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Woh Apna Sa 6th April 2017 Written Episode Update

Woh Apna Sa 6th April 2017 Written Episode Update On Lollyupdates. Woh Apna Sa 6th April 2017 Written Episode Updates. Woh Apna Sa 6th April 2017 Written Episode Update.

Scene 1
Nisha asks baba if he is fooling own family? we deal with you, you cant be injured like this, she says to jhanvi that we will not deploy cctv camera in his room. baba touches again of his head and blood drips from there. flashback indicates baba announcing that i wont any probabilities for nisha to ruin our plan, baba hits his on needle on wall, blood drips down, flashback ends. jhanvi thinks that baba injured himself to make my plan a hit. adi says i have to have been cautious, he’s hurt. kaka says to nisha that we have to instal cctv digital camera in his room, he isn’t safe, i will name engineers, all take baba to room. nisha says to jhanvi that you take care of baba a lot however i didnt name you to assist baba, i referred to as you to help in solving adi and my depend, you dont have to take care of others. jhanvi says you are proper however every so often we ought to cross intensive to remedy troubles, do you have hassle with cctv digicam in baba’s room? nisha says never, jhanvi says you fear about circle of relatives so much so i am making this smooth for you, i am doing this for you, she leaves. nissha says cctv digicam?

Full Details of Woh Apna Sa 6th April 2017 Written Episode Update

Baba thank you jhanvi, jhanvi says you didnt want to hurt yourself, baba says you are doing so much for adi so cant i am getting hurt a little to defend my circle of relatives? i am positive until you’re with us, nisha is not going to harm my family. jhanvi says i will not here forever however i will make plans on the way to be everlasting and wont permit nisha to do anything, baba says adi is naive, he loves kaka plenty and kaka’s hatred is breaking him, do something for you to make kaka and kaki believe adi once more. jhanvi says i am right here for that only, can you inform me this house is whose call? baba seems on.
Nisha goes to her room however sees adi and jhanvi speakme in lawn. nisha says why this jhanvi talks to my adi so much?
Adi thanks jhanvi for looking after baba. jhanvi says no need to thank me, you have got were given another chance to be close to own family because of baba. nisha sees them talking, she calls binni and says papa and jhanvi are making plans wonder for you, cross and test what it’s far. binni runs to them.
Adi asks jhanvi if she thinks this is ideal concept? jhanvi says atleast we are able to get to recognise about nisha’s actual intentions, adi nods. binni comes there and says to adi that i can listen about your surprise and could inform mama about it, adi says you detective, visit your mom and inform her that i’m going to wonder her myself. binni involves nisha and says papa stated he is going to wonder yourself. outdoor adi says to jhanvi that completed, now just wait and watch.
Nisha says to herself that i referred to as jhanvi on this residence for my gain however this jhanvi is playing her games, first cctv digital camera and now talking with my husband? adi comes there and hooks nisha’s shirt, she jumps seeing him at the back of her, adi says its ok, i’m your husband, there are servants in house and that i dont need them to look you want this. nisha is harassed. adi says is there no one at domestic? she says no, adi caresses her face and tucks her hair behind her, nisha comes to close to him, adi movements away and says one 2d. adi opens cabinet and appears round, nisha asks what he is doing? adi takes out papers, he holds nisha’s hand and brings her in lounge. adi says kaka and baba build this residence with love, they could have given this residence to us however it certainly belongs to them, adi says i suppose we must return this house to its actual owner, i’m questioning to making this house in kaka’s call once more, afterall its all his, am i proper? i want to provide them their honor returned, you say you need to present any other risk to this marriage right? i’ve taken my leap forward by way of becoming ceo at office and now you have got to reveal your dedication by way of giving this residence returned to kaka, we need to rebuild this relation collectively, you consider it, i have no longer talked to kaka until now, i desired to speak to him together, i’m going to workplace however i’m leaving belongings papers with you, i hope you sign them until i comeback, he offers her papers. nisha gets tensed listening to it, adi leaves. jhanvi comes to nisha and says that is your risk to make location in adi’s coronary heart, you know the way much he loves his family, if try and reunite him with his circle of relatives then you will win his accept as true with returned, give this house lower back to kaka and show adi that you care for this own family, this is your threat, simply assume carefully before taking any selection, nisha appears conflicted.

