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Woh Apna Sa 18th April 2017 Written Episode Update

Woh Apna Sa 18th April 2017 Written Episode Update On Lollyupdates. Woh Apna Sa 18th April 2017 Written Episode Updates. Woh Apna Sa 18th April 2017 Written Episode Update.

Scene 1
Baba is sound asleep in his room. nisha comes there and asks him to wake up, he receives scared seeing her. nisha says dont be scared, i promised to no longer hurt you, i added eyedrops for you, they’ll release your pressure. she puts eyedrops in his eyes and smirks, she says candy dream. she leaves, baba have itching in eyes, he rubs them.
baba is snoozing at past due night time, jhanvi comes there and wakes up him, he asks who? he sees silhuette of a person status in darkish and says jhanvi what are you doing at night right here? jhanvi says i desired to talk, i belong to decrease middle class family but my desires are excessive class, i was taking care of you questioning that you could supply me better class lifestyles but you gave me not anything but thank you, now you ask adi to provide 10% percentage of business to me and if you dont do it then.. she suggests him sharp dagger, she says then with this dagger, i will harm adi. baba says dont do something to baba, jhanvi says if you dont need it then do what i’m asking you to do it, that is our secret so dont tell every person, he says ok and isn’t always able to see her face, simply pay attention her voice, jhanvi asys goodnight, she lies on mattress. itsw virtually nisha and no longer jhanvi, nisha thinks that because of eyedrops baba would have blurr imaginative and prescient and wouldnt see the distinction among me and jhanvi and notion i used to be jhanvi, sorry jhanvi however you have to go. nisha comes out of his room and sees chinni there, she is bowled over, chinni says why you’re dressed like jhanvi aunty? nisha says we will play fancy get dressed so i wore jhanvi’s costume, dont tell all and sundry in any other case i can lose opposition, now go to sleep, chinni goes to sleep.

Full Details of Woh Apna Sa 18th April 2017 Written Episode Update

Adi sleeping on chinni and binni’s double mattress, he wakes up and sees chinni lacking. chinni comes there, adi asks wherein did you pass? she says to drink water, he says water was on this room, now come to mattress, he lies her in bed and lies together with her, they nod off.
In morning, adi says to kids that i will drop you to highschool, she jumps happily. nisha comes there and serve them milk however adi takes milk glass and says its little warm so drink later, nisha says i didnt understand it sorry. jhanvi comes there, youngsters wishes her morning. nisha smirks at her and leaves, jhanvi looks on. jhanvi says to neha that i brought bitter mangoes for you, neha thanks her. raj says she keep disturbing matters at night time too. jhanvi says i will move and see baba now. jhanvi leaves, nisha sees her going and appears on.

Jhanvi comes to baba’s room and asks how is he? he says i am great, jhanvi says i leave out you when I pass lower back home, my sister and maa knows that i miss you baba, am i able to call you baba? he says sure. jhanvi shows him mangoes and says i brought it for you, she starts reducing them with knife, baba receives scared seeing knife, he recollects how jhanvi(that become simply nisha) threatened him with knife and asked him to invite adi to present her 10% share. baba throws mangoes away and shouts for her to go away, all family members come there, adi asks what came about? baba screams to send jhanvi away, i cant see her, get out, all are confused, adi attempts to calm baba down, nisha says jhanvi he’s uncomfortable together with your presence? nisha asks him to relax, baba screams to ask her to go away, send her away. jhanvi asks baba to listen her but baba panics. nisha says dont fear adi and me are right here to take care of you, nisha says to jhanvi that i feel baba didnt like some thing you stated, are you able to exit for a while? jhanvi leaves room, all are harassed, nisha smirks.
Jhanvi comes in lounge and starts offevolved leaving however sees chinni there, she waves at her, chinni is very searching at her but then leaves.
Baba asks adi to ship jhanvi away, adi says k. adi appears at nisha seeking to examine her mind then helplessly looks at baba who is murmuring to send jhanvi away.
All family contributors are available lounge, kaka says i dont realize what took place, jhanvi do you’ve got any idea? jhanvi says he became talking to me well but then were given scared, i dont recognize. nisha says i’m additionally surprised, he’s maximum comfy with jhanvi, did you assert something as comic story or something? i dont recognize too, adi seems at her and sees her smirking. adi says to kids that lets move to school. adi leaves with kids, nisha sees jhanvi tensed. jhanvi goes at the back of adi, nisha says incredible.
Jhanvi involves adi and says you forgot water bottle of kids, nisha seems at them from window. adi says to jhanvi that stay far from baba till i comeback, we can know what took place, jhanvi says it didnt manifest, it turned into made to happen, nisha did something, adi says i’m certain because she wants to send you away from this residence, jhanvi says i’ve a feeling that binni knows some thing about it, adi seems binni and binni hides in car, adi says to jhanvi that dont worry, i am here, i wont permit nisha do whatever, he leaves in his vehicle. nisha sees all this and says oh god jhanvi just leave.

Nisha says to jhanvi that you must leave this house now, dont be that an awful lot wanna be,  Jhanvi comes in home, Nisha says i think you should leave, you want good of Baba thats why you were staying here right? now he is not feeling good with you here so you should leave. Jhanvi says i want to know why he is behaving like this now, Nisha snickers and says you were interior designer when i met you then you became doctor when you came in this house and now you are a spy? what are you? James Bond? you know this house was running fine without you, we dont need Jhanvi agarwal to run it, i think you must have some dignity to leave on your own, Nisha says to Jhanvi that you should leave this house now, dont be that much wanna be, i will take you out of here myself, Nisha is about to drag Jhanvi out but Baba comes there and says Jhanvi?

Adi is driving with kids and recalls how last night Binni was awake, how Jhanvi said that Binni knows something. Adi says i was playing video game last night, Binni was awake so she must have seen me, Binni recalls how she saw Nisha wearing clothes like Jhanvi and how she told her that she wore for costume dress competition and dont tell anyone. Adi asks Binni that water was in room then why did you go out? Binni says no, i went to drink water, nothing, no, Adi looks on.

Last Part of Woh Apna Sa 18th April 2017 Written Episode Update

Baba comes to Jhanvi and says you are leaving without meeting me? i was waiting for you, when did you come? she says just now, he says come with me. She asks how is he? He says i was waiting for you since morning, Jhanvi asks Baba that when i left last night, did something happen that you didnt feel good about? Did something weird happen? anything? all family members look on, Baba says yesterday.. yes.. Nisha gets tensed, she says Baba you are not fine, you should rest in your room, talk with Jhanvi in your room, he nods and takes Jhanvi to his room. Nisha says to Kaki that he is not feeling bad, Kaki leaves. Nisha thinks that he will remember everything when he goes to his room as she has put that knife on his wall.

PRECAP- Adi asks Binni that when you went to washroom last night, you met Nisha mummy right? when you were out of house, you met your mummy right? Binni looks on in dilemma.
Baba sees dagger hanging on his wall as show piece, he recalls everything and shouts at Jhanvi to leave, Jhanvi asks what happened Baba? Baba screams to leave him alone, Jhanvi is confused with his behavior.

Update Credit To: Aneeta

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