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Udaan 5th June 2017 Written Episode Update

Udaan 5th June 2017 Written Episode Update on Lollyupdates. Udaan 5th June 2017 Written Episode Update. Udaan 5th June 2017 Written Episode Updates. 


This episode starts with vivaan giving a record to suraj. he says it has everything related to pregnant ladies care, its of no need to me. suraj says thank you, however why do you need to assist me. they see imli. vivaan receives indignant and takes document returned. vivaan says you said right, you don’t need everybody’s help, suraj will discover how to attend to child. he asks imli does she don’t forget whatever. she recalls. he burns the report. he says none needs those papers now. he gets angry and name callings her that their relation is over now. imli cries. vivaan goes.


Full Details of Udaan 5th June 2017 Written Episode Update


The kids make weapons along side their dad and mom. goons appearance on. a boy says i will’t do this now, my arms were given tough, i m going now. goons prevent him. the boy refuses to work. goon beats him. suraj comes and forestalls his antique servant. he beats the goon and says if you touch villagers then…..he asks the boy now not to go away work this manner. the boy says i will now not paintings. goon catches him again. pakhi’s dad calls chakor and asks her to come back fast. suraj asks goon to forestall. goon argues with him. suraj scolds him and beats him up. the goon hits on his head from at the back of. suraj falls down. goons trap the boy once more.
Chakor comes with ajay. she complains about vivaan’s men. ajay stops the goon and says villagers will make guns if they need, else not, none can force them, understood. goon laughs. ajay offers him time to leave. ajay asks pakhi to matter down. ajay beats up the goons. chakor smiles. suraj looks on. ajay beats down all goons until rely reaches zero. the goons run away. ajay says your counting is excellent. anyone clap. woman blesses ajay. ajay says reward chakor, she knowledgeable me on time, next time call police station immediately. chakor thank you ajay for saving innocent human beings from torture. suraj holds chakor’s hand. he says i was also preventing torture, no one thanked me, why did you call someone else if i m here. ajay asks chakor is he troubling you.


Ajay asks suraj to go away her hand and move returned. suraj says its our personal rely. ajay asks chakor who’s he. chakor says we don’t have any relation, he is no one to me. suraj appears at her. he leaves her hand. mahiya…..performs…. ajay leaves.


Full Details of Udaan 5th June 2017 Written Episode Update


Suraj assessments for something. he remembers chakor and ajay. he gets the wine bottle from the trunk. chakor runs in the village. she sees ajay on my own and calls him out. she asks what are you doing here at the moment on my own. she sees cake and asks is it your birthday. he says no, its not my birthday. she says i m lessening my birthday, i run after I m indignant and unhappy. he asks why are you indignant, depart vivaan and ragini to me, i can shut gun manufacturing facility. she says there are different sorrows. he asks what. she thinks suraj is my largest sorrow. suraj recalls chakor’s words and prevents. he says you insulted me in the front of inspector and broke my coronary heart, simply wine can be a part of broken coronary heart, thanks chakor for making me attain factor from wherein you saved me, cheers….. he beverages.


Precap: Ajay asks chakor to mention if she has a higher concept. constable says we were given a lifeless body. police receives suraj. chakor gets taken aback.


Update Credit To: Aneesa


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