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Waaris 2nd May 2017 Written Episode Update

Waaris 2nd May 2017 Written Episode Update On Lollyupdates. Waaris 2nd May 2017 Written Episode Updates. Waaris 2nd May 2017 Written Episode Update.


The episode begins with mannu getting bowled over seeing poison. jagan says why did amba fix mannu’s relation with poor people. raavi asks him not to say all this. raj sees gunjan and says now nothing can occur. gunjan issues seeing neha. she says everything will get best, i spoke to mannu, she knows what she needs. mannu stops amba from having poison. gunjan says raj be ready, mannu gained’t do that marriage. mannu comes out of room.


Full Details of Waaris 2nd May 2017 Written Episode Update


Mannu is going on degree and sits with neha. raj asks mannu what are you doing, you may’t try this engagement, cross and tell amba. mannu says this decision turned into made whilst i was born, if i should select among my mum’s life and my freedom, there is noting imp to me than my mum, you go from here. gunjan asks raj what’s mannu doing. raj says suicide, you have to do something.


Amba asks pandit to start engagement rasam. raj concerns. he asks gunjan to do some thing. gunjan acts to get hurt and cries. raj asks what passed off, are you dizzy. gunjan falls down. amba stops mannu and says mannu, make neha wear the hoop. mannu sits lower back. jagan receives shocked and looks at amba. he sees gunjan in ache. amba doesn’t move. raj says is that this female a mum or no longer. mannu makes neha wear the hoop. raavi sprinkles water on gunjan and asks did you faint. gunjan says i used to be feeling heat. neha makes mannu wear the hoop. mannu sees raj. amba observes them.
Mohini writes a letter to amba, to thank her for taking care of enemy raj bajwa. she sends the letter for amba. nihaal comes and asks her to wear boxing gloves and beat him. she punches his face. harjeet comes there and sees nihaal harm. mohini says see raj has crushed nihaal badly. harjeet asks how dare he increases hand on bajwas’ shah, he gained’t get saved these days, i will not leave that raj. he leaves.


Mohini says today raj will die through his dad or amba, as soon as amba reads that letter, she will get mad, and we made harjeet mad already. raj is going to talk to mannu. he sends all the girls and talks to neha. mannu comes there. neha says mannu should now not see me as bride earlier than marriage. mannu says neha, you are a pleasing girl, all and sundry will be glad marrying you, but i will’t marry. neha receives shocked. mannu says i love someone else. raj appears on. mannu says i want you to refuse for this marriage. neha says fate performs games, you adore a person else, i might have attempted to like you and couldn’t love you, due to the fact i additionally love someone else. mannu says its proper thing, you must now not do this marriage. neha says i’m able to’t say, your mum gave an awful lot money to my bad dad and mom, i may be bought to someone if i don’t marry you. mannu asks how, are you a goat. she says its equal issue, you’re a man, you could do some thing.


Last Part of Waaris 2nd May 2017 Written Episode Update


Mannu says how can neha’s parents try this. raj says neha changed into pronouncing right, goat and women are equal, hassle is men is constantly suppressing ladies, girls can’t defend themselves, see your mum is forcing you to come to be mum, by using killing your soul and identity, there is no difference between neha’s parents and amba, you couldn’t inform me which you love me. mannu cries. raj promises her that he gained’t permit horrific show up with neha and preet.


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