update.


The episode begins with imli asking chakor to have meals, there may be still time to fulfill suraj. chakor says yes, there is an hour, he’s going to come, i m hungry. she eats meals. imli asks her to inform her feelings to suraj. chakor says first i can do the paintings, as soon as vivaan gets freed from ragini’s hands, it’ll be large thing, did you see any change in his behavior. vivaan comes and asks which conduct are you waiting for chakor ji, nothing such happened. he asks imli to attend to chakor. he asks are you going somewhere. chakor says nearby. he says no want to mention, you started hiding loads these days. chakor and imli see each other. chakor says no, its now not like that. he asks her to have juice. he feeds her juice and asks her to head everywhere she wants. he goes. they get perplexed.


Full Details of Udaan 5th April 2017 Written Episode Update


Suraj waits for chakor. he says i got here here running and asked her to come soon, she is not here. he calls her. imli asks chakor to rise up. she answers suraj’s call. he asks chakor wherein are you. she says its me, imli, chakor is slumbering. he says chakor tells some thing and does some thing else, i’m able to’t pass and meet ragini by myself. she says i’m able to come along if she does no longer awaken, i want to realize ragini’s plan. chakor says let me sleep. vivaan comes and asks wha are you doing, chakor maybe tired, she stays with suraj till past due night. she asks him can he contend with chakor, i need to cross for a few imp work. he asks what paintings, fine you cross, i can cope with her. she goes. he calls ragini and says imli and suraj will be following you, someone advised them that you’re going for mystery assembly, take care. he ends call.
He says its simply you and me here chakor, i’m able to have a laugh to kill you. ranjana comes. he says come, i made suraj and imli go, we need to kill her before they arrive. she asks him why is he ready, preserve pillow on her face and suffocate. he says you’re expert, what number of murders did you do, i can make her aware and tell her punishment of backstabbing a pal. she smiles. he throws water on chakor’s face. she wakes up and sees the ropes tied. she struggles to let out. she receives greatly surprised seeing vivaan aiming gun at her. she asks what’s this, who tied my palms and why. he smiles. he says you’re so innocent, there’s nobody except us, it way i were given you here, i tied your hands. she asks why. he asks can’t you see gun in my hand, i m going to kill you. she receives stunned and asks why do you want to kill me. he suggests her manohar’s percent.


He asks her to peer, he’s my papa, he used to love me a lot. she says you go to realize. he shouts what did you believe you studied, you’re ranjana’s associate, ranjana killed my dad, i did ranjana’s final rites the day before today. she says no, you are mistaken. he says no, all misunderstandings are cleared, i were given to understand your hidden agenda to hide this from me. she says i have hidden this as i wanted to save you from pain. he says prevent nonsense, you knew this when you consider that my dad’s homicide, why did you disguise, inform me. she says you are fallacious, i were given to understand this some days again. he asks who informed you, ranjana can’t tell you, i heard your verbal exchange along with her. she thinks if i tell suraj’s name, he won’t leave suraj.


Imli and suraj are at the manner. she issues for chakor. he says she slept on proper time, recognition on ragini, we need to recognize what vivaan and ragini are doing. they see ragini and observe her to discover. vivaan says you had the evidence and hidden it, to apply it on time, i notion you are my fine buddy, you know the end result of your doings, i hate friendship, all people is egocentric such as you. imli says its just jungle, wherein is she going. suraj and imli omit ragini. she says wherein did she cross. they hear car sound. the auto leaves. they run again and follow ragini’s car. ragini leaves in some other automobile. she says it become so smooth to fool them, they did now not recognize there’s servant in my vehicle.


Last Part of Udaan 5th April 2017 Written Episode Update


Chakor says open my fingers as soon as, i’m able to explain. vivaan says no, i gained’t listen to you, there’s simply one element left, that’s your death. she asks is there no difference among you and bhaiya ji, i ought to get a threat, else you’re a coward. he shouts i m now not coward, i can do anything, what do you want, remaining danger, high-quality, i’m able to provide you with ultimate danger. he puts one bullet within the gun and rotates the drum. he says we will play a sport of loss of life, it has one bullet, we will shoot it on us and we could’ see who dies and who wins. she asks him to prevent and shouts. he shoots and its empty slot. he says you desired hazard, take it. he asks her to keep gun at her head, else he will shoot her. she cries.


Precap of Udaan 6th April 2017 Written Episode Update. Vivaan gives gun to bhaiya ji and asks him to shoot chakor. bhaiya ji laughs and points gun at chakor. vivaan smiles.



Update Credit To: Aneesa

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