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Woh Apna Sa 21st April 2017 Written Episode Update

Woh Apna Sa 21st April 2017 Written Episode Update On Lollyupdates. Woh Apna Sa 21st April 2017 Written Episode Updates. Woh Apna Sa 21st April 2017 Written Episode Update.


Scene 1
jhanvi comes out of nisha’s room and remembers how binni said to nisha that i didnt tell everyone approximately plan of this celebration. jhanvi says while will nisha prevent the usage of her youngsters? she is elevating them wrong, this is so incorrect. nisha is making plans party so something will move incorrect, she may harm children or adi, i need to inform adi, she calls adi but his phone is off. jhanvi says i have to preserve an eye on nisha.
nisha calls mr. lakhani and asks what’s adi’s move next? lakhani says adi has hired a top attorney for divorce case. nisha says today is our anniversary, i need to make these days and night time unique for adi, he’ll come near me. lakhani says whilst it will be proved in court that adi is close to then you definately divorce will not occur, nisha says he wont divorce me, ofcourse he will come near me, our plan will paintings. jhanvi comes there but binni takes her away earlier than she will be able to listen to nisha.
Jhanvi is sitting with children and thinks that nisha please dont do some thing to harm emotions of these kids. jhanvi says i’ve paintings, i ought to leave, children says no no no, you cant depart, you did preparations for this party so you should stay, can you make us equipped for party? she nods. jhanvi prays that adi reads her message.
nisha gets prepared for party, she wears make up and jewellery and says no one can snatch adi far from me now not even he himself, he forgets that he’s mine most effective mine, eight years on this day you went crazy for my splendor and so as to show up once more today and if it doesnt then i’m able to make it. i will make this evening, this night time for you, for us very unique, satisfied anniversary nisha’s adi.
Scene 2
Adi comes home and sees lights switched off. he is available in and lighting fixtures switch on, he sees residence adorned with lighting. youngsters come there and wishes him anniversary. nisha comes there wearing satisfactory white saree. nisha wishes anniversary to adi, all own family wishes them anniversary, adi smiles and touches toes of kaka and kaki. kids ask adi and nisha to cut cake, adi feels awkward, he cuts cake, nisha smiles at him, all clap for them, binni asks nisha to feed cake to adi, chinni says then adi will feed nisha, adi says my arms are dirty as i used to be using so i cant. nisha says but my arms are clean, i’m able to make him eat it, she gives it to him, children request him to eat, he eats it but doesnt look at her. nisha asks if he will no longer want her? kaka says can we get some cake too? nisha says ofcourse, she feeds cake to circle of relatives. adi comes to jhanvi who is standing in corner, adi says i were given your message, you can send small message but thats not you, thank you for informing. nisha sees them speaking. jhanvi says i have to inform you something adi sir, kids come to adi and says shall we come, adi says i can come after changing. he leaves. jhanvi thinks that how to tell him nisha is in the back of this celebration plan and he must be cautious, she should have deliberate something, i should warn him.
Youngsters recite poem for nisha and adi, nisha and adi hugs them. binni says now mamma will perform. nisha begins dancing, she starts offevolved dancing on deewani hogai, she involves adi and dances round him, jhanvi alas looks on. nisha brings all family participants on ground and dances with them. jhanvi is not able to look all this, she leaves from there. adi begins dancing with youngsters. nisha silently leaves from there.
Nisha prepares juice glass, she mixes tablet in adi’s glass spiking his juice. nisha gives juice to anyone. she sees adi plating with youngsters. adi takes spiked juice from her. nisha appears on, adi appears at her, he liquids juice, nisha smirks seeing him sipping it. kaka says nisha we ought to sleep now, all own family individuals depart. adi starts offevolved going to his room but his head spins, nisha appears on, adi feels dizzy, he goes to his room, nisah follows.


Nisha comes to her room and sees adi mendacity on bed. she closes door and turns off mild. she involves bed. jhanvi comes home and says to maa that nisha planned birthday party nowadays using her kids for her selfish reasons, how can a girl be like her? she surprises me normal.


Nisha brings her cellphone to mattress, she lies on adi and hugs him closely, she takes image, adi in dizzy country asks what are you doing? nisha lies in his palms and says i am loving, very a whole lot, i want to tell you these days that best i have right on you, complete right, she opens his shirt buttons and takes picture, adi says what right you’re speakme approximately?


Jhanvi says to maa that she snatches matters from human beings like its her proper, she doesnt reflect onconsideration on every body, hurts all and sundry. maa says what she did nowadays? why you’re so indignant. jhanvi says nisha these days..spiked adi’s drink, i saw it myself.


Adi opens his eyes and says spiking your husband’s ingesting and taking benefit of him in dizzy nation is your right? nisha is greatly surprised, adi says you failed once more, you show me new face ordinary, its desirable jhanvi told me everything. flashback suggests jhanvi coming to adi before he may want to drink juice and advised him that juice is spiked, fb ends. adi says why you want to do that? you probably did it? nisha says yes i did, i spiked your drink however what wrong did i do?


Jhanvi says to maa that she is manupulator, she makes herself as helpless woman.


Last Part of Woh Apna Sa 21st April 2017 Written Episode Update


Nisha says to adi that i’m your wife, i pass over you, i miss us, i dont wan to get separated from you, she hugs him, adi pushes her away and says i will assume whatever from you now, you still suppose that you did right? we could visit people who is aware of better and then they will determine what is proper, adi grabs her hand and brings her to lounge. adi calls own family there, kaka asks what befell? adi says i want to carry her every other antic, she spiked my juice so she should come in the direction of me, take gain of me and use it towards me. kaka says dont try this these days adi. adi says i knew you will not believe me so i’ve evidence. adi asks raj to deliver telephone from his room. raj brings it. adi shows video to kaka in which adi is lying on bed and nisha hugs him and said i’ve proper on you, complete proper, then how she confessed that she spiked his drink, adi recorded the whole thing that passed off in their room.


Precap- Kaka says to adi that if you trust our upbringing, our values even a bit then take this divorce lower back, adi says if i dont do it then? kaka says i dont know about others but i’m able to go away this residence. adi says i cant will let you cross from this residence but this divorce has to occur, i cant endure it anymore so i can go away this house, adi starts offevolved leaving, kaki pleads him to stop, nisha seems on.


Update Credit To: Aneeta


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