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Woh Apna Sa 1st June 2017 Written Episode Update

Woh Apna Sa 1st June 2017 Written Episode Update on Lollyupdates. Woh Apna Sa 1st June 2017 Written Episode Update. Woh Apna Sa 1st June 2017 Written Episode Updates. 


Scene 1
Nisha is in most important office. adi comes there. nisha says how dare you placed stay order on me to now not allow me meet youngsters? adi asks her to stop it. jhanvi comes there too. essential says take this depend to home. binni has high fever, adi says can i take them domestic? nisha says you cant take my youngsters away, i’m able to take you to court, they will listen to me as i’m their mother, you may pay for it, you will undergo pain like i am. adi says sorry to important and leaves. jhanvi goes behind him.


Full Details of Woh Apna Sa 1st June 2017 Written Episode Update

Adi is leaving faculty with youngsters and jhanvi. he is going to his automobile with children. nisha comes there and asks jhanvi to stay away from my children. jhanvi says you’re the use of your youngsters, torturing them, they are innocent, go away them. nisha says are you a mom that you are lecturing me? first you made adi pass in opposition to me then you are trying to emerge as mom of my children? they’ll stay my kids, jhanvi says youngsters run to folks that love, mom method love. nisha says youngsters need me, they need to come to me not you, dont neglect that, nisha leaves.
Adi brings children home. precap,, jhanvi attempts to calm children however they dont pay attention to her too, adi is dejected.
Adi comes to children room and ask them to eat food, binni says we dont want to talk to papa, he is very terrible papa, very bad, adi says okat dont communicate however devour. chinni says we want mama, she brings adi out of room and closes door on his face. adi has tears in his eyes.


Nisha is packing her stuff, her mother asks why are you packing? nisha says i’m going to my house, my kids are anticipating me, i am carrying new saree too. mom says their family wont permit you? nisha says silent, you’re my mom so that you ought to assume high quality matters about me, nisha says nisha jindal is coming back jindal family.


Adi says to kaki that i dont recognize how to cope with kids, please help me. jhanvi is there and hears too. kaki asks adi to no longer lose wish, adi says dont recognise what nisha advised children, they’re hating me and no longer even searching at me, i cant bear their hatred. baba says to jhanvi that cant you spot adi’s condition? will you remain silent? jhanvi says this is not proper time to think that, baba says that is right time, adi is breaking, youngsters are in ache, adi desires your love, he is lonely, he desires accomplice like you in life. adi says to kaki that how to inform youngsters that their mom s selfish, i am ready to provide them love of each dad and mom but they wont be given everybody else, he leaves. baba says to jhanvi that see kids want you, adi needs a lifestyles accomplice. jhanvi thinks i should locate technique to pacify children.


Nisha is asking at her phone and says why adi isn’t calling me? i am certain after these days’s incident, kids wont be even consuming meals, adi should have called me until now to ask for help to pacify youngsters, why is not calling?


Scene 2
Jhanvi involves kids with adi, she says to youngsters that we are towards adi, we will birthday party after adi leaves. we will consume food and not deliver him, adi wears waiter get dressed and attempts to serve them however jhanvi says they are in my group. jhanvi gives meals to kids and ask them to consume, chinni and binni takes food and begins ingesting. adi appears at jhanvi, she smiles at him. chinni says to jhanvi which you are older then why you’re in our crew? jhanvi says i look elder however my heart is like children, i love smooth toys, ice cream and the whole lot such as you. adi leaves. jhanvi says to youngsters that your papa isn’t always bad, he changed into like you however his mother left him and he got unhappy, he wont devour anything then he fell sick, anyone got worried for him then he realized that everybody cares for him and how his mom told him to take care of others then he promised himself to by no means go away food, he could be exact boy, you each are exact women so promise to in no way boycott food, kids promise her to in no way avoid meals, they devour food which jhanvi delivered. jhanvi smiles. adi involves youngsters room, children say meals is tasty, adi smiles seeing them eating.


Last Part of Woh Apna Sa 1st June 2017 Written Episode Update


Adi comes in front room, he wipes his tears. jhanvi comes there, adi holds her fingers in his, adi says to jhanvi that if you had been not right here nowadays then dont recognise what could have took place, what you probably did these days is irreplaceable, i dont understand the way to thank you, my children are the whole lot to me, seeing them in agony me makes me want to kill myself rather than seeing their hatred, jhanvi places her finger on his lips to stop him from speaking about his dying, jhanvi is misplaced in his eyes, jhanvi makes adi sit and feeds meals to him together with her palms, ae dil hai mushkil performs. jhanvi imagines bringing adi to room after lunch, she imagines making him lie on bed after assisting him take off his vest, she covers him with blanket, jhanvi’s dream burst, she sees adi sitting and finishing his food. jhanvi turns to depart however adi stops her keeping her hand, adi says dont depart please, all of us need you, kids want you, baba desires you and… me too. jhanvi seems at him, adi says please dont leave, dont depart for the sake of our friendship, dont leave us alone. jhanvi is mesmerized by way of him, saathi re performs as they gaze at each different, jhanvi pulls her hand away and turns to leave, she is in tears while leaving, adi looks on unluckily.


Woh Apna Sa 2nd June 2017 Written Episode Update Precap- Nisha calls binni and says papa doesnt need maman to satisfy cinni and binni, binni says i need to satisfy you,
nisha says we will play a recreation, she tells a few plan to binni that’s muted.
adi is slumbering in kids room, he wakes up and doesnt locate binni in room, adi wakes family and says binni is missing, every body assessments whole house, they say binni is not determined everywhere, adi says then in which did she move at night?


Update Credit To: Aditiya


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