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Waaris 27th March 2017 Written Episode Update

Waaris 27th March 2017 Written Episode Update on lollyupdates. Waaris 27th March 2017 Written Episode Update. Waaris 27th March 2017 Written Episode Updates.

The episode starts offevolved with raj asking mannu to head. he scolds mannu. mannu is going. raj holds rohan and cries. harjeet says you made me happy, i had to see amba’s face, gunjan’s marriage broke. mohini says i want to snatch pavaniya’s happiness. he says after long term, i’m able to see old mohini in you. she says this win might be complete while pammi marries aman. guys get under the influence of alcohol rohan come. harjeet asks who fed him wine. rohan falls down. harjeet receives angry and asks guys to discover who did this.

Mannu remembers raj’s phrases and sees locket. mannu thinks i did no longer assume raj will exchange so much. mannu meets aman. mannu thanks aman for coming to meet. aman says my dad does no longer realize i got here right here to meet, i also preferred gunjan, you are gunjan’s brother and could assume she is proper, you’re announcing its misunderstanding, what about the words she instructed me, cope with her. he is going.

Amba asks jagan to discover rajveer, he ought to realize the result of staying in our house and doing responsibility for bajwas. jagan says terrific, i continually wanted to overcome him. jagan leaves along with his guys. raj recollects mannu’s phrases. mannu looks for aman. mannu sees aman with pammi. pammi says i use cosmetics and this contraceptives, you want modern girls right, i have many boyfriend, i m radio set. i informed all this to gunjan, i gave her this packet to her, gunjan is straightforward village female. mannu hears them and says gunjan took help from pammi to interrupt relation. pammi says i m very current, i like you plenty, marry me please. aman says i suppose all people got mad right here, preserve this things. he goes. pammi concerns seeing mannu. jagan looks for raj.

Mannu catches pammi and scares her with knife, asking her to inform truth. pammi says i can say. she tells what raj instructed her. fb shows…..raj asks her to inform aman that she is modern, as gunjan told aman that she is current, so he loves her, pass and inform him. she says i taught all that to gunjan. he asks her to visit aman and inform him. fb ends. mannu says raj become no longer dishonest, he became scary pammi in order that she tell fact. jagan’s men trap raj. jagan beats up raj. he says you stayed with us and have become bajwas’ undercover agent. he asks the guys to conquer raj plenty. the guys beat up raj.

  • Sukhi sees gunjan and says perhaps gunjan got surprise, she is analyzing magazine, amba is crying, mannu is worried and jagan is indignant as alliance broke. he asks gunjan to cry. mannu comes and says i will say why she isn’t always crying, it took place what she desired, this alliance broke. sukhi says i thought she turned into joking.

Mannu says the manner she used to interrupt alliance, it changed into wrong, you ruined amba’s recognize, you have positioned blame on raj. gunjan asks what ought to i do, i asked you to interrupt this alliance, you took me to meet aman, amba wishes my marriage to be done for her admire. mannu asks why did you’re taking bajwas’ help. gunjan says i did this as you probably did now not help, recognize can be earned, lifestyles isn’t got once more. mannu is going and hears jagan telling amba that raj is crushed up badly. mannu issues. amba says misplaced appreciate should come again, gunjan must marry aman. jagan asks her no longer to fear. he calls out sukhi and asks approximately mannu. sukhi says i don’t know. amba asks what took place.

Sukhi says nothing, i did not say some thing when you trapped rajveer, in case you hide something, i’m able to now not leave you. sukhi gets scared and says gunjan broke this relation by means of making plans with pammi, rajveer did no longer do whatever. they get shocked. jagan shouts gunjan. gunjan involves them. amba stops jagan. she asks raavi to get one bowl salt. raavi gets salt. amba takes salt and asks raavi to eat it, so that every one wrong mind pop out with the vomit, you cheated the salt of this house. raavi issues. amba says i gave you a risk to say fact, but you lied, that is your punishment, you will have this bowl of salt. gunjan eats salt and coughs. amba says consume it. gunjan eats and cries. mannu seems for raj. mannu calls out raj. mannu gets worn-out. mannu sees raj’s locket. mannu sees raj wounded and fallen at the ground. mannu shouts raj.
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