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Woh Apna Sa 10th April 2017 Written Episode Update

Woh Apna Sa 10th April 2017 Written Episode Update On Lollyupdates. Woh Apna Sa 10th April 2017 Written Episode Updates. Woh Apna Sa 10th April 2017 Written Episode Update.


Scene 1
Nisha says to adi that now i recognize the whole lot, why you desired to divorce me, why to procure that penthouse, why you stored staying nights at office, why you divided this residence, why you stored placing me down in family’s eyes, why you stored insulting me, its all due to the fact you have an affair with jhanvi, adi is taken aback to listen it, jhanvi says what are you announcing? i got here right here that will help you and you are so disgusting. nisha says why did you come even if i called you? we’re strangers for you but now i realize why you got here, you had cheap intentions, you desired to spend time with my adi infront of each person, i trusted you wondering you are adi’s worker. nisha says to kaki that do you keep in mind how adi and jhanvi turned into alone when we came lower back from mandir? do not forget when adi got sick, jhanvi sat on his bed even when i instructed her that i’d return soon, jhanvi says sufficient. nisha says shut up, you noticed in news that adi and that i are going to divorce and you idea that is best opportunity, adi is rich, vulnerable and might be first-class for you, you came to entice him, you’ve got destroyed my house, you are other lady in my life, you’re purpose for adi and my divorce. adi yells enough you blo*dy.. kaka says enough adi, speak to me before talking to nisha, i used to assume how you may have selfish thinking however what i saw nowadays, after that i am ashamed of my upbringing, i’ve lost religion in family members now. kaki says adi i took you as my son, that means i am accountable for anything you did these days, i am disgusted, what mistake did we do? our upbringing has destroyed lifestyles of someone. kaka says to jhanvi that how will you do that to couple? how can you break marriage of someone? how are you going to emerge as other lady in a person’s lifestyles? jhanvi is damaged listening to these kinds of allegations, she weeps and silently starts offevolved leaving, adi is distraught seeing her go away, nisha smirks. adi glares at her, she looks down.


Full Details of Woh Apna Sa 10th April 2017 Written Episode Update

Jhanvi comes out of adi’s residence, she is on foot in daze, she remembers kaka’s harsh phrases, calling her residence-breaker.
In residence, kaka says i dont want to see jhanvi’s face once more, that form of female.. adi shouts sufficient, you’re blaming innocent woman? i was silent while you relied on nisha, i was silent whilst you pointed fingers at my character however i wont be silent nowadays, you are blaming person of harmless female? nisha told you and also you agreed? what proof do you’ve got against her? nisha says you are defending jhanvi? like she is your the whole lot. adi says you are so reasonably-priced, my time was so awful which you got here in my lifestyles, dont you experience disgusted while you appearance in mirror? kaki says dont you realize how to recognize female? kaka says we all saw the entirety, adi says what did you spot? jhanvi turned into in my palms due to the fact she slipped and fell in my palms and i was composing her, nisha crammed your mind with dust and also you agreed? you cant reach conclusions with out proof, you have got put such filthy blames on that innocent female, how are you going to forgive yourself? will you ever be capable of forgive your self? kaka says i is probably incorrect, however inform me from the time jhanvi has come in your life, you maintain speaking about divorce, you used to glad with nisha but all at once after jhanvi came, you made a decision to separate? adi says you could have stated anything to me but do you apprehend what type of phrases you used for that harmless jhanvi? nisha says you’re so concerned about stranger girl, dont this family, me and my daughters remember to you? i dont want divorce, i do everything for this circle of relatives, i am trying to reconcile with you then why you are doing this? adi says i dont have to provide an explanation for some thing to you, you know very well why i care approximately jhanvi, i dont care, now i. dont. care. he glares at her and leaves. kaki cries, neha takes nisha to her room. kaki feels dizzy and falls subconscious. raj and kaka runs to her, raj takes her to her room.
Jhanvi comes to her house in distraught kingdom, maa asks what happened? jhanvi runs to her room and locks it. survi knocks it and asks her to open the door, maa asks what occurred? inform us. jhanvi recalls how nisha begged her to come to her house and assist her to rebuild relation with adi then how she deliberate everything and proved jhanvi asks house-wrecker, how kaka alleged her.
Neha says to nisha which you dont cry, i used to be greatly surprised how adi become combating for jhanvi, i have in no way seen him combating for someone against kaka, he by no means talked to kaka like that however for jhanvi, he fought with so much ardour that it seemed like he has something for jhanvi. nisha gets tensed hearing it and thinks if adi virtually have emotions for adi? she shouts no, this cant show up, adi is mine, most effective mine. neha asks her to loosen up, nisha thinks i dont apprehend something, why adi defended jhanvi? why he fought with each person for that girl? what’s taking place?


