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Udaan 6th April 2017 Written Episode Update

Udaan 6th April 2017 Written Episode Update On Lollyupdates. Udaan 6th April 2017 Written Episode Updates. Udaan 6th April 2017 Written Episode Update.


The episode starts with imli calling chakor. she does now not solution. imli issues and says we ought to go back to chakor. suraj says yes, chakor in no way does this, we are able to move back if she does not answer this time. vivaan asks chakor to talk. chakor answers. imli asks are you exceptional, you slept all at once, suraj and i are concerned. chakor says i m first-class, i were given worn-out and slept. she ends call.


Full Details of Udaan 6th April 2017 Written Episode Update


Suraj says now we are able to do our work well. vivaan says if you did not answer, they might have come right here, i used to be a fool, i did not understand you look harmless and candy, however you’re so poisonous, shoot your self. she pulls the cause and receives saved. he says provide it to me, and shoots. he also receives stored and laughs. he passes gun to her. she receives stored once more. he is taking gun and says now choice might be in a few minutes, either you will die or me. she apologizes and says i were given to understand this some days back, throw the gun. he shoots and gets saved. he laughs and says it means you’ll be death. she prays to lord to get power, there’s just one manner to forestall this mad man.
He says it simply has one final bullet. she says fine, now its my flip. she thinks i don’t want to take your life, so i simply should injure you. she shoots at his leg and its empty slot again. he laughs. bhaiya ji asks lord wherein are you, open the door. vivaan indicates the bullet and says you are so fallen chakor, you have been taking pictures me to save your existence, you idea i’m able to give you loaded gun, now you won’t discover me a idiot.


Ranjana thinks bhaiya ji has got up and is going to his room. he hides and goes out. she thinks where did he cross. vivaan says this gun is loaded. chakor thinks of her own family and smiles recalling suraj. suraj stops the auto feeling something. imli asks what came about. he says why do i feel chakor is missing me, she is in trouble. imli asks what are you announcing. chakor thinks of suraj. she asks vivaan to kill her and give up this, why are your palms shaking, can’t you shoot me, listen to me. he says no, i received’t assist you to make any tale, its simply your demise now, you need to die. he ambitions at her. bhaiya ji comes there and stands in among. he says you gained’t shoot at her. chakor receives bowled over. bhaiya ji says i m bhole. vivaan asks what are you pronouncing, she is chakor, your enemy, you are attempting to store her, oh you need to kill her, kill her. he offers the gun to bhaiya ji. bhaiya ji laughs and objectives gun at her.


He throws the gun. chakor and vivaan get amazed. bhaiya ji says its wrong, we are able to now not play chor police, we will play conceal and are looking for. he frees chakor and asks her to go and conceal. she says what came about to you vivaan, you have been by no means such. she runs. bhaiya ji stops vivaan. vivaan says what did you do, she has run away, she became our enemy. he holds bhaiya ji’s neck. ranjana comes and asks vivaan to leave her, bhaiya ji is unwell. bhaiya ji laughs and says i m bhole, tejaswini ji…. vivaan asks why is he acting such. ranjana says he’s joking, include me kamal ji.


Bhaiya ji says i m not kamal ji, i m bhole. he sits. vivaan asks did he pass mad, this ought to have came about with you. he taunts her that one husband died and other got mad. he holds her neck angrily and says chakor has run away due to him, my plan failed, you have been hiding this, from these days your and your mad husband’s rule is over, simply ragini and i’m able to command here, you’ll document to me, in case you attempt to act clever, then it is going to be bad. ranjana takes bhaiya ji. vivaan gets indignant.


Last Part of Udaan 6th April 2017 Written Episode Update


Suraj and imli get taken aback seeing the servant. servant smiles and waves to them. suraj says i knew ragini will do some thing, we need to cross haveli soon, i m feeling stressed. they depart. imli calls vivaan. he thinks chakor will inform imli, i ought to prevent her. ragini is on the manner and thinks it will be a laugh, i can decide the future of aazaadgunj, i should some thing large. some youngsters play on the street. she stops the car and scolds them. she gets the toy gun and smiles. she says i love gambling with weapons, i can get the youngsters to make guns. she calls someone and fixes meeting.

Precap of Udaan 7th April 2017 Written Episode Update. Imli says suraj from time to time i think, if my baby was alive these days, how might he be. suraj appears at her. chakor says i like you a lot, now our new lifestyles will begin. imli rests on suraj’s shoulder.



Update Credit To: Aneesa

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