Adi is leaving residence, jhanvi comes to him and says dont worry, you did everything desirable. adi says will nisha agree to give belongings again to kaka? jhanvi says we are able to get to recognise about her fact. adi says i am going to do paperwork, i’m hoping what you said may be true, you already know when you got here on this residence, i felt bad that nisha will use you and could trap you too but i get electricity from you, you have stood infront of nisha like protection guard for each person, jhanvi smiles.
Nisha does aarti and says jhanvi you didnt do excellent, i delivered you on this residence to apply you as my protection and you are making my adi against me? how dare you? i fought on this house for me, my husband, my youngsters to comfortable our lives and you want to grab the whole thing from me? i wont take any step and my adi wont move faraway from me, the entirety can be mine.
Jhanvi says to adi that your family wont pass faraway from you, dont worry, you realize smile looks desirable on you, hold smiling, smiling gives you energy to combat.
nisha says i am done with you jhanvi, now you have to flavor your personal medication, what you sow shall you obtain, sorry not sorry.
Adi says thanks jhanvi for the whole thing, jhanvi says please. adi says i know there may be no thanks in friendship. nisha comes there and says baba is looking you jhanvi, its his remedy time and he wont consume with out you, can you visit him? jhanvi says certain and leaves, adi seems at nisha and leaves to visit office. nisha says i’m sorry, i must give you a little pain to make you fully mine so thats why tonight.. sorry toddler.

Jhanvi comes to baba’s room and asks all ok? baba says no, baba says to jhanvi that i am clearly scared, i feel like something really awful goes to take place tonight, jhanvi says dont worry, everything will be pleasant, did you’re taking your medicines? he says no, jhanvi is going to carry his remedy. nisha hides behind window and hears their communicate, she says first step of this night’s plan is completed, she smirks.

Scene 2
at night time, jhanvi is sitting in her room, she says to maa that you were right approximately nisha, she is not like she pretends to be, jhanvi tells her approximately nisha true evil face, maa is shocked to hear such cruelty and says she talks to sweetly and her antics? she were given such good family and still do this? some human beings are sick-fated like her. maa asks if she will be able to now not go there anymore? jhanvi says i’ve vital paintings there, when its finished then i will now not go there, i need one more week to do it then i will now not move there, maa says i realize you, dont get involved in all this, i’m now not going to stop you however i feel like nisha calling you there isn’t always an awesome sign, be careful, jhanvi looks on. nisha calls jhanvi and says baba is frightened, he appears terrified and isn’t taking note of me, jhanvi asks if something extreme? nisha says no but am i able to name you if i want to? jhanvi says did you name adi? nisha says adi is at office and he isn’t always selecting up my call, am i able to name you if want be? jhanvi says positive, nisha thanks her and ends name. jhanvi looks at maa and leaves residence.
nisha ends name and says second step of tonight’s plan is completed too, lets see what takes place tonight and who loses what, she smirks.

Precap of Woh Apna Sa 7th April 2017 Written Episode Update. Its all darkish in residence, nisha brings jhanvi in baba’s room and says baba is sound asleep, you take a seat here, i can deliver food for him, she leaves jhanvi in darkish room. nisha comes to adi in his room and says i sense like baba isn’t feeling properly, are you able to visit his room and test up on him? adi nods and goes to baba’s room. adi comes to baba’s room and its all darkish there, he sees jhanvi there and says what are you doing here? jhanvi says sir you? jhanvi tries to walk to him however journeys, adi catches her before she can slip, he holds her waist. nisha brings complete own family in room and flickers on lighting, all are taken aback to look adi maintaining jhanvi in his hands.

Update Credit To: Aneesa

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