Jhanvi comes out of room, she cries and hugs maa, survi asks what befell? they make her sit down on mattress. maa asks her to talk up, jhanvi breakdowns and says i didnt do anything, it become no longer my mistake, i simply went there to help my pal, you believe me proper? maa says you’re my daughter, i absolutely consider you, i recognize you cant do any mistake. survi says we believe you, we realize you cant do something incorrect, inform us what took place. jhanvi tells them how nisha referred to as her and took her to baba’s dark room then despatched adi there too, jhanvi slipped and fell in adi’s palms and same time nisha added own family there and claimed that adi and jhanvi have affair. door bell jewelry. maa goes to open door. adi involves jhanvi’s residence and says to maa that i need to fulfill jhanvi. jhanvi is in her room and sobbing in survi’s fingers. maa says to adi that no, leave my daughter on my own, she doesnt deserve what happened with you, she did all this on your friendship and also you saved silent when your own family changed into insulting her? she tried that will help you and that is what your circle of relatives did along with her? blamed her man or woman? this is the way you treat her? adi says i understand what passed off was incorrect thats why i need to satisfy her and make an apology, maa stops him from entering into room and says she wont meet you and i wont can help you meet her, dont harm her extra, adi says i understand jhanvi doesnt deserve this, simply inform her that i am without a doubt sorry, i surely am, he leaves. jhanvi hears their argument sitting in her room and cries extra. survi hugs her tightly.



Scene 2
Nisha is pacing around in her room. adi comes there. nisha says forget about the whole lot what came about, i recognise you are disenchanted however i can make the whole lot first-rate. adi grabs her hand and pins her to wall, nisha says you’re hurting me, adi says i want i will let you know approximately real pain, i wont forgive you for what you probably did nowadays, you have got dig your grave. nisha says why you have become irritated for that jhanvi? i instructed lie to each person however now i sense there’s some thing happening between you and that jhanvi? what goes on? adi says do you have filthy mind? it was jhanvi who desired to bring us together, she desired me to present you another hazard however i’m happy that your reality has pop out to her too, adi says i’m ashamed of how i’ve endure you for 8years however now i can answer all your questions in court, we had been simply speakme about divorce till now however now it’s going to take place for real, adi says i am executed with you, i’m able to see you in court docket. nisha is dumbfounded hearing it.


Last Part of Woh Apna Sa 10th April 2017 Written Episode Update


Maa comes in jhanvi and sees her sadly sitting, maa says to jhanvi that i’ve taught my children to fight returned no longer to lose war like this. maa brings jhanvi in mandir and says see this flame of aarti, its so liable to air however if someone tries to play with it, it’s going to burn that individual down, sameway we’re, we undergo till we will however with regards to our honor, we answer back, you have to combat lower back and solution humans who have placed such filthy blames on you, you have to show to them how natural your coronary heart is, they cant stay satisfied via breaking heart of harmless, you dont ought to lose religion.


Precap of Woh Apna Sa 11th April 2017 Written Episode Update. Jhanvi says to adi that i used to be alleged and my individual changed into tarnished, it changed into like pointing finger at my maa and that i ought to prove myself innocent however for that i want your assist. adi says i recognise what came about with you changed into wrong and i am ready to help. the manner you were insulted, i’m ashamed of it and to cast off it, i am equipped to do something for you, just tell me what i ought to do.


Update Credit To: Aneeta

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