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Woh Apna Sa 30th March 2017 Written Episode Update

Woh Apna Sa 30th March 2017 Written Episode Update On Lollyupdates. Woh Apna Sa 30th March 2017 Written Episode Updates. Woh Apna Sa 30th March 2017 Written Episode Update.


Scene 1
maa calls someone and says i’m finding groom for my daughter, if you know every person suitable then inform me. she ends name. jhanvi comes there, maa asks what came about there? jhanvi says everything became everyday, maa says you didnt cross there to revel in, we recognise who is there and what can appear there. jhanvi says you take quite a few pressure, she tells her the whole thing how she suggested nisha to accept her errors. jhanvi says i sense begin is good and everything can be exact. maa says i just pray that nothing comes infront of you, not anything ought to hurt you. jhanvi says you’re like adi, you dont consider everyone, maa says i’m like adi, we’ve both been hurt and i cant see you getting harm, you are so naive that you believe absolutely everyone and you might emerge as getting harm. survi asks maa to calm down, i am hungry, she takes maa away. nisha calls jhanvi and says thank you, i noticed special emotions in adi’s eyes today aside from hatred, you know adi requested me to make coffee for him these days after to many years, this all came about because of you, (nisha is certainly sitting in her room and searching in her reflect). jhanvi says thats tremendous news, you’re making coffee for him, its excellent begin. adi comes there and lies on sofa. nisha ends name and beverages wine, she thinks that someday this all will be actual, what i want will take place and adi will must emerge as mine, handiest mine.

In morning, kaki sees mushrooms in kitchen and says who delivered it? dont neha that adi has hypersensitivity with them and he gets fever with them? neha says its now not for adi, its for us, nisha says she didnt know adi’s hypersensitivity, i am making adi’s breakfast with out mushrooms, kaki says even we wont eat mushrooms, the matters that harm adi will now not come in this residence, she leaves. nisha seems at mushroom and smirks. she takes one mushroom and mixes it in her dish, she thinks that kaki gave me correct concept, adi you would should undergo ache a little due to the fact in case you dont live at home then how will jhanvi come here? sorry infant but i must do that. she dishes out breakfast which has mushroom and says breakfast prepared my darling husband.
nisha brings adi’s meals in front room. raj asks baba to do mediation, adi says he is proper, you need to do it, baba says i dont love it, i cant concentrate, nisha asks adi to have breakfast, adi says i am now not hungry, raj says eat it, we can have an extended day at office so have breakfast. adi says okay and goes to eat breakfast. raj asks baba to do mediation, he says i wont. jhanvi comes there and says we could do something else, close your eyes and dont open it until i say. adi sits all the way down to have breakfast. jhanvi crosses line of house and goes to kaka’s aspect of residence to assist baba mediate.


Kaki asks kaka why he isn’t going to office? kaka says i dont want to go, you already know no customer turned into threatening him, he did that drama to bring me to workplace, kaki says adi is cussed, he does what he wishes, kaka says you’re still taking his facet? kaki says she just called you to office, he didnt do anything, kaka says he has cheated your motherly love. jhanvi comes there and says sorry to interrupt however adi values kaka, he is aware of your revel in and he respects you plenty, he wishes you to help him along with your treasured recommend. i am going to start renovating.

