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Woh Apna Sa 24th July 2017 Written Episode Update

Woh Apna Sa 24th July 2017 Written Episode Update on Lollyupdates. Woh Apna Sa 24th July 2017 Written Episode Update. Woh Apna Sa 24th July 2017 Written Episode Updates. 


Jhanvi meets the girl and says i am surely sorry, someone is delivered to your own home from hospital, in which is that individual? please tell me, woman says my son left me and has long gone to god, they have got taken him to graveyard, they have got taken him away from me forever, far from me, she cries. jhanvi asks wherein? she says marine ground, they must have buried him till now, jhanvi says no not anything can happen to adi.


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Jhanvi involves graveyard, she shouts for adi and cries. she sees a grave and begins digging it seeing as its fresh. she digs it and says adi? she brings out coffin and sees a person with face covered with bandages. she takes to the air bandages and its adi. she asks him to wake up. she brings him and pleads him to awaken. she pumps his coronary heart and offers him mouth-to-mouth resuscitation but he doest respond, she cries and says no..


He doest reply, she cries and says no.. adi suddenly gasps and wakes up. jhanvi gets elated.
kaki gets call and says thank god adi is first-rate. kaka thinks how adi got stored? jhanvi is on name and says to kaki that i’m taking adi to medical institution, she ends name. kaki says to baba that a person tried to hurt adi however jhanvi brought him out of death lure however whoever tried to hurt adi, god will punish that person. baba says who is trying to harm out children? kaki says thank god jhanvi discovered adi, i will pray to god. kaka thinks adi got saved once more how?


Jhanvi brings adi to health center. physician says adi is satisfactory, you gave him cpr on proper time. jhanvi says how will you provide alive character to some other family? discover about that wardboy, doctor says he ranaway, jhanvi says i’m able to sue you in case you dont take action, he says we are cooperating with police. jhanvi says nisha cant do all this as she is in essential situation, it have to be that shadow, we ought to discover approximately that. adi says i want to go domestic.


Jhanvi brings adi home. kaki says thank god you are pleasant. baba says what is taking place? i’d die without you adi, dont realize whose evil eye has cast us, kaki says i’m positive till jhanvi is with adi, she wont let whatever take place to adi. raj asks jhanvi who did this to adi? jhanvi says i dont understand however we should be cautious. kaka says jhanvi this all happened due to you jhanvi, dont know how adi would return home if you had been now not here. baba asks jhanvi to go home and take rest, day after today is wedding ceremony, i need you and adi to turn out to be one as quickly as possible, jhanvi nods, raj agrees to drop jhanvi home, jhanvi leaves. adi goes to relaxation. adi sees jhanvi leaving, she nods at him hinting the entirety is nice and leaves. adi is going to his room too.


Kaka involves his room and says i made this type of true plan, this lady.. he receives a call from his wardboy, goon says i want some cash, kaka says you have got your money, leave town, wardboy asks if he threw syringe? kaka says it turned into in my coat’s pocket. kaka exams his coat’s pocket however doesnt find syringe, his door knocks, he opens it and reveals kaki, kaki says what are you doing with closed door? kaka says i used to be concerned about adi so just taking relaxation. kakai sees cupboard opened. baba comes there and says from the time adi has come, he seems involved, lets make his mood right.


Jhanvi comes to nisha in sanatorium. she says nisha you’re adi’s first wife in world’s eye and me 2nd but i have loved adi lots, true love, i attempted to make your own home too however you harm people so much that i had to come inbetween, sincerely you have got misplaced maximum valuable aspect of your lifestyles, family that have adi, chinni, binni, kaka, baba and mom like kaki, in case you cared for them and cherished adi then i might had been happy seeing you all happy some distance away from that circle of relatives, i’m sorry however i am going to marry adi these days and will become his lifestyles partner and you will lose all of your rights to get him, she turns to depart but her shirt receives stuck in her bed, she takes it off and appears at nisha mendacity unmoving there, she leaves.


In morning, adi wakes up and is tensed. baba and kaka involves him and says you are not geared up till now? kaka says i sense until horrific time isn’t always finished, we must delay this wedding until then, i sense that shadow continues to be roaming around the house, what if that man or woman receives successful in his plans and hurts jhanvi? we must no longer drag jhanvi in all this mess, its your duty to hold jhanvi satisfied, jhanvi wont depart you as she has loved you but you may placed her in hazard by means of marrying her. baba says no jhanvi has accomplished a lot for us and she has many hopes from this marriage, we wont let her hopes break and our adi will compose her, adi says yes, kaka says however.. baba says sufficient, jhanvi is prepared as bride, come on adi, adi nods, baba leaves, kaka looks on.


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jhanvi gets equipped as bride, maa says you are becoming married? i cant trust, i continually desired to select your life companion and i’m so satisfied that its adi, he will preserve you satisfied, there are daughters there, love them without any limits, i used to always sense like you’re our mother as you handled me and survi like that, we will miss you a lot, jhanvi hugs her and cries. survi comes there and dances, they chuckle. survi says says finally simran goes with raj, all of them hug.


Precap: No Precap


Update Credit To: Mrs. Gupta


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