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Woh Apna Sa 20th April 2017 Written Episode Update

Woh Apna Sa 20th April 2017 Written Episode Update On Lollyupdates.Woh Apna Sa 20th April 2017 Written Episode Updates. Woh Apna Sa 20th April 2017 Written Episode Update.

Scene 1
Jhanvi says to survi that there has been no fault for maa for isolating from our father. survi says we dont understand some thing, we know best what maa told us. jhanvi says you have been small however i saw the whole thing, he left her for every other woman and stated that we’re her daughters so she might cope with us no longer him. survi says i apprehend but perhaps maa tortured him so much that to pop out of his negativity, he needed to go away us. jhanvi says i dont trust this, she has executed all this for us, she has raised us, she has in no way taken money from father and lift us nicely, nisha threw her circle of relatives on streets and you’re evaluating her with our maa? they turn and notice maa status there harm, maa leaves dejectedly, jhanvi goes in the back of her, survi snickers at her maa crying and continues eating ice-cream.

Full Details of Woh Apna Sa 20th April 2017 Written Episode Update

binni involves chinni and says the following day is adi and nisha’s anniversary so we can plan wonder for them. adi comes there and asks what wonder? binni says it wont be marvel if we tell you, we can inform you the next day, promise, adi says k, he tickles them and takes then for brushing enamel.
in morning, jhanvi and survi are having breakfast. maa serves them and turns to leave, survi says i didnt need to hurt you maa, dont be miffed. maa says you notice me as nisha after a few years now? you experience bad for your father now? you met him right? survi turns away and says no, maa says i recognize you are mendacity and when you meet him next time tell him to place hand on his heart and tell fact to you, i would by no means spoil a house purposely due to the fact i know pain of house damaged, i am not nisha, she leaves. jhanvi appears at suriv upset and leaves. survi seems on.

Kaka says to kaki that nisha is not visible anywhere, where is she? adi comes there. kaka says where is nisha? did you yell at her again? did you assert something to her again? swear on me to tell truth. nisha comes there and says we took promise 8years again, i went to mandir as its our anniversary today, we promised to stay collectively for births, i understand some humans think that marriage is vulnerable institution and may be damaged effortlessly but marriage could be very pious to me and that i want to take my marriage beforehand. she gives parsad to every person, she offers it to adi, he glares at her and takes it. nisha suggests him gift and says satisfied anniversary, adi says come to reality, there’s not anything to have a good time on this marriage, nisha says truth is that this is still my family, i am nonetheless their daughter in law and nevertheless your wife so neglect the whole lot from beyond and revel in this actual moment, satisfied anniversary. adi intensely seems at her. chinni and binni comes there and needs them anniversary, adi asks what’s marvel? they say we wont tell. binni asks if nisha has present in her hand? nisha says its for adi. she extends it to adi. jhanvi comes there. adi takes gift from her, he turns to go away and sees jhanvi status there, jhanvi sweetly smiles at him, he smiles and leaves. nisha is jealous seeing all this.

Scene 2
jhanvi involves baba and recalls how he prayed that adi and jhanvi stay with him constantly, jhanvi thinks that i have to prevent baba’s hopes and needs for adi and me, does he bear in mind what he wanted to suggest in advance? baba sees her and says see cctv digital camera were given installed in room, jhanvi says now nobody will torture you, baba says yes and we would placed them in prison in the event that they do. youngsters come there, baba shows them digicam, they make faces at it, jhanvi says adi can see all this, baba says no he cant, digital camera can be linked to his smartphone in night. jhanvi starts making faces with youngsters and baba too.
Adi is at his office sees cctv pictures of jhanvi and youngsters making faces. adi calls jhanvi and says i simply desired to inform you that the faces you are making with baba and children can be seen by kaka and i was since simplest on my phone right now, jhanvi gets embarrassed and says sorry, she ends name. adi laughs. jhanvi says it has connection to adi’s cellphone, baba says we fooled you. chinni says we need jhanvi’s assist. kids drag jhanvi out of room, nisha sees jhanvi and smiles at her. children take jhanvi to their room.

Youngsters asks jhanvi to vow to no longer inform all of us about our plan, she says i promise. binni says these days is adi and nisha’s marriage anniversary, assist us to devise their birthday party, jhanvi receives tensed and says i’m busy, chinni says if you dont help us then who will? jhanvi thinks that adi could experience strange approximately this party, i have to tell him.
Adi is talking on name to sameer and says i need divorce. his landline earrings, he’s taking call and says i desired no calls from outdoor. its chinni on otherside and says papa why you have become angrybird? i was calling you so in many instances, adi says i’m sorry, what is it? chinni says you have to come domestic soon as punishment, adi says i have important meeting nowadays, binni says more than us? adi says emotionally blackmailing me? binni says if you dont come home in advance then we wont consume food, adi says ok boss, i’m able to come domestic soon, he ends call, jhanvi is tensed hearing all this. adi calls sameer and says i should go home early today so we cant meet divorce legal professional these days. jhanvi messages adi that children have planned wonder party for your anniversary as i thought you would experience awkward so i am informing you.
Adi gets jhanvi’s message, he take phone however his telephone’s battery die, adi puts it again and maintains work without seeing jhanvi’s message. jhanvi says to children that papa will comeback quickly so we ought to make some thing. chinni says we are able to make family tree for them. jhanvi is tensed and appears at her cellphone. chinni shows her adi and nisha’s happy pictures. jhanvi begins leaving however binni says we want your help, jhanvi wipes her tears, binni asks her to jot down glad anniversary, jhanvi nods and begins writing with tears in her eyes as she recollects how she wrote i really like you adi once at holi and turned into about to show him but by no means got the danger. she makes circle of relatives tree for nisha and adi. chinni says now we are able to pick clothes for them like they did for their wedding, jhanvi says i’ve a few work, youngsters says no no no, you have to assist us.
Youngsters bring jhanvi to adi and nisha’s room, jhanvi looks around and puts hr telephone on bed. chinni says adi papa could be very honest so black will suite on him. jhanvi sees blue shirt in his closet and says blue would appearance accurate on him, she takes out his blouse and lovingly looks at it. nisha comes there and sees all this, chinni says blue his favored colour. nisha comes inside and says why adi’s jacket is for your arms? and what are you doing in my bedroom? chinni says i delivered her right here, nisha says ok infant. jhanvi puts adi’s jacket and says sorry, she leaves with chinni. nisha hugs binni and says you did as i told you. flashback shows nisha pronouncing to binni that the next day is my anniversary with adi so that you have to devise marvel birthday party for us, dont tell papa both as it wont be surprise then, she says ok, she says you may plan such massive birthday party, what reward do need in return? she says virtual video game, nisha says you will get it, flashback ends.

Last Part of Woh Apna Sa 20th April 2017 Written Episode Update

Nisha asks binni why you added jhanvi right here and instructed her approximately our marvel party? binni says we needed to take her assist as we’re children. jhanvi is leaving and recollects how she forgot her smartphone in nisha’s room. she comes out of doors her room and hears binni saying to nisha that dont worry, i didnt inform jhanvi aunty that this anniversary birthday celebration plan became yours, nisha says it manner she doesnt recognise anything? binni says sure, nisha says its going to be a rocking party my dearest adi, just pay attention, she smirks evilly, jhanvi sees all that.

Precap- Jhanvi says nisha has planned celebration so there would be some trick in all this, is she making plans to hurt adi or kids? jhanvi comes behind nisha and hears nisha calling a person and announcing that i want to make adi’s day and this night very unique.

Update Credit To: Aditiya

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