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Woh Apna Sa 28th April 2017 Written Episode Update

Woh Apna Sa 28th April 2017 Written Episode Update On Lollyupdates. Woh Apna Sa 28th April 2017 Written Episode Updates. Woh Apna Sa 28th April 2017 Written Episode Update.


Scene 1
Jhanvi says to nisha that i wanted you had common your family with as plenty care as you take care of this idol, nisha says this is my residence, when will you stop interfering? i have to placed board here that this is my residence. jhanvi says you dont treat your circle of relatives proper, you ought to sign up in scientific camp. nisha glares at her.


Full Details of Woh Apna Sa 28th April 2017 Written Episode Update


Pooja starts offevolved, mrs. rathore comes there to start pooja. neha says i feel worried all the time, is there any danger to my unborn toddler? mrs. rathore says to circle of relatives that yes there may be threat in this residence, there may be girl in this residence, she is bad omen for neha’s infant, her awful shadow will cast negatively in this child because of her antique existence’s curses, she should go away this house, kaki asks who is that lady? mrs. rathore points at jhanvi and says she has been cursed in earlier existence and she wont let all people be satisfied in this life, all are greatly surprised. nisha says to jhanvi that i think you must go away, neha is like my sister, her toddler’s protection is critical, kaki says however.. nisha says no its about neha, jhanvi has to leave, depart now and dont ever comeback, jhanvi says i will depart if you need however i need to ask if i had been cursed in my in advance lifestyles then i need to understand what is the procedure to interrupt that curse, nisha and mrs. rathore receives tensed. jhanvi involves mrs. rathore and says the entirety, you could see the whole lot so please damage this curse, inform me what number of humans are in my own family? what are my troubles and what are the motives in the back of it, what maa do? what is her business, is her enterprise properly for her? you realize the whole thing and might see everything which we cant proper? so tell me, mrs. rathore receives tensed, jhanvi says i suppose it changed into personal, tell me how many siblings i have? and am i elder or more youthful? mrs. rathore says you’re more youthful and you’ve an elder brother, nisha mentally facepalms herself. jhanvi says i assume it turned into personal too, i’m carrying a hoop in my finger, inform me what stone it has like diamond, pearl or ruby? mrs. rathore says its ruby, jhanvi shows her finger and says its not ruby, there’s no ring in her finger, all are bowled over. kaki says what’s all this? you have broken our agree with, i am asking for you to go away. mrs. rathore receives irritated and leaves. all guests leave too. kaki says to neha that i am sorry, i selected incorrect person to do that pooja, dont fear god’s blessing is with your baby, lets go to room. kaki and neha leaves. jhanvi leaves too. nisha glares at her.
Misha comes in kitchen, she is fuming in anger. jhanvi comes there and pours water in glass, she gives it to nisha and says you’ll feel higher, i used to be questioning mrs. rathore doesnt even recognize me and blamed me like that? it became peculiar, nisha says what you need to see? jhanvi says if i driven her then she ought to have informed truth like what turned into the motive at the back of her mendacity but its no longer needed due to the fact kaki knows reality of man or woman she need to realize about, jhanvi smirks and leaves. nisha says enough, i informed you everytime to no longer interfere in my existence however now i will intrude for your lifestyles, you have to have a few weak spot which i can use in opposition to you and manipulate then you definately throw you out of residence, nisha calls her mom.


Kaki is walking in house, she slips however jhanvi holds her. kaki says i’m sorry, you had been blamed today and i didnt shield you, i’m so involved about neha’s toddler that i didnt think about you, i brought you on this residence and that i didnt consider you, jhanvi hugs her and says you probably did everything in emotional kingdom, your faith in me is sufficient for me, kaki says always be happy.


Scene 2
Nisha’s mother involves jhanvi’s residence. maa opens door, nisha’s mom says i am from welfare, i need your help. maa sees her expansive attire and says can i see your id?


Jhanvi comes to kaka’s room and sees him gambling with jimmy, jhanvi says animals recognize love, kaka says i want human understood love too and didnt do incorrect deeds, jhanvi says once in a while we are fallacious about people too, kaka says enjoy allows you to see what is incorrect, jhanvi says on occasion we do errors to rectify other errors, kaka says those mistakes aren’t forgivable, jhanvi says thats why elders have capability to forgive their more youthful ones, elders love their more youthful ones. kaka seems on.


Scene 3
nisha’s mother comes to adi’s residence. she sees expansive watch on table, she is set to scouse borrow it but jimmy barks at her, she falls down on sofa. nisha comes there and sees her with watch, chinni asks what she become doing with watch? its kaka’s. nisha’s mother says i was saving it from canine, nisha asks youngsters to move and play, jhanvi smirks and leaves.


Children are gambling with jimmy, youngsters ask jhanvi why jimmy turned into barking at grandma? jhanvi says we could play recreation. Nisha says to her mother that i provide you with cash every month then why you have to steal? prevent this stealing dependancy, besides did you do my paintings? mother says i have got to realize such info that you will be so satisfied to know about. she tells her something, nisha says subsequently i’ve your weak point with me jhanvi, now i am going to use it, i can not throw you out of this house, you may leave your self.


Last Part of Woh Apna Sa 28th April 2017 Written Episode Update

Jhanvi says to children that we are able to play a sport, we will write project chits and we will whisper one name in jimmy’s ear and he’ll give task chit to that call. jhanvi writes chit and gives it to jimmy and whispers chinni’s name, jimmy gives chit to chinni, chit says that she has to drink milk, she says no i dont want to. adi comes there and asks what game they may be playing? children inform him, adi says i can play too,  Adi writes chit and gives it to Jimmy and whispers a name. Adi gets call, he goes and takes call. Jimmy is running around with chit, Jhanvi says Jimmy seem confused, Jimmy comes to Jhanvi with chit, Jhanvi says chit for me? She takes chit and opens it, ‘love you’ is written on chit, Jhanvi is stunned and looks at Adi who is busy on call, Han hasi ban gaye play as Jhanvi longing looks at him and caresses the words written on chit. Kids ask Jhanvi what is written on chit? tell us? Jhanvi is just lost looking at Adi. Chinni reads chit and says love you? Adi comes there and says sorry this was for kids, Jimmy gave you wrong chit. Jhanvi sadly looks at him and tries to control her tears.


Woh Apna Sa 29th April 2017 Written Episode Update PRECAP- Jhanvi comes home, she sees ID and asks what is this? Maa says some NGO woman came here and wanted some funds. Jhanvi sees photo on ID and says why Nisha’s mother came here becoming NGO woman?
Adi says to Nisha that this is your plan right? because you dont know how it will affect Jhanvi. Nisha looks on.



Update Credit To: Aneesa


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