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Woh Apna Sa 31st March 2017 Written Episode Update

Woh Apna Sa 31st March 2017 Written Episode Update on Lollyupdates. Woh Apna Sa 31st March 2017 Written Episode Update. Woh Apna Sa 31st March 2017 Written Episode Updates. 


Scene 1
Jhanvi is leaving adi’s residence however nisha and kaka stops her. kaka stares at her with sadness and leaves. nisha says i wanted to mention something. kaki comes there and asks if the entirety is satisfactory? nisha says yes, kaki glares at jhanvi and leaves. nisha says thank you, adi is fortunate, you are such first-class buddy, you took care of him and supporting me too, i dont understand the way to thank you, jhanvi says i should go away. nisha says you saw my behavior in house, am i doing some thing incorrect? jhanvi says no, nisha says we will meet the next day, jhanvi nods and leaves. nisha blows kiss in her path and smriks.
kaki is setting moist garments on adi’s head, she sees rashes on his neck, she asks nisha if adi ate somewhere out? nisha says no adi’s meals changed into sent from domestic, why? kaki says he has allergy which occurs when he mushrooms, nisha remembers how she deliberately blended mushrooms in his meals. kaki says if he didnt eat outside and meals turned into sent from domestic then how? nisha says he may have hypersensitive reaction from some thing else too, there is pollutants and climate is awful too, dont fear, i can contend with adi. kaki nods and starts to leave but says adi knows that he shouldnt devour mushrooms then how can he consume intentionally? i dont apprehend, she doubtfully seems at nisha and goes out of room. kaki thinks that if adi was made to eat mushrooms? adi knows that he is allergic so he wont eat himself so become a person deliberately made him devour?
survi and maa are looking at pix of boys. maa sees jhanvi and asks her to see photos of grooms. jhanvi says i promised you that i will marry man of your desire so that you shortlist it, i’m able to meet him later. maa says i didnt deliver it to choose boy, i simply desired to see if you will satisfy promise or you will change after assembly adi? jhanvi says what has passed off that you want to take my check? i recognise i’ve emotions for adi and they might not leave but i’ve limits and i realize the way to observe them, when I said that i can marry man of your choice then i’m able to, i wont break your trust. maa says i accept as true with you thats why i permit you to cross his home even after knowing that you will be harm, what took place there? jhanvi says adi is unwell, nisha changed into nice, she isn’t as top as she attempts to be however i suppose she is trying to alternate due to fear of dropping her husband.


Kaka is in gazebo. kaki comes there, she recollects how she noticed mushrooms in kitchen and the way neha advised her that nisha became cooking for adi and wont use mushrooms. kaka sees her misplaced and asks what took place? he makes her sit down and says your face is purple and you’re sweating, are you quality? she says sure, kaka says you are concerned approximately adi, it have to be commonplace viral. kaki says he has hypersensitive reaction of mushrooms, his complete frame has rashes. kaka says adi by no means slip united statesin his meals then how he ate mushrooms? kaki says neha brought mushrooms today however i asked her to throw it away, nisha cooked food for adi and nisha noticed mushrooms in kitchen.. kaka says you are trying to mention that nisha deliberately made adi devour mushrooms? kaki says i simply know that its hypersensitive reaction, kaka says dont brag about your motherly love, adi proved us wrong, it might be a few viral, or he would possibly have eaten mushrooms but now not at domestic, adi got ill and also you commenced doubting nisha? this is poison that’s adi filling in minds of all, i’m telling you truly that if someone doubts or maybe says a word against nisha then i wont undergo it, he scowls at her and leaves. kaki cries.


In morning, nisha is working in kitchen, kaki is asking at her, nisha asks what took place? she says nothing. jhanvi comes there, she asks how is adi? kaki says he isn’t always first-class, he has rashes throughout his frame, jhanvi says rashes happens because of allergy, there are so many ailments, we should make him cross for blood test then we can recognise what clearly happened with him. nisha thinks then they’ll recognise. nisha says i dont assume he wishes take a look at, adi must relaxation, it is probably some viral, he need to relaxation. kaki says i assume adi might be sick because of eating mushrooms, we have to take him for test. nisha says he’s unwell, how are we able to take him? he cant pass. jhanvi says i will name someone to return home and take his blood sample, nisha says what? kaki says what happened? adi is sick so why you are not taking into account check? nisha says no cross beforehand, kaki asks jhanvi to name pathologist.


Jhanvi says to kaki that adi has rashes? it method he has got fever due to hypersensitive reaction, we

pathologist comes home to take adi’s blood pattern, he exams him too. kaki says his fever isn’t always coming down. nisha thinks that i have to do some thing rapid. she says i’m able to bring ice. she leaves from there.
nisha is available in kitchen with adi’s blood sample and takes massive knife, she looks at menacingly and says why handiest adi may have blood loss? i am your unswerving spouse adi, i may be by way of your facet in the whole thing. nisha cuts her finger, blood drips, she winces in pain however collects her blood in test tube, she sees blood drops falling on ground too, she starts wiping it. jhanvi passesby kitchen but doesnt see nisha cleaning floor there. pathologist is leaving. nisha stops him and says have breakfast then depart. pathologist puts his bag on table and is going to clean his hands. nisha opens his bag and sees adi’s blood sample, she brings her blood pattern. jhanvi sees her from a long way but is not able to see simply what she is doing, jhanvi shrugs and goes away. nisha takes out adi’s blood pattern from bag and is set to put her blood pattern in it however kaka comes there and asks if the whole lot is quality? nisha mistakenly throws blood pattern away from her hand in fear that he may see, nisha says the whole lot is satisfactory, i’m going to offer breakfast to pathologist, kaka asks how is adi? she says he’s quality, kaka asks what came about to her hand? why there may be blood? nisha says i used to be supporting in blood take a look at so i were given some blood on hand, kaka says wash your palms, he leaves. nisha unearths her blood pattern on ground she mistakenly threw, she takes it and places it in pathologist’s bag and takes adi’s blood sample from there, she turns however is taken aback to peer a person standing there, jhanvi glares at her. jhanvi asks what were you doing with his bag? nisha says his bag turned into about to crumple so i used to be setting it on desk, what did you watched? jhanvi says not anything. pathologist comes there and says i must depart, i cant have breakfast, nisha says ship blood check outcomes with the aid of tomorrow, he nods and leaves. neha and kaki comes there, neha offers parsad to nisha, nisha holds out her left hand to take it as she had reduce finger of proper hand, kaki says we take parsad from both fingers, how may want to you overlook that way of life nisha? jhanvi is seeing the whole thing, nisha says not anything like that, i used to be thinking about adi. nisha holds out her each arms and takes parsad. she leaves before all of us could see her reduce finger. neha gives parsad to jhanvi too, jhanvi seems on.


Precap- Chinni says to adi that kaki fell down and hurt herself. adi gets involved listening to it. he comes down in lounge and tries to stroll in his dizzy nation but falls down on ground. kaka comes there, adi says i want to meet kaki, kaka says i wont will let you move this division line of residence. adi gets up from ground and says no one can stop me from assembly my mother, kaka receives angry and pushes him away, adi loses stability and falls down, nisha rushes to him and is bowled over with kaka’s conduct, jhanvi is harm seeing adi’s state.



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