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Woh Apna Sa 29th March 2017 Written Episode Update

Woh Apna Sa 29th March 2017 Written Episode Update On Lollyupdates. Woh Apna Sa 29th March 2017 Written Episode Update. Woh Apna Sa 29th March 2017 Written Episode Updates.

Scene 1
nisha is tensed. she comes to dining table and sees circle of relatives sitting in living room. adi comes there. kaki says i have cooked your breakfast, she is set to move the the road which adi created however kaka calls her out, she stops. nisha looks on. jhanvi comes there. nisha smiles seeing her.adi recollects how jhanvi told him that nisha referred to as her to assist her to store their relation. kaki asks her to come internal. nisha comes to jhanvi and brings her in residence to her aspect of house. baba asks how she is? she says i’m excellent, how are you? baba says i’m true now which you have come. nisha says i known as her, house surroundings isn’t always good in recent times so i concept to exchange interiors, jhanvi is sincerely exact in her paintings. kaka says this is superb concept, jhanvi is very honest female, kaki asks jhanvi if she will have breakfast? jhanvi says i had it. nisha takes jhanvi to her room.
Jhanvi involves adi and nisha’s room, jhanvi sees guitar on cabinet’s roof and remembers how adi performed for her. nisha says i didnt suppose you’ll come right here to assist me, i feel advantageous power now that you are here, i experience like everything goes to be fine now which you are here. jhanvi stares at serviette and recalls how adi provided her napkin as soon as.nisha asks what passed off? jhanvi says nothing, nisha you can save your relation you, you’ve got lost believe that is most crucial in any relation. adi’s family is most vital to him and you’ve got completed incorrect by means of separating him from them, you have put him down in his circle of relatives’s eyes who are the whole thing for adi. nisha says you’re right,i was egocentric but the way to come out of this mess? jhanvi says own your all mistakes, accept infront of family which you did all mistakes, tell them that everything that occurred wronged in this residence, happened because of you, i understand this isn’t always clean however this is good manner to make place in adi’s coronary heart. nisha seems on and thinks approximately possibility.

  • Nisha is available in front room and sees own family and adi there. jhanvi nods at her hinting to move beforehand.nisha says kaki, kaka i want to say some thing. kaki asks what came about? nisha sits on her knees, she says dont be miffed with adi anymore, dont be angry with him kaka, some thing incorrect occurred in this house or our relation, it passed off due to me. i am liable for weakening this relation, adi isn’t at fault, he loves you all a lot, it became my fault that i couldnt understand family members, i couldnt receive this circle of relatives and care for them, this separation passed off due to me too, adi didnt do some thing incorrect, forgive him.kaka makes her arise and says did adi increase hand on you again? did he pressure you are taking all the blame? adi says i didnt.. kaka says enough, i didnt know which you could hunch this low, how greater cheap are you able to be? its now not our upbringing, dont convey shame to us in this age.nisha says this isn’t adi’s fault,i’m not doing it on every body’s saying,i used to be no longer influenced by means of absolutely everyone. kaki says promise me, swear on my name that nobody stimulated you to say all this? nisha helplessly seems at jhanvi hinting that she inspired her. kaka says adi enough, why you’re the use of her shoulder to shoot? adi says i wish you could see who is the usage of who, nisha has blinded you all, nisha has been fooling you excited about years. kaki says we’re your elders, atleast recognize that, attempt to save your relation. nisha leaves from there. kaka says adi i’m ashamed of my upbringing these days, all own family members leave. adi is hurt and pained. jhanvi gets worried seeing him dejected.

Nisha sits in her room and says in which is jhanvi? jhanvi comes there, nisha says did you notice it? i advised reality to every person but they accept as true with me a lot that they dont trust me. adi hides behind door and hears the whole lot. nisha says i’m so pissed off, jhanvi says its k, most crucial factor is which you attempted, adi looks on.
kaka says i dont realize why adi is doing all this, nisha is trying to save their relation and he isn’t always cooperating, kaki says adi is trying to save relation too, he divided residence because of that, kaka says you’re taking his aspect without questioning? kaki says you are doing equal thing with nisha, maybe we are not able to see the whole lot really, perhaps adi has some thing to tell too.

Nisha says to jhanvi that its not working out.jhanvi says dont fear,i can think about a few answer. nisha thinks that you can assume something however i just desired to win your consider and i have won it.nisha says i’m clustrophobic, i cant stay here, i am going to mandir, she smirks at jhanvi and springs out of her room.
nisha calls kaka and says cane we all go to mandir together? i’m lacking you all and that i cant be with you all with this separation line in house so please come to mandir with me, convey raj and neha too, kaka says ok we will come, she ends name and smirks.

Scene 2
Jhanvi’s maa says to god that why you are doing this with my daughter? why you’ve got made her visit location which goes to harm her? she sees survi’s phone ringing and is about to take it however survi takes her smartphone and says its simply prank call, maa leaves. survi takes name and says i’m sorry, maa was close to.
nisha is in car with family,kaka says i know you’re in pain nisha, you can tell us. nisha says its not anything, i’ve decided to renovate residence to give up all negativity, i have decided to have speedy from time to time too, i’m going to do pooja in mandir with all pooja stuff, oh sorry, i neglect things needed for pooja at domestic, are we able to go back and take it? kaka says sure, he asks raj flip returned car to house.
adi says to jhanvi that nisha cant exchange, something happened these days after that i fell in my own family’s eyes although accidentally. jhanvi says i simply desired to offer her chance, adi says you dont realize her, she will be able to trade matters and turns tables in a blink. jhanvi says you perhaps proper however we must believe and supply it a risk. adi says you dont accept as true with me too proper? jhanvi says i will in no way no longer consider you, i am right here just for.. i suggest we should be fantastic and try to make matters work. adi says to jhanvi that i’ve been placed down so much in my own family’s eyes these days, you dont understand nisha, she made it all look like i had pressured to take all blame, she has made you a part of her plan, she even used you, dont get in her entice. jhanvi is giving recommend to adi and standing right beside him, each have put hand on chair’s headrest but their palms aren’t touching. family comes in residence and sees them speakme in hushed voices and standing close to every different. kaki glares at jhanvi, nisha smirks. nisha says looks as if there’s critical discussion happening among them regarding preservation. adi and jhanvi turns to peer circle of relatives standing there. kaki says jhanvi you didnt leave till now? jhanvi says i used to be leaving most effective, i had to speak some thing,she says bye to adi and leaves. circle of relatives looks at adi with accusing eyes, adi leaves. nisha smirks triumphantly.


Precap- nisha calls kaka and says adi have 104degree fever and i am so concerned for him, what if anything happens to him? kaka receives involved for adi. kaka and kaki comes to adi’s room and is bowled over to peer jhanvi tending him, they see jhanvi giving him medicine and making him drink water via lifting his head and sitting beside him on mattress. nisha comes there with wet garments and sees them sitting close on mattress, she smirks seeing kaka and kaki’s reaction.



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