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Woh Apna Sa 25th April 2017 Written Episode Update

Woh Apna Sa 25th April 2017 Written Episode Update On Lollyupdates. Woh Apna Sa 25th April 2017 Written Episode Updates. Woh Apna Sa 25th April 2017 Written Episode Update.

Scene 1
Kaki says to jhanvi that i need your help to store my own family, jhanvi says i recognize but nisha doesnt like me in that residence and that i dont need to go there and increase adi’s troubles, i’m hoping you apprehend, kaki says i understand, i’ve identified nisha now, jhanvi is taken aback, i had doubt when nisha blamed adi for having affair with you, then how she didnt need adi to go for blood test, nisha trapping you for having affair with nisha, the previous day nisha stooped so low, i will feel that nisha is playing hints, she is not what she looks as if, jhanvi says you’re a mom and not anything can cover from you. kaki says how to inform this to kaka? he’s blind in nisha’s accept as true with, he has given ultimatum to adi to take divorce back in 7days otherwise he would depart house, kaki cries and says i got to recognize about nisha’s antics once you got here in residence, you opened my eyes, you’re my most effective hope, please keep my circle of relatives, jhanvi seems at kaki who is pleading her. kaki says carry nisha’s fact out, forestall from hurting my circle of relatives, nisha saved making my circle of relatives weak and i couldnt see it, however now i can make adi get his recognize lower back. kaki says to jhanvi’s maa that you are a mom and you already know pain of residence breaking, ask your daughter to save my own family, she folds her fingers and asks jhanvi to save her family, you’re my closing wish, please store my family. jhanvi receives tensed hearing all this.
baba is regrettably lying on his bed. kaka comes there and calls him to have lunch, baba says i dont need to devour, kaka exams his fever and says why you are not eating? baba says i dont like this food, i really like jhanvi’s house meals, i wont consume this meals, he looks far from him, kaka receives miffed and leaves. baba says he is gone, baba seems at jhanvi’s bracelet, baba says i ought to remember that i am ill, all of us ought to sense that i am ill best then jhanvi will come, i have to remember that i’m unwell.

Full Details of Woh Apna Sa 25th April 2017 Written Episode Update

Children are speaking to nisha, kids say that my friend tani were given dog however her father requested her to no longer permit him in residence so we took that canine. nisha says how are you going to convey him? you each have sports, who will take care of that dog? i will ought to get him meals and everything however i dont have time, as i need to smooth many messes in this residence so forget about canine, she leaves. youngsters says we could communicate to jhanvi, she will be able to assist us.

Neha says to raj that nisha did the whole thing to save her circle of relatives, raj says she shouldnt trap adi like this, nisha comes there and says i understand raj you are with you brother, raj says if jhanvi didnt expose the entirety then adi could have damaged absolutely, kaki calls every body in lounge, nisha murmurs jhanvi angrily.
kaki calls anybody in front room, all come there, kaki says i have to mention some thing, come internal. jhanvi comes there, kaki says baba is unwell and he needs man or woman who he thinks as his very own, nisha says but.. kaki says i havent finished, all of us recognise that no woman is better than jhanvi to attend to baba so i delivered jhanvi right here and i wont pay attention to every body on this remember, we could pass jhanvi. kaki glares at nisha and leaves, nisha angrily looks at jhanvi, jhanvi leaves with kaki to baba’s room, nisha is tensed.

Youngsters are in lawn and says its youngsters lie tragedy that no one takes us significantly, its approximately a person’s existence, we have to think about him now, kids take bag and goes.