Nisha sees adi sweating. nisha calls jhanvi and says carry fever remedy. jhanvi asks for who? nisha thinks she desires to understand the whole lot, nisha says adi has fever, i am involved for him, bring medicinal drug for him. she ends call. jhanvi tells kaki approximately adi’s fever and is going to him. jhanvi says what occurred to adi?
nisha exams adi’s temperature and says you have got high temperature, lie on mattress, jhanvi comes there with drug treatments. adi attempts to depart but gets dizzy, nisha makes him lie on bed. jhanvi asks what befell to him? nisha says he was on the brink of go to office but fainted, he has 104degree temperature, i can name physician, adi says i dont want every body, nisha says your health is most important, atleast dont argue on that point, she gives him remedy and leaves him with jhanvi. jhanvi sees adi having headache and in ache. nisha sees them alone in room, she smirks and leaves.
Nisha is available in mandir of home and says god assist me, i simply need to make my adi quality, i need to take care of him. either make adi nice or supply me right to attend to him. jhanvi comes there and says you adore adi loads? nisha says love and care each but i’m unhappy that even in this situation, adi isn’t always trusting me and now not giving me second danger, you noticed how he is not paying attention to me, i know i did errors however believe me, my heart is in reality pure, i ought to take kaki to mandir, she has to do pooja and there is no person at home, am i able to ask you for choose? jhanvi says sure, nisha says adi is drowsing but if he wakes up and wishes whatever then contend with him, i can comeback fast but no one is there to take care of him, additionally no person is authorized to come back to our aspect of house. kaki comes there and asks how is adi? nisha says a lot better, we will go to mandir, kaki says what about adi? nisha sys i’ve fasted for adi, i’m able to pray for his fitness in mandir, we could pass. she comes to jhanvi and whispers to take care of adi, she leaves.

  • Jhanvi stands close to adi’s room door. she is about to go away but adi calls out for water. jhanvi is available in, she pours water and makes adi drink it, she touches his forehead and sees his temperature, she says i have to call medical doctor.

scene 2
nisha says to kaki that i’m concerned for adi, i can name domestic, you pass and sit down in car. kaki goes to car. nisha calls kaka and says i am worried unwell for adi, he has 104degree fever, i am going to mandir to wish for adi so can you move and take care of adi? i even dropped aarti plate because i was worried, kaka says the whole thing can be first-rate, nisha says what if some thing happens to adi while no one is with him? i recognise house is divided and also you are not allowed on our side of residence but residence is divided now not relations, are you able to please go and appearance after adi till me and kaki comes back from mandir? kaka says okay first-class, i can move and deal with him, nisha thanks him and ends call, she evilly smiles.

Jhanvi says to adi that i’ve known as health practitioner however you have to devour something to take medication afterwards, adi says i dont want to eat some thing, he coughs. jhanvi says k take medication, she facilitates him to lean on mattress, she puts hand on his shoulders to support him stand up. kaka comes in residence and sees line dividing house, he recollects how adi divided residence, he stops for a moment but then crosses line and goes to adi’s room. nisha and kaki comes domestic too. nisha says go to adi, i told kaka too so dont fear about department in residence, you go to his room, i’m able to carry wet stripes for him, kaki is going to
adi’s room, nisha smirks. nisha sees baba and asks wherein is he going? baba says adi is ill, i’m going to look him, nisha says if you visit him then he could be greater ill, baba asks how? nisha says i’m right here, you consider i will hurt? baba says dont do it, i wont visit him, he leaves.

Adi coughs, jhanvi asks if he is exceptional? she makes sit up straight and puts hand on his shoulder to maintain him while she makes him drink water.kaka and kaki comes there with nisha. jhanvi puts moist stripes on adi’s brow to reduce his fever, she has a tendency to illness, sitting beside him on mattress whilst adi is napping dazedly, kaka and kaki are greatly surprised to see jhanvi tending him, they see jhanvi giving him medicinal drug and making him drink water with the aid of lifting his head and sitting beside him on bed. nisha comes there with wet garments and sees them sitting close on bed, she smirks seeing kaka and kaki’s response. kaki says jhanvi? jhanvi says adi’s fever become no longer happening so i positioned moist stripes on his head, kaki says we have been coming domestic best, you didnt want to do it, jhanvi gets embarrassed and says i can go away.


Precap- jhanvi says to kaki that adi has rashes? it means he has got fever due to hypersensitive reaction, we have to take him for blood test to clear what occurred to him, nisha hears it and thinks that if adi goes for blood check then they will get to recognise what in reality took place. nisha comes in kitchen and takes big knife, she looks at menacingly and says why best adi will have blood loss? i am your unswerving spouse adi, i can be through your aspect in the entirety.



Update Credit To: Aneesa

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