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Woh Apna Sa 2nd June 2017 Written Episode Update

Woh Apna Sa 2nd June 2017 Written Episode Update on Lollyupdates. Woh Apna Sa 2nd June 2017 Written Episode Update. Woh Apna Sa 2nd June 2017 Written Episode Updates. 


Scene 1
Adi is slumbering in youngsters room. binni is lying on mattress and remembers nisha’s words that she cant stay without them so she will die, she wakes up and sees adi dozing, se silently takes his telephone and leaves room.


Full Details of Woh Apna Sa 2nd June 2017 Written Episode Update


Jhanvi is searching for apartments, she talks with broker. maa says you are nevertheless looking to shift, she takes phone from her and says you cant runaway like this. jhanvi says i ought to go far from adi otherwise i will maintain solving his issues, i attempted to stay faraway from him but once I noticed his ache, i ran to him however now i’m in ache, i want to get free from this pain but i cant do it alone so i ought to move far from him, i should, she cries. maa and survi receives concerned for her.


Nisa is still watching for adi to call her. she sees adi calling, she takes name and says adi? binni says mama where are you? nisha says i’m at grandma’s place, papa didnt call me. nisha says papa doesnt want maman to satisfy cinni and binni, binni says i need to fulfill you, please come to me. nisha says dont cry, we are able to happy. nisha says we will play a recreation, she tells some plan to binni that is muted.
Adi is napping in youngsters room, he wakes up and doesnt locate binni in room, adi wakes circle of relatives and says binni is lacking, kaka says she should be in her room, adi says no i was there, she isn’t there. all people goes and tests entire house. adi appears around and says she isn’t always in washroom too.
jhanvi is sound asleep but she wakes up and says why i’m stressed? i am hoping adi is high-quality, i need to name him, she says no, not anything happened, i ought to forestall thinking about him, its not anything, she lies on mattress to sleep.
Entire family is attempting to find binni. they arrive in lounge, raj says guards are watching gate, binni cant cross out of doors. family say binni isn’t discovered anywhere, adi says then where did she move at night? nisha enters residence with women, all glare at her. nisha comes to adi and says those are with me from kids ngo, court docket has stopped me from seeing my daughters but this is not truthful, each youngster has proper to be with be children and i feel my husband cant cope with my youngsters, he cant contend with them on my own, he may be careless about them, adi says we aren’t right here to listen to you, go away, nisha says i can meet kids then go away. adi says i wont call them, ngo girl says we can not leave till we see children, their mom isn’t incorrect, you cant prevent her from assembly kids. chinni comes there and says papa see binni in her room. all rushes to binni’s room and sees her lying interior cupboard and unconscious because of suffocation, adi tries to wake her up, kaka says we need to take her to clinic, adi takes her and leaves for the sanatorium.
Adi brings brings binni to health center, they take her to operation theater. nisha asks adi to speak with medical doctors and allow us to meet her, adi says when you consider that you’ve got met binni at faculty, she turned into unwell and dazed, what did you are saying to binni? what did you do? nisha sees binni in theater and appears worried. kaka comes to adi and consoles him.


Jhanvi wakes up and says why i experience stressed? i cant name adi this time of night. she paces around in lounge. maa comes there and sees her stressed.


In sanatorium, medical doctor comes out of theater and says binni is not conscious, we have to anticipate her to reply, nisha says can we meet her? health practitioner says simplest dad and mom.
nisha and adi comes to binni’s room, nisha says princess i am right here, binni wakes up and says such as you stated.. nisha panics and says you need to rest, dont talk. adi asks what did mama say? binni says mama requested me to cover in cabinet, flashback shows nisha asking binni to cover in nook and anticipate mama, i can come there, locate you and could hug you, binni said okay, nisha says transfer off adi’s phone and delete my quantity, flashback ends. binni says mama i did as you asked, you’ll come to me now proper? adi is greatly surprised to listen it. nisha asks her to rest, she kisses her hand. adi takes nisha from room.


Jhanvi is ready to call adi however remembers adi’s words that he wont marry ever once more, she says i shouldnt name him, i have taken proper choice.


Scene 2
Adi brings nisha out of binni’s ward room and throws her on ground, he says what kind of mother are you? mom offers beginning and protect their infants however you.. disgusting. adi says to circle of relatives that she requested binni to hide in cabinet, he raises hand on nisha however kaka stops him, kaki says what sort of mother are you? nisha says you all are wondering wrong, i was just gambling sport, adi shouts for her to go away, nisha glares at him and leaves.


In morning, jhanvi prays to lord. she starts leaving, maa comes there and asks if she is going to fulfill adi? you are doing right, i noticed you have been stressed whole night time, call him earlier than you visit meet him, jhanvi says i’m now not going to fulfill adi however broking, she leaves.


In residence, neha asks chinni to eat however chinni says i need mama and binni. baba panics and screams to god to store his binni. neha calls adi and asks him to come back home, baba goes hysteric, adi ends name. adi calls her. adi prays jhanvi to take his call, he says jhanvi take my name, where are you? i want you at the moment. adi says to kaka that i’m going domestic, you cope with binni here at hospital, he leaves.


Jhanvi is riding her scooty and sees adi calling her however she ignores his call. adi is using car, they both passesby each other on street however doesnt see each other.


Last Part of Woh Apna Sa 2nd June 2017 Written Episode Update


Nisha is sitting in her room and recalls how adi threw her on ground and shouted on her, she screams no! how can adi throw me away infront of each person everytime? nisha screams that binni and chinni are my kids, i am their mom, i dont ought to prove it everytime, adi cant do this with me, what adi has finished with me after that he has to name me back to home, he has to, she says no.. if adi is capable of take care of binni, if chinni and binni doesnt need me and forget about me then how i’m able to move back domestic? it cant take place, she screams and throws things away in anger.


Precap- Adi asks health practitioner how is binni?
medical doctor says patient is getting very vital, wherein is her mom? binni preserve calling out to her mother, she must be here, call her. adi calls nisha and says binni is getting very sick, please come right here. nisha says i will come there but on one condition that i’m able to comeback forever, adi is stunned and disgusted that she is using this condition to blackmail him.


Update Credit To: Mrs. Gupta


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