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Woh Apna Sa 3rd April 2017 Written Episode Update

Woh Apna Sa 3rd April 2017 Written Episode Update On Lollyupdates. Woh Apna Sa 3rd April 2017 Written Episode Updates. Woh Apna Sa 3rd April 2017 Written Episode Update.



The tiny droplets of water sliding over the leaves lightly stroked the floor; cool breezes handed by touching every nooks of my frame. there has been a totally great environment. furthermore the raindrops brought an extra beauty to the environment. my inspection become going deep on and with every turns of my head; i discovered the college environment more captivating but at one immediately my head freezed, my eyes remained extensive open, my mind paused n i ought to feel my heartbeat increasing. there was a lady within the basketball courtroom, to be able to the power countless instances beautiful. she shined just like the brightness of the moon in the course of the night. there was no best phrase to outline her splendor; even the exceptional literature might have did not discover an ideal phrase to explain her beauty. it become drizzling n she changed into taking part in that moment. drops of rains had been sliding down her face.


She changed into completely moist but still she didn’t care. she became dancing n jumping within the rain. “existence isn’t approximately expecting the hurricane to skip. it’s approximately mastering to dance in rain.” i had heard this from my mother n she is right. i felt a strong feeling deep inside my coronary heart. ‘u have to talk that lady at least once.’ my coronary heart said. i slowly walked in the direction of her. she become nevertheless playing the moment n dancing. as i proceeded closer to her she emerged out to be more stunning. and in the next moment i used to be infront of her, totally clean n speechless.
then she slipped n inside no moment she changed into in air. she closed her eyes in worry but i stuck her with the aid of her waist n didn’t let her give way. she slowly opened her eyes. for a second i was definitely lost in her eyes then after sometime the rain drops broke our eye lock. in those few moments something happened to my coronary heart. we had been moist in the rain but neither she cared nor i. we had been simply enjoying the instant.


No, i wouldn’t say i fell in love with her. i wouldn’t even say i felt attracted to her. however i don’t know why my coronary heart beat extended. “howdy. are u okay?” i stated. she just waggled her head. “hi i am aditya.” i said. “hi i’m jhanvi. buddies.” she spoke back forwarding her hand n we shook our hand but i don’t recognise why i felt a modern passing via my body.
“what’s your path?” she requested as we proceeded closer to the gate.
“sociology n yours.” i stated.
“equal punch me too sociology.” she said, punching my left arm barely.
“ouch… it hurts.” i said dramatically.

“sorry.” she stated catching her each ears. omg she became looking so lovely. i wanted to tug her cheeks at that very moment but i just smiled n stated, “am joking.” “adi.” she said punching my left palms barely. “u made buddies right here.” she stated.
“yah n that friend is u.” i stated.
“oh god i imply to mention some other friend.” she stated with a grin.
“no longer yet.” i spoke back with a grin.
“equal here.” she stated. oh god she is so lovely. her silky straight moist hair, inch best eyes, perfectly sliced nostril, infant red shed lips and a cute smile over that paradise. she is simply too stunning; i guess the most lovely advent of god.



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