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Udaan 6th June 2017 Written Episode Update

Udaan 6th June 2017 Written Episode Update on Lollyupdates. Udaan 6th June 2017 Written Episode Update. Udaan 6th June 2017 Written Episode Updates.


The episode starts offevolved with suraj recalling chakor’s phrases. he says wound of phrases may be very deep, what did you do chakor. imli sees suraj drinking and asks did he move mad to drink, chakor will assume you started drinking and became like before, atleast think about me, chakor may be sad. he says chakor gained’t be sad seeing my nation, i m out of her life, there’s a person else in her lifestyles. she asks what nonsense, who can come in her existence. chakor asks ajay who is suhani. ajay says she is my sister, its her birthday. she asks is she coming, where is she. he says i don’t know, i did now not see her face seeing that years. she says i did now not recognize. he says she were given married three years ago, she went with her husband, then i did no longer get her anywhere, i have no touch with her, i misplaced my dad and mom in youth. suraj argues with imli. he says i m not chakor’s husband now, i have become bad for all and sundry. imli cries.


Full Details of Udaan 6th June 2017 Written Episode Update


Suraj says i m now not awful only for wine. he kisses the wine bottle. he says today i will drink a lot, i can calculate my losses. chakor says suhani will be satisfied anyplace she is, i will help you in finding her after this gun manufacturing facility trouble solves, i love to guide correct people, now reduce the cake. she sings birthday music. ajay sees her. he cuts the cake and the have it. suraj asks imli to move. imli asks him to stop pitying himself, if he has misplaced a whole lot, others too lost tons.


He says you lost Vivaan, but none came in Vivaan’s life, but Chakor got someone in her life, I can’t see her with someone else, I can’t tolerate this. He leaves. She cries. Its morning, Ajay asks constable to find thieves. Chakor comes and says Vivaan and Ragini would have signed documents, you should check the godown. He says I can’t issue warrant without any reason, your idea is good, tell me if there is any other idea. Constable says we got a dead body. Chakor gets shocked seeing Suraj. She puts water on him. Suraj wakes up. Ajay says we met him yesterday. Chakor says Suraj you have drunk again. Constable says you have much friendship.


Suraj goes to beat constable. He says I will kill anyone who talks against you. Ajay asks him to leave and talk when he gets senses. Suraj asks will you stop me from talking to my wife. Ajay gets shocked and asks Chakor is he your husband. Chakor says I told yesterday and saying today again, I m not related to this man. Suraj gets sad and picks the wine bottle. He breaks the bottle and hurts his hand. Chakor shouts Suraj and asks what did you do, see your wound. Mahiya…..plays…..


Suraj laughs. He says blood came out of my hand, her tears came out, its love. Chakor says its not love, I would have got hurt if Ajay got wounded, now there is no relation between us. She turns to go. Ajay says I can arrest you for getting drunk and raising hand on constable. But I can leave you if Chakor says. Chakor says no, do what your laws say. Suraj gets arrested. He says Chakor you are not doing this right. Chakor cries and goes. Ajay look on.


Chakor cleans house and recalls Suraj. FB shows Chakor cleaning the dust. She falls. Suraj holds her. She sneezes. He leaves her. They start arguing. She says I have allergy from dust. He covers her with blanket and says you won’t sneeze even when storm comes. She says you are mad. He makes her wear helmet and says you keep falling down. She says I don’t want your helmet. He says think, I won’t be there to hold you always. FB ends. Chakor smiles.


Last Part of Udaan 6th June 2017 Written Episode Update


Kasturi and Tejaswini come and tell about Laxmi puja. Chakor says my work can be done now, just pray it happens what I m thinking. She calls Imli and says I have some imp work, listen to me carefully. She tells her plan.


Precap: Chakor thinks once Ajay gets supplier info, gun factory won’t be there. Suraj and Ajay look for something. Suraj gets papers. Suraj tells Imli that doctor is in Lucknow, we have to change medicines by going there.


Update Credit To: Aneesa


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