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Waaris 26th April 2017 Written Episode Update

Waaris 26th April 2017 Written Episode Update On Lollyupdates. Waaris 26th April 2017 Written Episode Updates. Waaris 26th April 2017 Written Episode Update.


The episode starts with amba asking did you now not get ring till now. raj leaves mannu’s hand. mannu says i got it. raj says ring is determined. raavi asks mannu to preserve in her room, she will be able to wear it once her mehendi dries. mannu goes. amba appears on. harjeet and mohini wait. faux raj comes to satisfy them. mohini thinks i ought to start drama, as amrit has lied again. she says raj has come. harjeet sees handicapped raj and remembers his formative years. mohini says he is raj.


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Harjeet says come inside, i noticed you after a long term. few goons come and goal gun at harjeet and mohini. fake raj falls down and hides. the person asks harjeet to present money. mohini asks raj to keep them. nihaal comes there and beats the goons. harjeet takes the gun and asks the goon not to move. mohini smiles.


Harjeet sees nihaal preventing and raj hiding. nihaal says you will factor gun at my dad and beats the men. the goons depart. nihaal asks harjeet is he high-quality. mohini says you got here here on right time, else don’t recognize what might they have executed. harjeet drops the gun and thinks of raj. nihaal says nothing will appear to you until i m there. he shouts on goons and impresses harjeet. harjeet says my life turned into in danger, you have hidden there, are you no longer ashamed, i m your dad. faux raj says i just came to tell you, our relations ended 10 years earlier than, i won’t come to haveli, i forgot that i’ve any dad. harjeet receives bowled over. he asks him to go away, i don’t want any son. faux raj leaves. mohini and nihaal smile.
Mannu thinks of raj’s phrases. raj involves her and says i can’t see you turning face faraway from happiness, you can consider something, friend or love. he applies mehendi to mannu’s palms. he writes his call. mannu smiles. amba asks raavi approximately mannu. jagan says don’t worry, he is shah, he could be performing some paintings, experience the wedding.


Mannu and raj pay attention amba. mannu says i ought to pass. raj says mehendi will wreck. mannu pulls sleeves and is going. jagan asks mannu to speak to amba. amba offers cash to mannu. she sees mehendi on her fingers. she gets concerns and takes her to wash arms. she asks what’s all this mannu. she receives angry and asks are you mad to use mehendi, i have hidden reality on account that a few years, i will’t allow things smash because of your foolishness, you are a man, no longer woman, you have no right to apply mehendi, you’re shah. she hurts mannu’s hand to erase the mehendi colour. mannu cries. her hand bleeds.


Amba says this may remind you always that mehendi has no region in your existence. mannu is going. raj hides and looks on. raj sees mannu worriedly. mannu is going to the shade and sees her hand. she sits crying. she recollects amba. raj comes there. he says i knew you may be right here. mannu corrects raj. she asks raj to go away her on my own and cross. raj stops her. she gets hurt. he sees her wound. he says what do you believe you studied, i won’t recognize, i have seen it preet. she says this needed to occur, i did not conform to amba, i might get punishment, she did proper. he says i m stunned listening to this, in spite of everything this, you’re saying this, your mummy has turn out to be egocentric, she is thinking only for herself, her repute and delight, can’t you spot this.


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Raj says look at yourself Preet, take care of yourself, come with me. He makes her sit and does aid to her hand. Chal diya teri baat maankar…..plays…….. Raj cries seeing her.


Waaris 27th April 2017 Written Episode Update Precap: Nihaal sees Raj with Harjeet. She asks Raj to tell everything to Harjeet. Raj asks Mannu to tell her real identity to Amba. Amba gets a note from a well wisher who claims to know Mannu’s truth.   


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