Jhanvi involves baba and asks how is he? baba receives satisfied seeing her and says i’m high-quality, jhanvi says i will provide you with medicinal drug. jhanvi sees cloth on camera, she says you faked your contamination? you’re mischievous then youngsters, baba says i dont recall something, i didnt positioned cloth on cctv, jhanvi says i didnt take digital camera’s call, you are fooling me. baba laughs and says i am satisfied that you cameback, you’re wish for my circle of relatives, in case you depart once more then i would get critically sick, jhanvi receives tensed, she pulls of material from cctv and is going to deliver his food.
Jhanvi is available in kitchen, nisha is there and says you cameback once more jhanvi? kaki introduced you want a nurse for baba, your paintings is give him food and entertain him however dont interfere in family’s non-public matters, jhanvi attempts to go away but nisha says wow you have no answer for me, its suitable, jhanvi says i dont must prove why i’m got here right here, i want this circle of relatives happy and if every body attempts to grab their happiness then i can now not stay silent, she leaves. nisha says you, this own family and this family’s happiness can all visit hell, i simply must do something in subsequent 7days that adi wont divorce me then this family and jhanvi need to depart me, adi and my children.

Youngsters asks jhanvi to come back after giving meals to baba, its emergency, she nods and leaves. Jhanvi involves children room and sees them giggling, jhanvi asks why you are laughing? chinni says because you are laughing too, binni says you have to help us with some thing, near your eyes, she does. they convey our small pomeranian puppy, jhanvi receives happy and says he’s so lovely, papa bought this? children get tensed, jhanvi says papa doesnt realize approximately it and mama have to have stated no? they nod, kids asks to convince adi to let them have doggy, they hear adi’s vehicle. they run to cover pup. adi comes in residence and calls out for youngsters. jhanvi puts domestic dog in basket and puts him below bed. adi comes there and sees jhanvi and children sitting critically there, adi says whats up and asks why they are searching so extreme?

Jhanvi says we’re doing meditation, breath in, breath out, youngsters nod, jhanvi asks him to head and trade, adi says kids wont hug me? kids run and hugs him, adi sneezes, he says sorry and says did anybody introduced flower here? i have allergic reaction from plants and dogs. he sneezes once more and says there is some thing here, jhanvi says it need to be spider. doggy comes out of basket and goes near adi’s foot, jhanvi sees it and receives tensed, she pushes adi away before he should see puppy and asks him to head and change, adi is amazed and asks her why she is behaving like this? jhanvi says not anything, you simply pass from here, jhanvi tries to push him away but slips, jhanvi grabs adi’s blouse to stability herself and his blouse’s button tears down, adi is greatly surprised to peer his blouse’s button torn, jhanvi leaves his blouse, adi sneezes once more and says simplest you may do this with my shirt, you’re performing like kid with kids, there’s some thing there, she says nothing, adi looks down and sees canine there, he screams and says who brought pup here? shoo shoo, chinni says binni brought it, binni says jhanvi brought it, jhanvi says youngsters brought it, allow him be here, he could be leisure for kids, adi says i’ve allergy, chinni says i can bring drug treatments, be appropriate woman, will brush teeth 5 times a day, jhanvi repeats that i can convey drug treatments, be true lady, will brush enamel 5 instances a day, chinni asks adi to agree, i can give you my chocolates, jhanvi says please agree i will provide you with my candies too, adi says no no, chinni says please agree, i will give you massive kiss, jhanvi says please agree, says please agree, i can come up with huge kiss too, she realizes what she repeated,

Last Part of Woh Apna Sa 25th April 2017 Written Episode Update

She is greatly surprised, adi seems at her in surprise, children chuckle, jhanvi says sorry, in which is jimmy? adi says who named dog jimmy? it was my nickname, jhanvi says your call changed into jimmy? he says sure baba gave me, jhanvi snickers and says i will cross and search for jimmy, she sings jimmy, jimmy aja aja aja, youngsters sing together with her and goes to search dog, adi laughs hearing all this and shakes his head.

Precap- Nisha sees jhanvi with canine, nisha says how dare you to convey this canine in my house? jhanvi says no longer me however your kids introduced him here, nisha says take this dog far from my house proper now, this is my residence and i will decide who will come right here and now not, this isn’t always your property you better get that, jhanvi looks on.

Update Credit To: Mrs. Gupta

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