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Udaan 8th June 2017 Written Episode Update

Udaan 8th June 2017 Written Episode Update on Lollyupdates. Udaan 8th June 2017 Written Episode Update. Udaan 8th June 2017 Written Episode Updates. 


This episode starts offevolved with ajay telling chakor that providers don’t recognise they’re making actual guns, they informed providers that they’re making toy guns. she says they cheated suppliers, we need to inform them and forestall the manufacturing facility, we could move lucknow. he thinks i will spend time with chakor and know her bond with suraj, if she nevertheless loves suraj. he says we are able to move lucknow. she says you prepare, i can just do some imp work, very quickly village will be free from vivaan and ragini’s plan.


Full Details of Udaan 8th June 2017 Written Episode Update


Suraj continues gun. imli asks what’s the want to take gun. suraj says vivaan and ragini might have paid money, so medical doctor wrote intellectual illness drugs, i’m able to display gun and make him trade drug treatments, as soon as bhaiya ji receives senses, gun factory will forestall. she asks him to tell plan to chakor as soon as. he says she challenged me i can’t do something, i’m able to display what i can do. ranjana calls imli. suraj liquids wine. he says i will display chakor i m not less than everyone. he turns and sees chakor. she says you could simply show cowardliness, who take guide of gun and wine. he says i m now not coward. she smiles. he throws wine. he sees she disappeared. he says she is gambling conceal and are seeking for with me. he goes. imli appears on.
Chakor takes snap shots of villagers making gun. ajay calls her and asks her shall i select you or will you come back at bus forestall. she says i will come there, i m clicking photos to reveal how youngsters are making weapons here. he says quality. chakor sees imli concerned and asks what occurred. imli says suraj went from haveli and did no longer come lower back. chakor says i don’t have any proper to mention between you two, but you should give an explanation for him, he is turning into father, he ought to think of child.


She says i always heard you silently, you are also accountable for suraj’s country, you did not ever listen to suraj, you never gave him time, our members of the family could be not this in case you heard this, don’t fear for suraj, i’m able to find him. she is going.


Suraj buys price ticket for lucknow. imli comes and says tickets. he asks wherein are you going. she says i m coming together with you, you drink wine all day. he asks are you mad, you’re pregnant, your mother and father assist you to. she says no one regards me circle of relatives right here, its higher i come with you. they take tickets.


He says its rely of two days. he sees chakor and hides. he asks imli to peer there. she sees chakor and ajay. suraj says they ought to not know in which we’re going. she says we need to now not take care of them, come. he says we can not inform something to chakor, i’m able to do and show, we ought to input bus. she asks how do we cross. suraj pushes the veg basket. the man says don’t recognise who did this, all my sparkling vegetables fell down. chakor and ajay help the man. suraj and imli board the bus. chakor and ajay additionally board the bus. suraj and imli turn face. suraj says where is chakor going with inspector, are they going on a holiday. imli says forestall nonsense. he says are they following me. imli says no, she did no longer test the bus. female asks suraj to arise from women seat. suraj says sorry, i’m able to’t rise up, my spouse is pregnant, i need to assist her. girl says i will take care of her. suraj says you go there. lady is going. suraj says i’m able to’t provoke chakor, i would have not boarded this bus if i knew she is right here.




Bhaiya ji dances and plays with Ranjana, saying you made my partner leave. Ranjana asks him to leave her. Vivaan asks where did Imli go. Ranjana says I did not send Imli, she was unwell, Suraj took her to city for treatment. Vivaan says I should go and see her. Ragini says no, we have much work here, Suraj is there with her. Bhaiya ji sings. Ragini asks him to go to his room. She calls him mad. He gets angry and scolds her. He asks shall I tell everyone, you all are mad. He goes. Ranjana asks Ragini not to talk to Bhaiya ji this way. Ragini says what will he do to us.


Suraj says it looks they are really going on holiday. Ajay and Chakor have a talk. He says this time I feel like I m going for holiday, not work. She asks him why does he count and tell things. He smiles. He says if I answer this, journey will fall short, answer is very long. She says I felt your maths teacher scolded you, so you did not forget maths. He says my maths is good. Suraj sees them laughing. Imli asks Suraj why is he looking back, don’t be mistaken. Suraj says see how they are laughing, like they are lovers. The bus stops. Man sells water and cold drinks.


Last Part of Udaan 8th June 2017 Written Episode Update


Chakor buys water. Imli coughs and asks for water. Suraj takes the bottle and gives to Imli. Chakor sees Suraj and asks what are you doing here. He asks where are you going with this inspector. She says who are you to ask this. They argue. Imli says you both met. Chakor says Imli is also here, family is together, its good to go on holiday. Suraj says don’t ask where we are going. She says then don’t ask me. He says fine, go and sit with your friend. She throws water on his face and asks him to cool his mind. He asks her to clean his face and holds her. Ajay looks on.


Precap: Chakor tries to snatch wine bottle and throw. Suraj asks what’s your problem, you say our relation broke and do this drama. Mahiya….plays….


Update Credit To: Aditiya


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